Announcement: Nikon Z30

On June 29, 2022, the Nikon Z30 was officially introduced.

Nikon z30

Nikon z30

Key features include:

  1. Third mirrorless camera Nikon DX
  2. APS-C sensor with 20.8 MP. Most likely, a modified sensor from Nikon z50 / Nikon Zfc / Nikon D500 / Nikon D7500
  3. EXPEED 6 processor same as Nikon Z5 / Nikon Z6 / Nikon Z7 / Nikon z50 /Nikon Zfc
  4. ISO range 100-51.200 with the ability to expand to 204.800
  5. Mechanical shutter with shutter speed up to 1 / 4000 s.
  6. Exposure 1/200 s flash sync., high speed sync supported
  7. Hybrid focus, 209 focus points, phase focus sensors located on the matrix. There is a function of focusing on the eyes of people and animals. Sensitivity -4.5 EV + 19 EV (previous models Nikon z50 / Nikon Z fc only up to -4)
  8. Maximum burst speed 11 frames per second
  9. Video 3840 x 2160 (4K UHD) 30p up to 135 minutes, also 1920 x 1080 120p
  10. Full HD 60p or 4K 30p streaming (extra power required for long streams)
  11. One SDXC slot with UHS-I
  12. 3" swivel touchscreen display with 1.04 million dots
  13. Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, DHMI, 3.5 for microphone, USB TYPE C
  14. Weight: 405 grams (with card and battery), 350 grams without anything
  15. Price about 700 dollars per body


Cameras Nikon Z DX (APS-C)

  1. Nikon z50 [October 2019, BHphotovideo]
  2. Nikon Z fc [June 2021, black/silver, BHphotovideo]
  3. Nikon z30 [June 2022, BHphotovideo]

All Nikon DX lenses for mirrorless cameras with Nikon Z mount and APS-C sensor

  1. Nikon Nikkor ZDX 24 mm 1:1.7 [May 2023, BHphotovideo]
  2. Nikon Nikkor ZDX 12-28 mm 1:3.5-5.6PZ VR [April 2023, BHphotovideo]
  3. Nikon Nikkor ZDX 16-50 mm 1:3.5-6.3VR [October 2019, BHphotovideo]
  4. Nikon Nikkor ZDX 18-140 mm 1:3.5-6.3VR [October 2021, BHphotovideo]
  5. Nikon Nikkor ZDX 50-250 mm 1:4.5-6.3VR [October 2019, BHphotovideo]

For Nikon Z DX (APS-C), there are third-party autofocus lenses:

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Comments: 20, on the topic: Announcement: Nikon Z30


    I correctly understood that it does not have a built-in flash? Since when does an entry level/amateur camera go without a flash? This is complete crap. Do they seriously think that people will take an external flash on a vacation / walk camera and wear it for three years in order to take a picture? It is on a walk with a child or on vacation that I very often use the built-in flash.

    • B. R. P.

      It's a business)

    • Arkady Shapoval

      if you take the UPC, then also with the NEX-3, which is more than 10 years old

    • Sergei

      They think that this camera will mainly shoot visible. That is why there is a stereo microphone and 4K video.

      The Sony ZV-E10 doesn't have a flash either.

    • Victor

      I've never used a built-in flash on DSLRs (although there is a built-in flash there) over the past 10 years. For pictures with a built-in flash, as you rightly noted, often sucks.

      • Ivan

        Everyone has their own scenarios.
        I use the built-in flash on the D800, on M 1/128, to fire external flashes. External flashes are also in M ​​mode. Therefore, I also do not understand the desire of manufacturers to save $ 20-30 on a built-in flash.

        • Victor

          I think people use synchronizers more often.

          Even those with built-in flash.

          • Ivan

            The synchronizer system is good in everything, except that, in addition to the transmitter, you also need a receiver. This is an additional $ and there is a light trap in any Chinese flash.
            I don’t make money on photos, but from time to time using a couple of flashes and running the built-in one is the minimum, without xTTL automatics (in manual mode) and without additional investments.

    • copenhagen72

      Lolsh, flash? A mean (sprinkled) tear rolled down the DX lens ... In 2022, high working ISOs allow you to shoot without a flash.

      • Dmitry Kostin

        High working ISOs on crop?

    • Dmitriy

      So hang an SB-400 on it. Makes the perfect kit

  • Nicholas

    We are waiting for z70 ​​- z50 in the case from Z6

  • Sergei

    Dear Nikon, this camera should have been released back in 2020.

    • Victor

      In 2010, to be exact.

      • Sergei

        Well, there had to be a prophet.

        The idea is that the rumors about the imminent release of the Z30 with the exact indication of the characteristics went back in December 2019, almost immediately after the release of the Z50. Why the cat was pulled, it is not clear.

        • Victor

          In any case, now we need to move two VERY powerful players in this market.

          Which is probably not easy.

  • Andrei

    The video part is clearly a priority here. Could make an optional evi attached for example to a shoe.

  • Ivan_Io

    They just took, cut off the flash and viewfinder from the Z50, well, maybe the price is a little bit ($50) and more - NOTHING. Here's a cool new video photo for you. You say: “VERY powerful players in this market”? Oh well…

    • B. R. P.

      The power of the player, in this case, the ability to make super profits. By any means.

  • Dmitriy

    By the way, a very nice camera. I recently bought myself for a video (you need to shoot videos for 90 minutes). My main camera is d750. And you know what? I really liked the z30. For video, it's almost perfect. Yes, and for a photo - very good. Of course, the first week you bring it to your nose every now and then. But there is no viewfinder))) But otherwise, it's excellent. The whale lens is amazingly sharp. The engineers also worked on the noise. Ergonomics are excellent, as far as it is possible for such a small camera. Autofocus is top, it only starts to get dull at ISO 25000. By the way, the SB-400 on this camera becomes generally perfect, as if it was made for this camera. If Nikon had made a removable video finder in a hot shoe for this camera, that would have been a shot in the head of competitors.

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