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 Reviews from readers Radozhiva

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Comments: 4, on the topic: Reviews from readers of Radozhiva

  • Rodion

    On my own behalf, I’ll add that there are many old reviews on the site that are written less well than later ones; they may lack, for example, photographs taken with a full-frame camera or there are in principle few examples of photos. The facts are missing somewhere. Therefore, it makes sense to write even about some lenses that were already on the site.
    I just want to rewrite the review of Zenithar 50/1.2. It happened that I duplicated or almost duplicated reviews of other lenses in order to supplement information or present it from a new angle.

  • sandro

    Arkady, if possible, make a template with tables in Google Docs.
    Then I’ll be able to quickly do the reviews that I’ve long promised for Radozhiva, including those about rare wide-angle lenses.

  • sandro

    And one more thought. Since you are in Europe, try writing to Bastian, who reviews rare manual glasses for Sony. He is from Germany and can help both with contacts for obtaining equipment and with monetization through referral links to bh, adorama and ebay ,

    Maybe it will help with traffic from Europe/states.

    • Arkady Shapoval

      Thank you!

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