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  • Dmitriy

    Hello, please tell me which lens to choose, I have a sony a7, the whale that came with it a year later fell down, we need an inexpensive (sony is very expensive) high-power, for landscapes and interiors, mostly a plus for video. And for video is AF or MF better? for a full frame, the choice in the internet is not great. Thanks in advance for the advice.

    • Ledogor

      Minoltovsky ones can be viewed if the bayonet and the flange distance allow (I did not hold the A-7 in my hands, I do not know what it is). High quality and inexpensive glass. One "old man" 28-135 is worth something, it is not for nothing that he is called "a set of fixes in one lens." Legend!

  • Anton

    Good afternoon, please tell me what is better to choose:
    Nikon D3100 body
    Nikon D3200 body
    Nikon D5100 body
    Price up to 13000 rubles

    Nikon D3300 body
    Nikon D3400 body
    Nikon D5200 body
    Nikon D5300 body
    Nikon D7000 body
    Price from 16000 to 20000 rubles

    + lens (which one?)
    The camera is bought mainly for shooting goods in an internet store and social networks (leather goods: backpacks, bags, belts, wallets).
    Which camera from the above is better to buy for photographing my products, is it worth overpaying several thousand for cameras from the second list?
    What lens to buy for high-quality shooting of leather goods?
    What else do you need to take high-quality photos of catalog products?

    • B. R. P.

      Any camera is enough, not necessarily expensive. Plus a complete zoom lens. BUT! An external flash is required. Better two. More drains, umbrellas, etc.

      • B. R. P.

        * racks.

    • Trueash

      I will support B.R.P., good light is much more important. Well, the tripod is normal, so as not to tip over from a sneeze.

    • Novel

      Plus the above.

      Around the world - two sets from Godox - folding softboxes 40x40 cm with honeycomb and S-Type adapter - you can hang any Bowens mount attachments if needed. There are two racks for them, and better not the cheapest. Formally, a simple stand will withstand a flash with a softbox even on the street in calm weather, in reality - it falls from careless movement even in a room. Especially if you want to try a harder bait.
      Two flashes of the Godox TT600 type, two (eventually four will be possible) sets of Eneloop 4xАА batteries, a radio synchronizer for the camera, so as not to run to the flashes. It is possible without a synchronizer, but manual flashes, which are the cheapest, are not worth taking - the price difference is insignificant. Unless you find a couple of puffs cheaply.
      The lens does not matter, if you are shooting a subject, you will cover yourself until 8-11 in order to properly shoot an object lying at an angle, so a native whale is quite suitable. Pros who try to shoot the subject with a manual tilt-shift, but you are very far from that.
      The light of even one flash taken out from the camera solves much more than ANY expensive lens.

    • Novel

      Still (for the light) you can take a couple of 5-in-1 reflectors, one larger, one smaller. And a remote control for pressing the shutter button. Because once you fix the camera on a tripod, you will begin to consistently connect light sources, play with glare, change the flash power, try filters, shade somewhere, add somewhere and you will never have enough free hands.

      Well, for a change, read, for example, 8020photo dot com - the guy hasn't written for a long time, but he gives very valuable advice on working with subject photography.

      • twm

        Thank you, Roman. The site is awesome according to the link: the author is very reckless and savvy about the light says-to share. And, in general, it urges me to think as a reader.

        • twm

          shares * of course :)

    • Anton

      Thank you all for your advice!

  • Egor

    hello, I am interested in the Rubin-2 lens. I can not find any normal information about this model anywhere. And if you have an article, then just discard the link please, and if not, just tell me if this lens is suitable for Kiev 15 and how good is it?
    Thanks for earlier, it is very interesting to read your articles)))

  • jiangxin

    I need the 7Artisans 35mm F0.95 lens,
    but I can not find in our area, can you offer me more info?

    • Arkady Shapoval

      It's new lens, not available now in stock. Check it here

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