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Blog author Radozhiva: Shapoval Arkady Arkadevich

Shapoval Arkady

The author of Radozhiv's blog is Arkady Shapoval. They asked me to add a photo of my beloved here :)

About rainbow

On my blog 'Radozhiva' I try to write objectively about photographic equipment и photography techniques. All Articles I write in my free time, the rest of the time I work photographer , where I get practical experience in photography. I try to write specifically for photographers, not for potential buyers in any online store. I do not deal with pixel-by-pixel battles-comparisons of photographic equipment, I am not interested. There are no synthetic tests of equipment on Radozhiv - you should not clog your head with synthetics. In the reviews you can find the maximum honest information on photographic equipment and my personal impressions.

Everything written here is based only on my personal interest in photography and on my own experience. No review on the Radozhiv website is paid or 'paid', although I have been offered a fee for a sugary review many times.

Also, I will gladly post your review (user review), but only if it is interesting enough, just contact me to mine Contacts.

If you find a mistake or 'confusion', just let us know in the comments and I will try to correct the inaccuracy. I write in my free time, sometimes I don't have much free time.

The site used to be at in the summer of 2016 he moved to the international top-level domain Therefore, many photos on the site are signed with the old site address '© Radojuva.Com.Ua'. All examples of photos on the site were taken by me personallyif the author of the photo is not me - this must be indicated.

Answers to readers' questions

Recently, there have been a lot of questions on the Radozhiv website, I physically cannot answer all the questions. If you saw a question on the site without an answer, and know how to solve it, do not hesitate, answer people who left a request for help. If you cannot find a suitable topic for your question, add it to the section Q & A. Please note that for some questions I do not know the answers, or the answer requires 10 pages of text. When asking questions, try to formulate them correctly and in a detailed manner, honestly, neither I nor other readers of Radozhiva have telepathy and they cannot understand (and even less answer) short short meaningful questions.

Consultations and training

Detailed information on this subject is described. here.

Photographic equipment for reviews

If you have interesting lenses, manual or modern autofocus, I will be glad to write a review about them. For reviews I use Canon, Nikon, Sony systems. There are adapters for most popular systems. It usually takes a couple of days. The easiest way is to send me the equipment using New Mail. I pay the shipment.

Details: New Mail, Vyshhorod city, warehouse of mail No. 3 (Taras Shevchenko ave., 2d), Arkady Shapoval, (063) 527-03-33. I often use the services of New Mail and it has never failed.


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From 22.10.2019 comments are also managed by editor / moderator Alexey Ovoshchnikov.

Comments are closed on some site entries. Meaningless, offensive and obscene comments are deleted, please do not clutter up the site. The topic of politics is strictly prohibited.. Any comments regarding the topic of site moderation are also deleted. Unfortunately, or fortunately, the moderator is always right.

I am very loyal to the commentators and add to the blacklist only for those violations that are described above. The site skips only comments with one external link, if there are more links, the comment will be moderated. You can always speak on Radozhiv here. If you hit the black list and want to get out of it, please unsubscribe to me in the mail.

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To attach an image to a comment, please use any image hostingEg by that... To insert, please use the 'HTML code of the thumbnail with link' option or simply 'view link'. Thanks.

Previously, you could attach images to a comment directly, the images were stored on my hosting, but their volume became too large. All previously attached images will be stored. All new images will be stored exclusively on image hosting.

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Project Assistance

Readers of Radozhiva collected funds for Canon 5D, and later fundraising on Sony a7 (but life with surprises). If you want to help, just tell others about Radozhiv, for example, share a link to Radozhiv using social networks, buttons that slide at the bottom of each page.

You help the project when you use any external links located on Radozhiv, especially links to the following stores and catalogs:

  • E-Catalog - a huge catalog of photographic equipment
  • Magazilla - a huge catalog of photographic equipment
  • AliExpress - a trading platform, photographic equipment on Aliexpress
  • Power socket - a popular store, there is a catalog of photographic equipment
  • Yandex Market - trading platform
  • GearBest - popular playground

Thanks. Arkady Shapoval.

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