Announcement: HD Pentax-D FA MACRO 1:2.8 100mm ED AW

On October 19, 2022, the HD Pentax-D FA MACRO 1:2.8 100mm ED AW full-frame lens was introduced.

HD Pentax-D FA MACRO 1:2.8 100mm ED AW

HD Pentax-D FA MACRO 1:2.8 100mm ED AW

Basic properties

  • Pentax Full Frame SLR Camera Lens
  • Bayonet KAF
  • Relative opening: from 1: 2.8-1: 22
  • Focal Length: 100mm
  • MDF: 0.303 meters
  • Maximum magnification ratio 1: 1
  • Optical design: 10 elements in 8 groups (see). The scheme is different from the one used in the previous SMC PENTAX-DFA MACRO 1: 2.8 100mm WR [2009, review]
  • High Definition Multi-Layer Coating + protective coating of the front lens SP (Super Protect) Coating
  • Number of aperture blades: 8 pieces
  • Electromagnetic filter diameter: 49 mm
  • Protected enclosure
  • Without focus motor, focusing due to the camera's focus motor (BODY AF, screwdriver in 2022!). Support for Quick-shift Focus System
  • Weight: 348 gram
  • The silver version is a LIMITED-EDITION
  • Price: about 550 dollars


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Comments: 6, on the topic: Announcement: HD Pentax-D FA MACRO 1:2.8 100mm ED AW

  • B. R. P.

    It's inexpensive for a macro. I see Pentax is not discouraged) Screwdriver)

  • Tserg

    Pentax continues to lose in stupor. Weaving from mdf at 30 cm and 1: 1 sbіlshennyam nі as usual, otherwise it's old-fashioned. Laova already long ago (according to modern worlds) mastered the scale of 2:1 and larger, but with manual focusing. Although it is purely for macro, then with such magnifications, autofocus is not needed.
    Singingly, Pentax virіshiv less onoviti makrіk purely zovnіshno. Although the optical scheme of the troch has changed and the enlightenment of the lenses is greater today. I succumb, I can’t have such a chromatic, like that of the front. There is no intermediate focusing distance (not visible in the photo), autofocusing is provided at a visible twist. Hobit, singsongly, squeals and the front lens rotates when focusing. That is why the price is so democratic. At the current virobniks, macrocells with modern bells and whistles for 1 thousand dollars have exceeded the price.
    Prote, pentaxists are fanatics of their brand, and for them, they need an update when they are stupid on the spot.

    • B. R. P.

      Visual analysis of Pentax.

    • Rodion

      Apparently, they decided to fix the chromaticity in this lens.

    • mikhar55

      The front element is just over 3 cm in diameter and is hidden in the tube almost 2 cm deep. It is surrounded by a non-rotating filter thread with a diameter of 49 mm.

      The HD Pentax-D FA 100mm F2.8 ED AW Macro is the first Pentax macro lens to feature an all-weather seal (instead of the traditional all-weather resistance) that resists dust and moisture.
      Its optical formula has also been redesigned to improve image quality over its predecessor. and now includes one glass optical element
      ED (Extra-Low Dispersion) and two anomalous dispersion glass optical elements to compensate for various aberrations and minimize the appearance of unwanted magenta banding. The lens coating has been upgraded to HD, which greatly reduces the average reflectance in the visible spectrum.

      Like its predecessor, the lens barrel is made of metal, reminiscent of the FA Limited line of lenses.

      Read more at:

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