Review of AstrHori Rockstar R 27 / 2.8 (second version)

Astrhori 27/2.8

AstrHori 27/2.8 (Rockstar)

In short

Please note that the AstrHori 27 / 2.8 lens (aka Rockstar) is available with different mounts. This review shows the version of AstrHori 27 / 2.8 for mirrorless cameras Fujifilm X with APS-C sensor. At the same time, AstrHori 27 / 2.8 is also available with mounts Sony E (APS-C), Nikon Z [DX, APS-C], Canon EF-M [EOS M, APS-C], Leica l [T/TL, APS-C] and Micro 4 / 3. At one time, the 'Rockstar' brand was replaced by 'AstrHori'.

AstrHori 27 / 2.8 is a modern wide-angle lens with manual focus and no aperture control for cropped mirrorless cameras of popular systems. Optically weak. The price for AstrHori 27/2.8 is at the level of 40-50 dollars. AstrHori 27 / 2.8 - compact and lightweight, looks good on modern cameras.

It's important: AstrHori 27/2.8 uses fixed aperture value 1:2.8.

It's important: there are two versions of the AstrHori / Rockstar 27 / 2.8 lens, the main difference between the versions is the use of different diameters of the front filter, on 55 and 52 mm. First version of Rockstar 27/2.8 was announced on January 12, 2022.


The lens comes in its original box with two plastic caps.

Sample Photos

All photos in the review are shown without processing. Fujifilm X-A1 camera (model range 2013-2015, 16 MP APS-C CMOS sensor) was used. All photos are JPEG taken in camera. Photos for review prepared Lynx George.

Original images in JPEG ('.JPG') can view / download from this link (gallery on Google Drive).

Main advantages

  1. low price, which is located at the level of 40-50 dollars (eg original Fujifilm FUJINON ASPHERICAL LENS SUPER EBC XF 27mm 1: 2.8 R WR costs around $400)
  2. there are modifications for modern popular mounts / systems: Sony E, Canon EF-M, Fujifilm x, Nikon Z,  Leica l, Micro 4 / 3
  3. body design with blackened bayonet mount
  4. nice packaging
  5. low weight, which is only 127 grams (only the lens itself, the weight slightly depends on the mount used)
  6. compact dimensions, standard filter size 52 mm
  7. convenient focal length for use on cameras with an APS-C sensor
  8. good build quality: the lens body is completely made of metal
  9. very smooth focus ring, pleasant to handle, rotates approximately 160 degrees
  10. virtually internal focusing (during focusing, the front lens rotates and moves inside the housing, but does not leave it)
  11. during focusing, the filter thread does not rotate
  12. multicoated optics, HD Nano Multi Coating
  13. high resolution over the entire field of the frame
  14. low chromatic aberration
  15. nice classic “planar” bokeh with “lemon” edges and corners of the image

The main disadvantages

  1. the manufacturer does not publish the drawing of the optical scheme, which does not inspire too much confidence
  2. fixed aperture (lens always uses f/2.8)
  3. data from the instructions for the lens is not true (for example, the diameter of the front filter)
  4. The lens name printed directly on the lens barrel (Rockstar) does not match the name on the box (AstrHori)
  5. the minimum focusing distance is actually around 30 cm
  6. focus ring is not rubberized
  7. no microprocessor contacts to form the correct EXIF and automatic aperture control (for example, some 'manual' Chinese lenses from laowa)
  8. no auto focus support (for example, an inexpensive Chinese lens has TTArtisan 27 / 2.8)
  9. a threaded (non-bayonet) hood should be used
  10. the focus ring has a huge 'overrun of infinity', which does not allow you to quickly and easily, in one movement, focus 'to infinity'. Infinity is at 2 meters
  11. there is no lens profile for popular RAW converters, which does not allow you to easily and easily correct some optical lens flaws, such as distortion and vignetting (you can create a profile yourself)
  12. The software of modern cameras does not have the data to automatically correct some of the optical imperfections of the lens, such as distortion and vignetting, for example.
  13. on the contrasting elements of the frame are very pronounced chromatic aberration
  14. very strong glare / halos are possible in strong back and side light (example)
  15. noticeable effect of Focus Breathing, the viewing angle decreases during focusing towards the MDF
  16. very strong distortion
  17. very strong vignetting, without the possibility of aperture vignetting is not treated

Absolutely all lenses from AstrHori can see the list on Radozhiv here. AstrHori 27/2.8 is easy to find and buy on via this link.

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Comments: 10, on the topic: AstrHori Rockstar R 27/2.8 review (second version)

  • Connoisseur of real shots

    Optically - weak, but artistically - beautiful!

  • MA1N

    I took this lens on a Panasonic crop (MFT) since the viewing angle on Helios left much to be desired in a small room (I'm thinking of taking a speedbooster). In general, as I understand it, I have a newer version, there is a difference in the form. I ordered black and under 55mm for the filter, but a box with gray came at 55, and upon opening it turned out that it was 52mm))) Well, the Chinese)))
    What can I say about this lens on the m4 / 3 system, if it is used for artistic purposes - it is beautiful, but there is a vignette and it is wonderful. The minimum focusing distance is 15-20cm, the ring is not rubberized, the inscription ROCKSTAR and the serial number are on the lens itself. The camera was very tight. It shoots a little at infinity, a little back and you are in it. Focusing is good, moderately tight, focusing is very good, but it cannot be compared with helios (it is almost without question), picking works fine on it, the focus field is even (judging by picking) with a short step and high accuracy. Photos at night, even with hands, are very good. Good readability of the picture and detail is very pleasing in the context of this product. Personally, I can say if you are engaged in artistic photography, just as an option to diversify your arsenal is very good!

  • MA1N

    Lens photo 1

  • MA1N

    Lens photo 2

  • MA1N

    Photo of the lens from the side of the mount 1

  • MA1N

    Photo of the lens from the side of the mount 2

  • MA1N

    The inscription on the box

  • MA1N

    Photo 1

  • MA1N

    Photo 2

  • MA1N

    Photo 3

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