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increase. “Sources” here.

A photographer is only an intermediate link from a person to Strong Artificial Intelligence, generating cats.

UPDATE: now also video!

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  • Sergei

    For now, the creation of fantasy children's animated films based on this technology is likely to be seen.
    And commercial advertising. This is where advertising photographers come into their own...

    • Arkady Shapoval

      It is very funny. AI is already taking away work from even stock food photographers. Cats are just an example. It never ceases to amaze me how many users don't see the exponential potential of these AIs. Recent examples include the SONY WORLD PHOTOGRAPHY AWARD 2023 and the scandal with the winning “photo”, which turned out to be completely generated using AI. But we have already gone through this, for example, during the industrial revolution, where there were also similar statements, saying that this was only for “fantasy children's animated films”

  • Basil

    Bullshit! Again it all comes down to advertising! Who needs it, this stupid advertisement? They turned photography into some kind of madhouse! This cat would be perfect for postcards. And nothing more!

    • Arkady Shapoval

      Tell that to stock photographers, where the market is falling at a tremendous rate. Cats are just an example. In general, it’s very funny how many people deny the obvious. This already happened when the figure arrived. Everyone was maniacally confident that film would always be the only and best. So, what percentage of photographers there shoot on film now? And what will happen to AI in a year or two?

      • Dim

        I suspect the implications are much deeper.
        Recent news: “A few weeks ago, Open AI introduced the Sora neural network, capable of generating realistic video up to one minute long with a resolution of 1920 × 1080 pixels based on a text description. Now, HarrisX has conducted a survey asking American adults to distinguish an AI-generated video from a real one. It turned out that most of the respondents made mistakes in 5 out of 8 videos offered in the survey....”
        Soon fiction will become more believable than reality, since the latter cannot adapt to fashion and all sorts of fads. All creative “specialties” will be in AI, and people will be in charge of configuration and maintenance.

        • Arkady Shapoval

          We will be adepts Zero JPEG.

  • anonym

    Photography died at some point, several years ago. People have less money and smartphones appeared. They no longer needed a photographer with a good camera. Expensive, people don't like themselves in these photos. And so, like, I have a phone - I can take it off myself (but I don’t take it off). And just a lot of events remain without photos and videos...

    AI will definitely not replace reportage photography.

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