Sales of cameras and lenses for 15 years

After 2008-2012, there has been a significant drop in sales of cameras and lenses. Smartphones won.


Number of DSLR/CZK and mirrorless cameras sold by year (in millions). increase.


Number of interchangeable lenses sold (in millions)


Number of cameras sold (in millions)


Number of cameras with interchangeable lenses (in millions)


Number of cameras without interchangeable lenses (in millions)

Data taken here.

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Comments: 6, on the topic: Sales of cameras and lenses for 15 years

  • Tserg

    So it’s good that the “photographers” are getting smaller and smaller. More to switch to smart halls and tse їх vlashtovuє. Lose professionalism with cameras. Even amateurs, like zakohani in photography, like that, they deliver help to the malt. So there it was, before the advent of digital milkiv. It's time to work on your right and sort the fruits of the chaff.
    And the sales statistics, as I judge by myself, are fair. From 2008 to 2012, I had the most photographic gadgets: cameras, lenses, and a lot of prichandal.
    I’m sure that I gave a lot of photo equipment to fall. Electorate
    switch to smartphones and there is nothing wonderful about it. Format 10*15 can be changed in many ways. And they don’t need more. And for all sorts of facebooks, talks, instagrams and even more so. So, everything is legal.
    From me, I know a little about the operation of such a firm, like Yugkontrakt. If in Ukraine you are a great wholesale supplier of not only serious photographic equipment, but also paper, chemistry, minilabs and great photographic machines that complete them. Twice a day from Kiev to the regional centers the goods arrived. What now? They changed their specialization: they sell power tools and utensils, and even more medical supplies. The photographic property is in the backyard. In our city, you can’t already navit office. Otakі realії sogodennya. Before speech, due to such a situation, prices for photographic equipment are growing unbearably.

  • Denis

    Smartphones did not win, they simply took away that part of the “photographers” who were not supposed to be photographers, but went with the BChK only because there were no other options for “taking a beautiful picture quickly”.
    Now everything has fallen into place: those who are quick - those with phones, who need real quality and who are ready to invest money and effort in it - those with the BChK. :)

  • high society pan

    I agree with the commenter above.
    Cameras have become professional and amateur again.
    The rest is on a smartphone.

  • Volodimir

    Three minuses for photographers - photographic equipment will be more expensive. What we do not accept. On the other hand, a significant part of the needs can be covered for the account of the second market. Technologies are not so fast-growing among mass-produced products. Sound the sutty of the difference between the chambers of the judges on the issue of no. The Chinese are also moving forward, you can already talk about the whole production and recognition of brandy.

  • UstasFritZZZ

    The plastic world has won
    The layout turned out to be stronger.
    The last boat is cold
    The last flashlight is tired.

    • Osh

      Who needs a slice of the July sky?
      Oooooh, my defense!!!

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