Announcement: CANON LENS RF 28mm F2.8 STM

On May 24, 2023, the CANON LENS RF 28mm F2.8 STM full-frame lens was introduced.



Basic properties

  • For full-frame mirrorless cameras Canon EOS with RF mount
  • Relative Hole: 1: 2.8-1: 22
  • Focal Length: 28mm (EGF for Canon EOS R cameras with APS-C sensor is approximately 45 mm)
  • MDF: 23 centimeters
  • Maximum magnification ratio 1: 5.89
  • Optical design: 8 elements in 6 groups, including 3 aspherical elements
  • Number of aperture blades: 7 pieces
  • Focusing with FTM-enabled STM stepping motor
  • Enlightenment Super Spectra Coating
  • Filter Diameter: 55 mm
  • Control ring that is programmable
  • Focus/Control Mode Switch
  • Weight: 120 gram
  • Price: about 300 dollars


An accurate and complete list of all Canon RF lenses:


  1. Canon Lens RF 5.2 mm F2.8 L DUAL FISHEYE [October 2021]
  2. Canon Lens RF 16 mm F2.8 STM [September 2021, AliExpress]
  3. Canon Lens RF 24 mm F1.8 MACRO IS STM [July 2022, AliExpress]
  4. Canon Lens RF 28 mm F2.8 STM [May 2023]
  5. Canon Lens RF 35 mm F1.8 MACRO IS STM [September 2018, AliExpress]
  6. Canon Lens RF 50 mm F1.8 STM [November 2020, AliExpress]
  7. Canon Lens RF 50 mm F1.2 L USM [September 2018, AliExpress]
  8. Canon Lens RF 85 mm F1.2 L USM [May 2019, AliExpress]
  9. Canon Lens RF 85 mm F1.2 L USM DS (DEFOCUS SMOOTHING) [October 2019]
  10. Canon Lens RF 85 mm F2 MACRO IS STM [July 2020, AliExpress]
  11. Canon Lens RF 100 mm F2.8 L MACRO IS USM SA CONTROL [April 2021, AliExpress]
  12. Canon Lens RF 135 mm F1.8 L IS USM [November 2022]
  13. Canon Lens RF 400 mm F2.8 L IS USM [April 2021]
  14. Canon Lens RF 600 mm F11 IS STM [July 2020, AliExpress]
  15. Canon Lens RF 600 mm F4 L IS USM [April 2021]
  16. Canon Lens RF 800 mm F11 IS STM [July 2020, AliExpress]
  17. Canon Lens RF 800 mm F8 L IS USM [February 2022]
  18. Canon Lens RF 1200 mm F8 L IS USM [February 2022]


  1. Canon Lens RF 10-20 mm F4 L IS STM [October 2023]
  2. Canon Lens RF 14-35mm F4 L IS USM [June 2021, AliExpress]
  3. Canon Lens RF 15-30mm F4.5-6.3 IS STM [July 2022, AliExpress]
  4. Canon Lens RF 15-35mm F2.8 L IS USM [August 2019, AliExpress]
  5. Canon Lens RF 24-50 mm F4.5-6.3 IS STM [February 2023, AliExpress]
  6. Canon Lens RF 24-70mm F2.8 L IS USM [August 2019, AliExpress]
  7. Canon Lens RF 24-105mm F2.8 L IS USM Z [October 2023]
  8. Canon Lens RF 24-105mm F4 L IS USM [September 2018, AliExpress]
  9. Canon Lens RF 24-105mm F4-7.1 IS STM [February 2020, AliExpress]
  10. Canon Lens RF 24-240mm F4-6.3 IS USM [July 2019, AliExpress]
  11. Canon Lens RF 28-70mm F2 L USM [September 2018, AliExpress]
  12. Canon Lens RF 70-200mm F4 L IS USM [November 2020, AliExpress]
  13. Canon Lens RF 70-200mm F2.8 L IS USM [October 2019, AliExpress]
  14. Canon Lens RF 100-300mm F2.8 L IS USM [April 2023]
  15. Canon Lens RF 100-400mm F5.6-8 IS USM [September 2021, AliExpress]
  16. Canon Lens RF 100-500mm F4.5-7.1 L IS USM [July 2020, AliExpress]
  17. Canon Lens RF 200-800mm F6.3-9 IS USM [November 2023]

