Overview of RISESPRAY 35mm F/1.2 (APS-C, E, X, EF-M, MFT)

The RISESPRAY 35 / 1.2 lens from this review was purchased on Aliexpress here.

RISESPRAY 35mm f / 1.2

RISESPRAY 35mm f/1.2. increase.

In short

Please note that the RISESPRAY 35mm F/1.2 lens is available with different mounts. This review shows the version of RISESPRAY 35mm F/1.2 for mirrorless cameras Sony E with APS-C sensor. At the same time, RISESPRAY 35mm F / 1.2 is also available with mounts Canon EF-MFujifilm x и Micro 4 / 3. Important: for Nikon Z [DX, APS-C], Canon RF [RF-S, APS-C], Leica l [T/TL, APS-C] no modifications yet. Also note that RISESPRAY 35mm F/1.2 is available in two body colors - black and silver. This review shows the black version.

The Risespray 35/1.2 is a classic modern fast lens with manual focus and manual iris control for cropped mirrorless cameras of popular systems. Very low price. In general, weak at f / 1.2, but compact and lightweight ..

It's important: The light transmission of Risespray 35/1.2 is T/1.5-T/1.6. I compared Risespray 35/1.2 with a lens Carl Zeiss Planar 1,4/50 ZF.2 T*, which at the aperture value F / 1.4 gives light transmission within T / 1.5-T / 1.6. exposure in the central area of ​​​​the frame with Risespray 35 / 1.2 at an aperture value of F / 1.2 is identical exposure with Carl Zeiss Planar 1,4/50 ZF.2 T* at F/1.4. Quite often, manufacturers of Chinese lenses slightly overestimate the real maximum relative aperture of the lens.

On the same optical scheme 6/5 (view) similar lenses are built 7Artisans II 35 / 1.2 и PERGEAR 35 / 1.2. In general, I recommend looking at a more balanced solution in the face of 7Artisans 35 / 1.4, with a more complex optical design and better optical performance.


Sample Photos

Sample photos on Sony NEX-6 (16MP Sony Exmor APS-C HD CMOS sensor), specially for this review, prepared Natalia (Instagram)... All photos are JPEG from the camera.

Original images in JPEG ('.JPG', 40+ files) view / download from this link (gallery on Google Drive).

RISESPRAY 35mm f / 1.2

RISESPRAY 35mm f / 1.2

Main advantages

  1. low price, which is located at the level of 60-70 dollars (eg original Sony 35 / 1.8 OSS worth about 500 dollars)
  2. there are modifications for some modern popular mounts / systems: Sony E, Fujifilm xCanon EF-M и Micro 4 / 3
  3. You can choose from two colors: silver or black
  4. low weight, which is only about 150 grams (weight slightly depends on the mount used)
  5. compact dimensions, filter size 46 mm (metal thread for the filter)
  6. good combination of focal length and aperture. On cropped mirrorless cameras, this focal length is convenient for everyday shooting.
  7. optical design optimized for mirrorless cameras, similar to older Zeiss Planar lenses, with 'neutral' bokeh with 'lemons' at the edges of the image
  8. good build quality: lens body completely made of metal, front cap with latches
  9. nice fabric case included
  10. very smooth focus ring, pleasant to handle, rotates 135 degrees
  11. the minimum focusing distance is only 25 cm (for example, 7Artisans II 35 / 1.2 - 35 cm)
  12. during focusing, the filter thread does not rotate
  13. aperture ring rotates smoothly, without clicks and fixed values ​​​​(useful for video shooting)
  14. there is a depth of field scale and focusing distances in meters and feet
  15. multi-illuminated optics
  16. nine aperture blades that always give a rounded opening
  17. in the center of the frame at F / 1.2, the lens has good resolution when focusing on medium and long distances

The main disadvantages

  1. no lens version for mounts Nikon ZCanon RF/RF-SLeica l
  2. no microprocessor contacts to form the correct EXIF and automatic aperture control (for example, some 'manual' Chinese lenses from laowa)
  3. on the front protective cover, the inscription “RISESPRAY” is just a sticker
  4. no auto focus support (for example, an inexpensive Chinese lens has YONGNUO 50/1.8S DA DSM)
  5. during focusing, the entire lens block moves, the lens trunk moves forward (but does not rotate), there is no focus optimization based on floating elements to achieve good optical performance at any focusing distance.
  6. The lens forms the best optical performance during focusing to infinity. When focusing towards the MDF, the resolution at the corners and edges of the image deteriorates significantly
  7. a threaded (not bayonet) hood must be used, there is no hood in the delivery set (the hood is, for example, in the delivery set of a similar PERGEAR 35mm 1: 1.6 HD.MC)
  8. the manufacturer does not publish the MTF schedule, which does not inspire too much confidence.
  9. A very old optical circuit is used, for example, similar YONGNUO 50/1.8S DA DSM uses a much more complex modern optical design with 1 low dispersion element
  10. small non-linear step at the aperture control ring between F / 8-F / 16
  11. the focus ring has a small 'overrun of infinity', which does not allow you to quickly and easily, in one movement, focus 'to infinity'
  12. there is no lens profile for popular RAW converters, which does not allow you to easily and easily correct some optical lens flaws, such as distortion and vignetting (you can create a profile yourself)
  13. The software of modern cameras does not have the data to automatically correct some of the optical imperfections of the lens, such as distortion and vignetting, for example.
  14. critically low resolution in the corners of the image in the range F / 1.2-F / 5.6 at short focusing distances
  15. noticeable vignetting at f / 1.2 (completely disappears at f / 2.8)
  16. on contrasting elements of the frame are strongly manifested chromatic aberration
  17. strong glare / ghosting possible in strong back and side light
  18. noticeable effect of Focus Breathing, the viewing angle decreases during focusing towards the MDF
  19. severe coma
  20. significant barrel distortion

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Comments: 7, on the topic: Review of RISESPRAY 35mm F/1.2 (APS-C, E, X, EF-M, MFT)

  • Rodion

    Judging by the absence of asymmetry in the illumination of the bokeh discs and the appearance of spots on the edge of the frame with slight defocus, this lens is not a strong coma, but astigmatism combined with field curvature. The effect of this distortion goes away worse with aperture, but, moreover, the picture ruins less, as it seems to me.

  • Sam

    It is better to continue to use the world 38 2.8 with a speedbooster)

    • Rodion

      Oh, well, it’s unlikely))) Nevertheless, the bunch is so dark twice, but I’m generally silent about the dimensions ...

  • Egor

    not 2, but actually 4 times darker ... Rodion, well, seriously :)

    • Rodion

      Why would? With the booster, the Mir will be already ~ f / 2, and the lens from the review ~ f / 1.4. The difference is 2 times.

      • Ilya

        The lens from the review is 1.2, if anything. Ah, but if in fact!..

        • Rodion

          Anyway, between 1.2 and 1.4 the difference is only a third of a stop.

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