Review of TTArtisan DJ-OPTICAL 25 / 2

TTArtisan DJ-OPTICAL 25 / 2

TTArtisan DJ-OPTICAL 25 / 2. increase.


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  2. All TTArtisan lenses
  3. Main Specifications
  4. Assembly
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  6. Image quality
  7. Sample Photos
  8. My experience
  9. All Sony APS-C E cameras
  10. All original lenses for Sony APS-C E
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In this review, I will call the lens TTArtisan DJ-OPTICAL 25/2 (as the name is indicated near the front lens) in short - TTArtisan 25/2. This TTArtisan 25/2 was purchased here for $55 (screen).

Notethat the TTArtisan 25/2 lens is available with different mounts. This review shows the version of TTArtisan 25/2 for mirrorless cameras Sony E/FE with APS-C sensor. At the same time, TTArtisan 25/2 is also available with mounts Canon EF-M, Canon RF/RF-S, Fujifilm x, Nikon Z, Leica T/TL/L и Micro 4 / 3.

TTArtisan DJ-OPTICAL 25 / 2

TTArtisan DJ-OPTICAL 25 / 2

In short

The TTArtisan 25/2 is a modern fast manual focus lens for cropped mirrorless cameras. Announced in September 2022 years. One of the most compact and inexpensive such fixes for cameras with an APS-C sensor. TTArtisan 25/2 can be attributed to the class pancake lenses.

25 mm is a very convenient focal length, which allows you to use the TTArtisan 25/2 as a standard lens for a huge number of different photo tasks. TTArtisan 25/2 - regular fix for every day. The cost of TTArtisan 25/2 is about only 1/15 of the cost of the original autofocus Carl Zeiss Sonnar E 1,8 / 24 ZA T * (Sony SEL24F18Z).

TTArtisan 25/2 interesting low price, high-quality assembly and a maximum relative aperture of 1:2. In general, it should fully satisfy all the needs of amateur photographers.

TTArtisan 25/2 is an alternative to other inexpensive similar lenses: 7Artisans 25/1.8, Pergear 25/1.8, Meike 25/1.8Fujian 25/1.8 etc.

Most likely the SG-IMAGE 25mm f/1.8 APS-C is a copy/rebranding of the TTArtisan 25/2.

TTArtisan DJ-OPTICAL 25 / 2

TTArtisan DJ-OPTICAL 25 / 2

All TTArtisan lenses 

For mirrorless full frame and medium format cameras:

  1. TTArtisan 11 / 2.8 Fisheye (announcement) [Leica M+E, Z, RF, L+ GFX, scheme 11/7]
  2. TTArtisan 21/1.5 (announcement) [Leica M Black/Silver + E, Z, RF, L]
  3. TTArtisan 28/5.6 (announcement) [Leica M Silver/Gold]
  4. TTArtisan 32/2.8AF (announcement)  [RF, EF-M, X, Z, E]
  5. TT Artisan 35/1.4 (overview) [Leica M Black/Silver + '24K GOLD SKIN Limited']
  6. TTArtisan 35/2 (announcement) [Leica M]
  7. TT Artisan 50/2 (overview) [Z, E, L, RF + EF-M, X, M4/3 Black/Silver]
  8. TTArtisan 50/1.4 (announcement) [Leica M+E, Z, RF, L+X+M4/3]
  9. TTArtisan 50 / 1.4 TILT (announcement) [E, L, R, Z + X + M4/3]
  10. TTArtisan 50 /0.95 (announcement) [Leica M Black/Silver + 'Silver Black'+'Red Ox 2021 Limited']
  11. TTArtisan 90 /1.25 (announcement) [Leica M+E, R, Z, L+ GFX, X1D]
  12. TTArtisan 100 / 2.8 Macro 2x Tilt-Shift (announcement) [E, R, Z+X]
  13. TTArtisan 500/6.3 (announcement) [E, R, Z, L]

For SLR full frame:

For mirrorless cropped cameras:

