Announcement: Canon EOS R50 (APS-C, RF)

On February 8, 2023, the Canon EOS R50 was officially announced.

Canon EOS-R50

Canon EOS-R50

Basic properties

  1. mirrorless camera Canon EOS R APS-C systems, supports lenses RF и RF-S and not compatible with lenses Ef-m
  2. 24 MP CMOS sensor
  3. Focus with Dual Pixel CMOS AF II, 651 focus areas
  4. ISO 100-32.000 expandable to ISO 100-51.200
  5. EVI 2.360 million dots, magnification 0.95 x
  6. 3-inch, 1.06 million dots rotatable touch screen
  7. DIGIC X processor
  8. Maximum burst speed 15 fps with electronic shutter and 12 fps with front electronic shutter
  9. Minimum excerpt electronic shutter 1/8000 second, excerpt sync 1/250 second
  10. Video 4K 30p (no crop), Full HD 1080 120p, up to 1 hour recording
  11. Full HD 30p streaming capability
  12. SDHC card slot with UHS-II support
  13. Micro-HDMI, microphone 3.5 mm, USB-C, Bluetooth, Wi-Fi
  14. Weight 375 grams with battery and memory card
  15. The price is about $ 700 per body


Canon EOS R System (APS-C)


Canon RF-S lenses:

Autofocus lenses from third party manufacturers

Materials on the topic

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Comments: 10, on the topic: Announcement: Canon EOS R50 (APS-C, RF)

  • Oleg

    The only negative is the lack of optics

    • Arkady Shapoval

      and stub

      • Oleg

        For a similar price, the Sony zv-e10 does not even have a viewfinder, let alone a stub. But in general, crop kenon with such a set of optics is depressing. I would like to see at least 22/2.0 and 33/1.4 from the ef-m system. When I see optics with aperture 7.1 I want to cry

        • Dmitry Kostin

          The ZV line, it seems to me, has been blogging throughout Sony's marketing materials.
          ZV-E10 is more about video than photo. And if you take a walk through its menu, then everything is aimed specifically at shooting video. The video settings and especially the photo settings are quite simplified there, both for beginners or for people who prefer that everything turn on and work on the machine and not dive into the settings too much.
          I bought such a camera for my brother on the DR with a whale lens just for the video.
          The stub in the whale lens is not bad, AF on faces is also cool. Here she is for it.

          • Oleg

            According to the video, they are the same, only there is also a viewfinder

  • Ivan_Io

    Why don't you like “An accurate and complete list of all Canon RF lenses:”? And having bought an adapter for your favorite lens, have fun.

    • Arkady Shapoval

      dislike RF-S list

      • Yuriy Molchanov

        As well as a ban on third-party manufacturers from making lenses with an RF mount

  • Ivan_Io

    RF optics does not get cropped? The only problem is the higher cost. If we talk about fixes, then for example, DX-in on crop can be counted on the fingers, I think about the same with EF-S.

    • Viktre

      If we talk about fixes, then, I think, it’s better not to remember the early 2000s and digital SLRs, but to watch what competitors now have on mirrorless systems.

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