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  • Jury

    Good afternoon! Tell me for shooting the interior which camera and lens is better to choose? For professional shooting, not for a realtor.

    • B. R. P.

      Better fullframe. The lens is a fixed-wide angle, for ff it is 24mm and wider, but not fish-eye. + Lighting. Professional photography requires a professional photographer.

  • vincas

    Does Nikon d750 AA have a filter thanks to everyone

    • B. R. P.


  • Anastasia

    Hello, which one should I choose for Nikon d 3200: Nikon Nikkor-P 180 mm f/ 2.8 Ai, Rokinon 85mm T1.5 ED AS IF UMC Cine Lens, or youngnou 100 2?

    • Rodion Eshmakov

      I think the Yong 100/2 is a better start because of the AF. In general, I would recommend first something autofocus from the 50 / 1.4 or 30 / 1.4 class, if you haven’t got it yet.

  • Michael

    Question about the compatibility of the Jupiter 9 2/85 mm lens with the Nikon D3100 camera
    Will I be able to focus to infinity with an adapter without a lens, or do I still need to purchase an adapter with a lens?

    • B. R. P.

      You won’t be able to without a lens, but with a lens adapter there will be even more soap than usual on this lens. But maybe you will.)

  • Vladimir

    good day. tell me what you know about this lens. I didn’t find it on your website ?rea

  • Dmitriy

    Hello! Please tell me, I have a NIKON d200 and a TAIR-33 lens mount 'B' (as you have in the review), I'm interested in the adapter: KP-88N the original cannot be found, but there is an analogue on aliexperss (I go to your link in the review, there PENTAKON-NIK for 1368r (in the description it says that it is for pentacon 6 and this is B mount)?

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