  1. TTArtisan 7.5 / 2.0 Fisheye (announcement) [E, X, EF-M, M4 / 3, L, RF]
  2. TTArtisan 10/2.0 (announcement) [E, X, Z, RF, M4/3]
  3. TTArtisan 17/1.4 (announcement) [E, X, EF-M, Z, L, RF, M4/3, black/silver/titanium grey]
  4. TTArtisan 23/1.4 (announcement) [E, X, EF-M, Z, L, M4 / 3, black / striped]
  5. TT Artisan 25/2 (overview) [E, X, EF-M, Z, L, RF, M4/3]
  6. TTArtisan 27/2.8AF (announcement) [E, X, Z, black/yellow]
  7. TTArtisan 35/1.8AF (announcement) [E, X, Z]
  8. TT Artisan 35/1.4 (overview) [E, X, EF-M, Z, L, RF, M4/3, black/silver/titanium gray ]
  9. TTArtisan 35 /0.95 (announcement) [E, X, EF-M, Z, RF, L]
  10. TTArtisan 40 / 2.8 Macro (announcement) [E, X, EF-M, Z, RF, M4/3]
  11. TTArtisan 50 /1.2 (overview) [E, X, EF-M, Z, L, RF, M4/3, black/silver/titanium gray ]
  12. TTArtisan 50 /0.95 (announcement) [E, X, EF-M, Z, RF, M4/3]
  13. TTArtisan 56/1.8AF (announcement) [E, X, Z]

Anamorphic cinema lenses:

  1. TTArtisan 25mm T2 1.33 times Anamorpot (announcement) [E,X]

These lenses are easiest to find at official dealer of TTArtisan on Aliexpress.

TTArtisan DJ-OPTICAL 25 / 2

TTArtisan DJ-OPTICAL 25 / 2

Main technical characteristics of TTArtisan DJ-OPTICAL 25/2

Review Instance Name Near the front lens: TTArtisan DJ-OPTICAL 25 / 2 Ø43

On the case: TTArtisan

Cover: TTArtisan APS-C 25mm F2.0

Mount side: E-mount

Basic properties
  • The lens uses a Sony E mount and is suitable for Sony mirrorless cameras with an APS-C sensor
  • Manual focus only
  • Manual iris control
  • Metal mount, metal case, metal front cover
  • Multi-Enlightened Optics
Front Filter Diameter 43 mm
Focal length 35 mm

  • EGF for Sony E/FE, Nikon Z (DX), Leica L (T, TL), Fujifilm X cameras with APS-C sensor is 37.5 mm
  • EGF for cameras Canon EOS M, Canon RF-S is 40 mm
  • EGF for cameras of the Micro 4/3 system is 50 mm
Zoom ratio 1 X (this is a fixed lens, it does not have a zoom)
Designed by Option from the review for Sony cropped mirrorless cameras with E mount (E-MOUNT, E / FE).

This lens exists with mounts:

Number of aperture blades 7 rounded petals
  • bayonet mount mark (red dot on the chrome part of the mount)
  • focusing distance scale, only in meters: 0.25, 0.3, 0.4, 0.5, 0.6, 0.8, 1, 1.5, 3 meters and infinity mark
  • depth of field scale for f / 2.8, 4, 8, 11, 16
  • aperture scale on the aperture ring with a red dot for reference
Diaphragm from F / 2 to F / 16, controlled using the aperture control ring. There are marks for F / 2, 2.4 (?), 2.8, 4, 5.6, 8, 16. The ring rotates with clicks, smoothly. There are no intermediate values.
MDF 0.25 meters, maximum magnification ratio approx. 1:8 (approx.)
The weight
  • 166 grams (according to the official website and also matches my measurements)
Optical design 7 elements in 5 groups

Optical design TTArtisan DJ-OPTICAL 25 / 2The optical design is clickable for magnification.

The same optical design is used by the SG-IMAGE 25mm f/1.8 APS-C lens

Lens hood Must be screwed into the front filter thread; marking unknown
Manufacturer country Made in China (there is no data on the country of manufacture on the lens itself)
Period С September 2, 2022 (Announcement date)

F/2 is 1/4 stop darker than the more common F/1.8 found on many other similar lenses, such as the original lens Carl Zeiss Sonnar E 1,8 / 24 ZA T * (Sony SEL24F18Z).

