Announcement: Canon EOS R100 (APS-C, RF)

On May 24, 2023, the Canon EOS R100 was officially announced.

Canon EOS-R100

Canon EOS-R100

Basic properties

  1. mirrorless camera Canon EOS R APS-C systems, supports lenses RF и RF-S and not compatible with lenses Ef-m
  2. 24 MP CMOS sensor
  3. Focus with Dual Pixel CMOS AF, 143 focus areas (3975 focus points), -4 +20 EV
  4. No built-in image stabilizer
  5. ISO 100-12.800 expandable to 25.600
  6. EVI 2.360 million dots, magnification 0.95 x
  7. 3 inch display with 1.04 million dots not rotary and not touch
  8. DIGIC 8 processor
  9. Maximum burst speed 6.5 fps
  10. Minimum excerpt shutter speed 1/4000 second
  11. Video UHD 4K (3840 x 2160) 24p, 120 Mb/s with a crop
  12. Support SDHC card slot UHS-I
  13. Micro-HDMI, microphone 3.5 mm, USB-C, Wi-Fi
  14. Weight 356 grams with battery and memory card
  15. The price is about $ 480 per body


Canon EOS R System (APS-C)


Canon RF-S lenses:

Autofocus lenses from third party manufacturers

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Comments: 7, on the topic: Announcement: Canon EOS R100 (APS-C, RF)

  • Н2О

    Every day a new bayonet! Soon, for each new camera, they will come up with a new bayonet mount. Lushnikov and the Chinese dandelion growers will obviously have a lot of work to do!

    • Ivan_Io

      For the UPC, dandelions are not really needed, so there will not be more work. In many ways, a compromise, for beginners, but the price is affordable.

  • Ivan_Io

    What else is new. This is an old RF...

  • Silphudae

    For the price of this new buy RP and be happy.

    • Viktre

      Is this where used rp's are giving away $480?

      Well, someone second-hand may be simply unacceptable.

  • Alex

    Here, for 2300: canon – 6D m. II (for 1100) + Canon lens EF70-200/2,8L passport #00000269 (bought for 1200 used, stolen by blacks in the Ter-Apel camp this year). All clear peppers are used. But the level of quality is obvious. Which indicates the priority of the glass rather than the sensor (the canon already has about 37000 clicks). For 2300 Euros you won’t take anything like this, it was bought now and filmed in such a consistently high-quality manner (in Cologne in February I filmed a dog with a “mother”).

  • Alex

    But “Zorkiy-4K”, I apologize (...). Type-17, Jupiter-12 lens, 1984. And what? Is it important what you shoot with? It is important to be at the right moment in the right perspective (by yourself, yes, by yourself); and press the button at the right moment. That's the main thing, isn't it, colleagues? This grandmother from Kazan still collects likes on, and no one cares what was taken: everyone is drawn to the grandmother, and not to the brand, that’s the true goal of the drug! Leave it there (this is my opinion, of course, which I do not impose on anyone), because the ultimate goal of photography is its, so to speak, applied effect, in this case I, as a photo homeless person - a citizen of the Street (not the world) say this. This is what we should strive for, forgive the somewhat mentoring tone of a street photographer with 46 years of experience. The grandmother was filmed by a keen eye for 65 rubles (a wonderful machine, I’ll tell you by the way!) and a Jupiter-12 (35/2,8 black) for 35 hazel grouse. That's all! Yes, well, and of course there should be a head and hands, of course.

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