Announcement: Sony FX30

On September 28, 2022, the Sony FX30 camera was introduced.

ony FX30

ony FX30

Basic properties

  1. First of all, the camera is aimed at shooting video.
  2. Mount Sony E
  3. Sensor 26.1MP APS-C BSI CMOS
  4. Built-in Image Stabilizer
  5. Dual Base ISO (800/2500), ISO up to 32.000
  6. 4K 60p, 10-Bit 4:2:2 XAVC SI, 16-Bit Raw HDMI
  7. 4K 120p or Full HD 240p with 1.6x extra crop
  8. 495 phase focus points
  9. 3-inch, 1.44 million dots rotatable touch screen
  10. Plenty of connector ports
  11. Weight 562 grams
  12. The price is about 1800 dollars

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Comments: 8, on the topic: Announcement: Sony FX30

  • Dmitry Kostin

    Is this a replacement for the ZV-E10?
    I can not understand the positioning of the FX30 relative to the ZV-E10.

    • Victor

      According to Sony - not a replacement.

      ZV10 - Extremely "blogging" camera. The FX30 is already for "beginning filmmakers" who don't need the full frame of the FX3. A kind of BMPCC, but from Sony.

      • Dmitry Kostin

        Thank you!

      • Zheka

        Fx30 is a money making camera, expensive for 'beginning filmmakers'

        • Viktre

          What prevents “beginner filmmakers” from making money?

        • Dmitry Kostin

          The concept of expensive is very relative.
          I bought my brother on DR last weekend Sony ZV-E10.
          For some it's expensive, for some it's not.
          Brother blogger and journalist. He can earn $3000 in a day.
          Imagine - on Friday, by posting a post on Twitter and on a couple of other sites, you can raise $ 3000 just casually - chatting with other people, watching movies and drinking imported beer, eating hot pizza. I myself did not believe this until I saw the donations coming to his account. From the point of view of such an income, the FX-3 is probably cheap. And someone for these $ 3000 works hard at the plant for several months. Everything is relative

  • Ivan

    That's interesting.
    Of course, I could be wrong and I'm looking for new information myself.
    Sony from open sources has one single 26MP BSI-CMOS APS matrix, this is the IMX571
    Which has been known since 2018 since the Fujifilm X-T3. According to the performance characteristics, it has long been known that this matrix has a 16-bit color output, but so far not a single camera (X-T3 / X-T4 / X-T30 / X-S10) has been able to produce 16-bit RAW, but this device indicates that finally -The video will be 16-Bit Raw HDMI. That is, what the matrix was originally able to do :) But what about the photo? Is the photo still 14bit RAW?

    • Arkady Shapoval

      will release another photo model with 16 bits

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