TTArtisan DJ-OPTICAL 25 / 2

TTArtisan DJ-OPTICAL 25 / 2


The lens arrived for review completely new, in its original factory packaging. AT box there is only the lens itself with front and rear caps, warranty card and brief instructions. The instruction is in Chinese only. The box the lens comes in is quite stylish. The lens in the box is securely fixed with a foam insert.

The front cover is metal, without latches. The cover is screwed into the thread of the front filter. This method of installing the front protective cover is inconvenient.

Overall, the lens is well assembled. TTArtisan 25 / 2 has bayonet mount metal and the lens body itself and the front cover are completely made of metal, using anodized aluminum.

The weight of the TTArtisan 25/2 lens itself is about 160 grams. In the hands of the lens feels like a solid and high-quality thing.

The filter diameter is only 43 mm.

The design is nice, and the lens itself is very compact, ideal for small Sony cameras with an APS-C sensor.

Diaphragm consists of seven petals and always forms a fairly round hole. Matte petals. The diaphragm can only be controlled manually using a special ring. The aperture ring rotates with clicks. There are different intervals between pairs of aperture numbers, which is not very convenient. The numbers F / 4, 5.6, 8, 16 are bunched up. There was no place for F / 11.

It's important: aperture control ring is located from the front of the lensbehind the focus ring. This arrangement of the diaphragm ring is quite convenient. There is no problem to accidentally touch the aperture control ring during focusing and knock out the set aperture value.

TTArtisan DJ-OPTICAL 25 / 2

TTArtisan DJ-OPTICAL 25 / 2


The focusing ring is narrow, metal, ribbed. The focus ring is close enough to the lens mount. The ring spins on 90 degrees (1/4 of a full turn). Focusing is smooth and enjoyable.

During focusing, the trunk of the lens runs forward but does not spin. During focusing, the entire lens block moves.

On the ring there is a scale with a focusing distance, but only in meters. There is a depth of field scale. The minimum focusing distance is only 25 centimeters, and the maximum magnification ratio is approximately 1: 8, which is very good for this kind of lens.

The TTArtisan 25 / 2 has a slight 'Focus Breathing' effect (changing the angle of view while focusing). When focusing towards the MDF, the angle of view decreases.

Focus Shift (change in focusing distance due to aperture) is missing.

Have a hard stop (hard infinity mechanical stop) for fast and accurate focusing in all temperature conditions

Focus peaking with TTArtisan 25/2 and cameras Sony α NEX-6, Sony a3500 works well at F / 2.

TTArtisan DJ-OPTICAL 25 / 2

TTArtisan DJ-OPTICAL 25 / 2

Image quality

TTArtisan 25/2 easily handles 20 megapixel APS-C sensor in the center of the frame Sony a3500. However, a fairly simple 7/5 planar scheme does not allow itself to show itself well in the far corners of the image, where, due to a strong coma and low resolution, the image turns into a 'mess'.


  1. F / 2 lens creates good resolution in the center of the frame
  2. the situation changes noticeably with the aperture covered to F / 2.8, when the resolution becomes high in the center of the frame
  3. Yes very strong / catastrophic drop in resolution in the far corners of the frame
  4. good contrast
  5. severe coma


  1. there is a small barrel-shaped distortion
  2. distortion is unified, easy to edit in the editor


  1. a strong vignetting on f / 2
  2. vignetting decreases with focus towards MDF. Most noticeable when focusing on infinity
  3. vignetting almost completely disappears at F / 4.0
  4. vignetting easily fixable in the editor


  1. there is a noticeable amount of chromatic aberration
  2. there is a noticeable frigging (the color of contrasting elements in the out-of-focus area is purple or green)


  1. on covered diaphragms you can achieve a beautiful effect of a 14-ray star
  2. from bright light sources you can get a lot of glare, while they can be of enormous size
  3. bokeh is planar-like with lemons (cat's eyes), in the corners of the image the bokeh suffers greatly due to coma

Important: At the time of writing this review, there was no TTArtisan 25 / 2 profile for popular RAW converters. You can create a profile yourself or wait for its release.

TTArtisan DJ-OPTICAL 25 / 2

TTArtisan DJ-OPTICAL 25 / 2

Sample Photos

Sample photos on Sony NEX-6 (16MP Sony Exmor APS-C HD CMOS sensor), specially for this review, prepared Natalia (Instagram)... All photos are JPEG from the camera.

