Samyang V-AF Lens Range: 20, 24, 35, 45, 75, 100mm

Samyang V-AF Lens Lineup

Samyang V-AF Lens Lineup

Basic properties

  • The Samyang V-AF range of lenses is designed for full-frame (+ Super 35) mirrorless cinema and camera mount cameras Sony FE / E
  • All Samyang V-AF lenses are designed for film (video) and support auto focus (V-AF: Video Auto Focus)
  • Samyang V-AF - the first of its kind (there was no interchangeable full-frame cine lens with auto focus before)
  • Line includes 6 fixes: 20mm T1.9 (to be announced), 24mm T1.9, 35mm T1.9, 45mm T1.9, 75mm T1.9, 100mm T2.3 (to be announced)
  • Unified maximum aperture T/1.9 (except 100mm T2.3)
  • All lenses have unified weight, dimensions and diameter of the front filter. The weight is only 280 grams, and the diameter of the filter is 58 mm
  • Autofocus and low weight make these lenses easy to use, for example, when shooting from drones
  • Protected enclosure
  • 9 aperture blades
  • M1/M2 switch for selecting the operating mode of the control ring
  • Focus distance lock button
  • Focus ring rotates 300 degrees
  • Indicator lamps ready for operation (green color) or notifying about the recording process (red color)
  • Suitable for 8K
  • They have unified color tone Samyang CCI (for the convenience of editing material shot with different lenses)
  • Support special adapter for more convenient / smooth control of focus and / or aperture, for a diameter of 95 mm
  • Price: 24/T1.9V-AF, 35/T1.9V-AF, 45/T1.9V-AF, 75/T1.9V-AF

24mm T1.9

35mm T1.9

45mm T1.9

75mm T1.9

Samyang V-AF Manual Focus Adapter

All Samyang Auto Focus Lenses

For mirrorless full frame cameras Sony (AF-FE)

Cinema lenses for Sony (V-AF FE)

For mirrorless full frame cameras Canon (AF RF)

For SLR full-frame cameras Canon (AF EF)

For SLR full-frame cameras Nikon (AF F)

For mirrorless cropped cameras Sony (AF E)

For mirrorless cropped cameras FujiFilm (AF X)

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