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  • Alexander

    Hello, Arkady. I want to hear an expert answer. Tell me please, how does a 12-megapixel camera record an 8-megapixel frame, the entire sensor area or the central part of 8 megapixels? Logically, the image through the lens enters the entire area of ​​the sensor and then the camera converts it into an 8 megapixel one. Am I reasoning correctly?

    • Alexey

      not Arkady, but I’ll ask - and what, sobssno, are we talking about? that you can select a lower frame resolution in the camera settings? if about this, then of course, the frame is simply subjected to software resizing after shooting, and that’s it.

      • Alexey

        * Resize, sorry no editing posts.

        • Alexander

          Thank! Intuitively, I guessed, but thought that it would not be superfluous to clarify.

  • Elena

    Hello. I have a Canon 100D camera. I want to buy an inexpensive camera flash. Tell me, please, which ones to choose.

    • Human

      Honestly, any. One of the cheapest meike mk930

  • Human

    Guys, tell me when shooting on a Canon RP with a manual flash in a dark room, the viewfinder and the display show darkness, because of this it is difficult to frame the shot in that second when you press the shutter button halfway. I did not find such a setting in the menu so that either in the display or in the viewfinder, the camera always displays the correctly exposed frame, regardless of the current shutter speed and aperture settings. Thank you in advance for the tips

    • Michael

      Tab shooting photos, simulate exposure item. Page 139 manuals

  • Denis

    Hello, Arkady. Tell me, does it make sense to buy a Nikon D90 with an 18-105 lens for 10000 rubles with a mileage of 16000 frames in 2020. The budget is very limited. I had a Canon 600d, I have never encountered a Nikon. Or look at more recent models. Regards, Denis.

    • B. R. P.

      The point is, in my opinion, if the equipment is in good condition. For a similar amount, you are unlikely to find a fresher, unless the younger line is 3xxx, 5xxx.

      • Denis

        For the same money in my city you can buy D3300, D5200. Will the D90 be inferior in quality?

  • Oleg Petrovich

    I purchased on the Internet, for an inexpensive, used Focal MC Auto 80-200mm F3.5 lens, I want to use it with a Canon 1100D (with an M42-EOS adapter ring). When the lens arrived, it turned out to be heavy: it weighs about a kilogram. Does the mount of the mount not break off or distort me this weight? If, for example, the device is worn on a belt, on the chest, or even just when shooting with a tripod?

    And the second question: for the Canon 1100D to work with this lens and with “Helios-44M” from “Zenith-11” to buy a ring with or without a chip? I want to hear the sound of confirmation with the correct focus and other possible goodies.
    Thank you!

  • Andrei

    Hello! I am a novice photographer, and while reading the NIKON D7500 camera operating instructions (on the official site), I see this: If a lens with an integrated microprocessor is equipped with an aperture ring (0 External differences between lenses with a microprocessor and lenses of types G, E and D), block the aperture at the minimum value (maximum f-number) -This is for removing the lens ... how to understand this? simply put, you need to shoot with a closed diaphragm. or open? Is the hole open or not immediately visible ... so how?

    • Arkady Shapoval

      Just do as they write and you can shoot at any value. Any lenses with a microprocessor and aperture ring on the d7500 should be set to the minimum aperture ring (usually f / 32, 22 or 16). If this is not done, then on the display you will get an error setting the fEE aperture ring. If the ring is installed as it is written, the lens will work like any other modern G-type lens.

      • Andrei

        thank you

  • Artem

    Hello. Are there d3300 owners? I can hardly see this product here. It is as if blurred slightly and poorly read.

    • Yuriy

      Take advantage of diopter adjustment

  • Andrei

    Hello Arkady! I am a beginner photographer ... I want to hear your advice as an experienced person. Which of the fifty dollars (for nikon DX) should be purchased. Apparently, with the exception of 58 mm (it is expensive for me) ... advise, please ..

    • BB

      Nikon 50 / 1.8 or Sigma 50 / 1.4 Art

  • Andrei

    PS for Nikon D 7500

  • Victor

    Dear Arkady! Studying the topic of fish lenses, I came across a most curious fact: it turns out that their different models display space in different ways!

    On Russian-language photographic sites, no one ever said anything about the topic of projections in optics. Maybe you can write an article? Thank!

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