Original JPEG images this link (60+ files, gallery on Google Drive).

TTArtisan DJ-OPTICAL 25 / 2

TTArtisan DJ-OPTICAL 25 / 2

My experience

Very nice and inexpensive lens. This is a good solution for amateur photographers. The lens has its problems, but the low cost, convenient focal length, compact size and quite adequate sharpness in the center of the frame at f / 2 make you seriously consider purchasing it.

An older one is built on the same optical scheme. 7Artisans 1: 1.8 / 25mm HD.MC, most likely many other Chinese similar clones / copies use the same simple 7/5 optical design. I advise you to pay additional attention to such PERGEAR 25mm 1: 1.8 HD.MC.

Behind one of the front lenses (or lens group) of the TTArtisan 25/2 there is a matte dark red secondary diaphragm. Most likely, it artificially limits the inlet to increase optical performance. The light transmission of the lens is high and is at the level of T / 2.1. The same observation applies to 7Artisans 1: 1.8 / 25mm HD.MC.

TTArtisan DJ-OPTICAL 25 / 2

TTArtisan DJ-OPTICAL 25 / 2

All Sony E-mount cameras with APS-C sensor

TTArtisan DJ-OPTICAL 25 / 2

TTArtisan DJ-OPTICAL 25 / 2

All Sony E lenses for APS-C

Fix Lenses:

  1. Sony 11 mm f/1.8 (announcement) [2022, black, AliExpress price]
  2. Sony 15 mm f / 1.4 G (announcement) [2022, black, AliExpress price]
  3. Sony 16 mm f/2.8 (overview) [2010, silver, AliExpress price]
  4. Sony 20 mm f/2.8 (announcement) [2013, silver, AliExpress price]
  5. Sony 24 mm f / 1.8 ZEISS ZA (overview) [2011, black]
  6. Sony 30 mm f / 3.5 MACRO (overview) [2011, silver, AliExpress price]
  7. Sony 35 mm f / 1.8 OSS (announcement) [2012, black, AliExpress price]
  8. Sony 50 mm f / 1.8 OSS (announcement) [2011, black/silver, AliExpress price]

Zoom Lenses:

  1. Sony 10-18 mm f / 4 OSS (announcement) [2012, black, AliExpress price]
  2. Sony 10-20 mm f / 4 G PZ (announcement) [2022, black, AliExpress price]
  3. Sony 16-50 mm f / 3.5-5.6 PZ OSS (overview) [2012, black/silver, AliExpress price]
  4. Sony 16-55 mm f / 2.8 G (overview) [2019, black, AliExpress price]
  5. Sony 16-70 mm f / 4 OSS ZEISS ZA (overview) [2013, black, AliExpress price]
  6. Sony 18-50 mm f/4-5.6 (overview) [2014, black]
  7. Sony 18-55 mm f / 3.5-5.6 OSS (overview) [2010, black/silver]
  8. Sony 18-105 mm f / 4 G PZ OSS (announcement) [2013, black, AliExpress price]
  9. Sony 18-110 mm f / 4 G PZ OSS (announcement) [2016, black]
  10. Sony 18-135 mm f / 3.5-5.6 OSS (overview) [2018, black, AliExpress price]
  11. Sony 18-200 mm f / 3.5-6.3 OSS (overview) [2010, silver, AliExpress price]
  12. Sony 18-200 mm f / 3.5-6.3 OSS LE (overview) [2012, black, AliExpress price]
  13. Sony 18-200 mm f / 3.5-6.3 PZ OSS (announcement) [2012, black]
  14. Sony 55-210 mm f / 4.5-6.3 OSS (announcement) [2011, black/silver, AliExpress price]
  15. Sony 70-350 mm f/4.5–6.3 G OSS (announcement) [2019, black, AliExpress price]

Third-party autofocus lenses for Sony E APS-C:

Many interesting manual solutions are provided by Chinese manufacturers and brands. 7Artisans, TTartisan, Meike, Neewer, PerGear, Kamlan, Brightin star, Mitakon Zhongyi, Venus laowaFujian, ARTRALABAstrHori other. Autofocus Speed ​​Boosters are also interesting Viltrox Canon EF -> Sony E 0.71X и Metabones Canon EF -> Sony E 0.71X... List of full-frame cameras and lenses Sony FE (Full Frame E) here

TTArtisan DJ-OPTICAL 25 / 2

TTArtisan DJ-OPTICAL 25 / 2


TTArtisan 25/2 stands in the area 50 dollars. The easiest way buy TTArtisan 25 / 2 for Aliexpress.comFor example, from an authorized dealer TTartisan here at this link.