XNUMXrd Party Autofocus Full Frame Canon RF Mount Lenses

List of all mirrorless cameras with Canon RF mount

  1. Canon EOS [September 2018, NO IBIS.30MP AliExpress]
  2. Canon EOS Ra [November 2019, NO IBIS, 30MP]
  3. Canon EOSRP [February 2019, NO IBIS.26MP AliExpress]
  4. Canon EOS-R1 [May 2024]
  5. Canon EOS-R3 [April 2021, IBIS.24MP AliExpress]
  6. Canon EOS-R5 [July 2020, IBIS.45MP AliExpress]
  7. Canon EOS R5C [January 2022, NO IBIS, 45MP]
  8. Canon EOS-R6 [July 2020, IBIS.20MP AliExpress]
  9. Canon EOS R6 MARK II [November 2022, IBIS, 24MP]
  10. Canon EOS-R8 [February 2023, NO IBIS, 24MP]

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Comments: 17, on the topic: Announcement: CANON LENS RF 28mm F2.8 STM

  • Oleg

    They even cut the pancake, it was 22/2.0

    • Rodion

      It was cropped, this one is full-frame.

      • sandro

        It seems that the pancake was specially made for marketing purposes / 2.8 and without a stub.

        • Rodion

          Maybe. We are waiting for 28 / 1.8 with a stub) Only it will no longer be a pancake, most likely.

          • Ivan_Io

            But on the EOS R100 I put it in my pocket.

            • Novel

              It's full frame. It is possible on the R100, of course, something tells me that there will be no RF-S fixes in principle.

              • Arkady Shapoval

                Most likely they will be, according to the type of analogues for EF-M
                Canon Lens EF-M 22mm 1: 2 STM
                Canon Lens EF-M 28mm 1:3.5 Macro IS STM
                Canon Lens EF-M 32mm 1: 1.4 STM

              • Rodion

                I have a suspicion why such a transition to a new mount was made. The fact is that over the past few years, apparently, matrix filters from all manufacturers have practically begun to be made very thin, although in the era of DSLRs and early UPCs they were up to 3 mm thick! I simulated the influence of such a filter, even 1.5 mm is enough to drastically degrade the image quality if the lens does not have a too extended exit pupil. EF-M lenses are most likely calculated for the “old” thick filter, they have a small segment and the stack thickness greatly affects. I believe that in the new crop cameras there will be matrices with thin filters (now they are made thinner than 1 mm, even about 0.5 mm), and the corresponding lenses. Recalculating existing ones is not an easy task, as it may seem.

      • Oleg

        Looked that full-frame. Guilty.

  • TTserg

    Chergovy vitvir plastic-fantastic from Canon with a plastic mount for a penny. At Canon, all small lenses can't see anything, let's see the world. If you show up with an aperture of 1,8, then it will be costly, with the improvement of the lowest price policy of this virobnik, not less than $ 500. And there are no autofocus alternatives to third-party vendors today.
    You begin to understand why there are so many photographers to switch to other systems without any proof of a sum))

    • Oleg

      SLR 40 / 2.8 and 24 \ 2.8 had good optical quality and a ridiculous price. The full-frame RF mount is well-closed, there are both amateur and professional solutions. Crop RF looks wretched

      • TTserg

        And the prices?
        Not forty, for twenty four did not cost $ 300, as I remember. About the yakіst of confessions, the forty until the first hour of the victory. 24mm is more trimav in the hands.

        • Oleg

          Old prices will no longer be, thanks to smartphones

          • TTserg

            I think smartphones are not the main reason. The main reason is still war.

    • Novel

      28 / 1.8 of this size will not appear, even adjusted for mirrorless. Mirror - was a rather strange glass - clearly filmy, not very sharp, albeit bright.

      SLR 24 and 40 are almost identical glasses, adjusted for crop. The same angle, the same optical design, the same quality. Sharp, compact, perfect for the instagram-casual-street. This 28 (as well as the unimaginably small 16/2.8) is for those who need more. Well, either a small EOS RP (and what is there now to replace it - R8 in the same case), or a matrix stub of older cameras. Expensive - no one bothers to use both 24/2.8 in crop mode and 40/2.8 with adapters. Well, even 28 / 1.8, but this is completely a mockery. For the sake of size, I took a DSLR 24 / 2.8 full-frame, still without a stub, on a noisy motor. Together with 40 / 2.8 and 135 / 2.8, it can be stuffed into jacket pockets, very convenient.

      Canon spuds the field of compact dark zooms (thanks to the stub and high working ISO) and compact relatively fast apertures (thanks to the short segment). He already has everything else, it can be done better only by complicating optical circuits and increasing the price.

      • kusman

        Everything was fine with the 28 1.8 in terms of sharpness, don’t make things up.

  • Stepan

    I think it's a great option for the price of 300 bucks. I have a canon RP. With it, without any adapters, it will be a compact full-frame camera. Perfect for traveling

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