TTArtisan DJ-OPTICAL 25 / 2

TTArtisan DJ-OPTICAL 25 / 2


TTArtisan 25/2 has a very good price/quality ratio. Optically has some problems, mechanically good. For undemanding amateur photographers, it should be an excellent solution for a manual standard lens for every day.

10 main advantages

  1. the cost is only about 50 dollars
  2. high aperture (maximum aperture F/2)
  3. convenient focal length for working on cameras with an APS-C sensor (EGF about 35 mm)
  4. good build quality: the lens barrel is completely made of metal, including a metal bayonet mount and a metal front cover
  5. smooth focusing ring
  6. very compact size, pancake lens
  7. light weight
  8. depth of field scale, focusing distance scale
  9. small minimum focusing distance, only 25 centimeters
  10. good sharpness in the center of the frame starting from F / 2.0

10 main disadvantages

  1. only 7 aperture blades (for example, an inexpensive TTArtisan 35 / 1.4 uses as many as 10 petals)
  2. no CPU pins to form the correct EXIF (for example, for manual lenses Zeiss loxia Sony E has microprocessor pins)
  3. there is no support for auto focus (for example, similar TTArtisan 27 / 2.8 there is an STM focus motor)
  4. there is no F / 11 value on the aperture control ring, the distance scale is marked only in meters
  5. rare thread for 43 mm light filters
  6. A threaded (non-bayonet) hood must be used, no hood included
  7. the front cover without latches, must be screwed into the thread of the front light filter, which is rather inconvenient
  8. there is no lens profile for popular RAW converters, the lens is not 'hardwired' into modern cameras
  9. catastrophically poor resolution in the far corners of the image
  10. Separately, it is worth highlighting the poor work in the backlight

Comments on this post do not require registration. Anyone can leave a comment. Many different photographic equipment can be found on AliExpress.

Material prepared Arkady Shapoval. Training/Consultations | Youtube | Facebook | Instagram | Twitter | Telegram

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Comments: 9, on the topic: Review of TTArtisan DJ-OPTICAL 25 / 2

  • Rodion

    They love to pull these 7 Planar lenses at 60 ° +. The result is obvious...

  • Igor N.

    What will be better
    is this TTartizan or Pergear(andoer) 25/1.8 ?

    • Arkady Shapoval


  • Oleg Troshkov

    There was an announcement of this glass
    I wrote in the comments there the earliest observations from October 4-5.
    And I completely forgot to mention one cant of this lens. Prost did not notice because he was focusing on the focus backlight on the screen and did not really look that there was no scale. So the focal scale is drawn in such a way that basically it poorly corresponds to reality. And there is a big flight of infinity. That is, all the way -
    it's not infinity. It's completely out of focus. Infinity at 3 meters on the scale. Uncomfortable. You need to follow the viewfinders. But I remember at Smena and Zenith the meters could even be measured with a tape measure and set the focus on the scale. And everything matched. Otherwise, the lens is cute, funny, it is convenient to twist it with your hands and make all kinds of beauty. But it would be nice to have a stub in the carcass. And so I still have to extract sel3518oss. No savings :)

    • Rodion

      In the comments to the ttArtisan 50/2 review, they suggested how to fix this shortcoming.

  • Venus

    Hello. I want to buy this lens for canon 100d. Natural questions arise, is there an adapter for this and which one is better to buy?

    • Rodion

      You have a SLR camera, this lens will not work fully with any adapter. Take the Canon EF-s 24/2.8 STM - the perfect match for the 100D.

  • Oleh

    Great lens, good power supply, if you want some kind of cheap manual, then how much better will it be for the revuenon 28mm f2.8 and something similar?

    • Arkady Shapoval

      one stop better

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