Review FUJIAN CHINA TV LENS GDS-35 f=35mm 1:1.7

FUJIAN CHINA TV LENS GDS-35 f=35mm 1:1.7

FUJIAN CHINA TV LENS GDS-35 f=35mm 1:1.7. increase.


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  2. Main Specifications
  3. Assembly
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  5. Image quality
  6. Sample Photos
  7. My experience
  8. Alternatives
  9. All Sony APS-C E cameras
  10. All original lenses for Sony APS-C E
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In this review, for convenience, I will call the lens FUJIAN CHINA TV LENS GDS-35 f = 35mm 1: 1.7 in abbreviated form - Fujian 35/1.7.

This lens has a C-MOUNT mount (thread) and can be easily installed on any modern mirrorless camera using a simple and cheap adapter. In the review, I used a Fujian 35 / 1.7 lens with an adapter C-mount -> Sony E/NEX (black color, but there are silvery).

It's important: Fujian 35/1.7 is available in two body colors: black and silver. This review shows the silver version. For some reason, it didn't come with the lens silver, the black Adapter C-mount -> Sony E/NEX.

FUJIAN CHINA TV LENS GDS-35 f=35mm 1:1.7

FUJIAN CHINA TV LENS GDS-35 f=35mm 1:1.7

In short

Fujian 35 / 1.7 - a modern fast manual focus lens, uses a C-MOUNT mount, which makes it easy to adapt on any modern mirrorless camera. Covers APS-C sensor. One of the cheapest such fixes for cameras with an APS-C sensor and a maximum aperture of F / 1.7. In general, very similar to his older brother Fujian 35/1.6.

35 mm is a convenient focal length that allows you to use the Fujian 35 / 1.7 as a standard (standard) lens for a huge number of different photo tasks.

Fujian 35 / 1.7 is interesting for its very low price and maximum aperture ratio of 1: 1.7, as well as a 12-bladed diaphragm. It has serious optical defects, but in general, fully justifies its cost. The lens has its own a kind of 'boring' bokeh.

UPDATE: list of all FUJIAN lenses here.

FUJIAN CHINA TV LENS GDS-35 f=35mm 1:1.7

FUJIAN CHINA TV LENS GDS-35 f=35mm 1:1.7

Main technical characteristics of FUJIAN CHINA TV LENS GDS-35 f=35mm 1:1.7

Review Instance Name Body: FUJIAN CHINA TV LENS GDS-35 f=35mm 1:1.7

On the box: VISIONLENS

Basic properties
  • The lens uses a C-mount, which is easily adapted to mirrorless cameras, such as Sony E
  • Manual focus only
  • TV LENS - lens for video surveillance cameras
  • GDS-35(?)
  • Macro ring included
  • Virtually internal focusing
  • Manual iris control
  • Metal mount, metal body
  • Multi-Enlightened Optics
Front Filter Diameter 35 mm
Focal length 35 mm

Zoom ratio 1 X (this is a fixed lens, it does not have a zoom)
Designed by The mount easily adapts to modern mirrorless systems with a simple adapter
Number of aperture blades 12 rounded petals
Tags focusing distance scale, only in meters: 0.3, 0.4, 0.5, 0.7, 1, 2, 4 meters and infinity mark
Diaphragm from F / 1.7 to F / 16, controlled using the aperture control ring. There are labels for F / 1.7, 2, 2.8, 4, 5.6, 16 (without labels F / 8, F / 11). The ring rotates without clicks, smoothly. It is possible to completely close the diaphragm (completely block the light flux).
MDF 0.3 meters, maximum magnification ratio approx. 1:8
The weight
  • 117 grams (measured, lens without caps and adapter)
  • 136 grams (measured with front cover and Sony E adapter)
Optical design 4 elements in 4 groups

Picture not found

Lens hood Must be screwed into the front filter thread; marking unknown
Manufacturer country Made in China
Period With 2016

F / 1.7 is 1/4 stops brighter than the more common F / 1.8 on many other similar lenses, such as the original lens Sony 35mm F / 1.8 OSS. At the same time, the new original Sony 35mm F / 1.8 OSS has a price tag of around $500.

It's important: F/1.7 aperture here is 'true', with light transmission around T/1.9. I compared Fujian 35 / 1.7 with a lens Sigma 30mm 1: 1.4 DC DN C (Contemporary). Lately I've been careful about the maximum relative aperture, there have already been many cases of cheating with the indication of the real maximum aperture by some Chinese manufacturers: 7Artisans 35 / 0.95, 7Artisans 50 / 1.05, Pergear 35 / 1.6 etc.

FUJIAN CHINA TV LENS GDS-35 f=35mm 1:1.7

FUJIAN CHINA TV LENS GDS-35 f=35mm 1:1.7


The lens came to the review completely new, in a sealed box. The box contains the lens itself with front and rear caps and a macro ring with a C-NEX adapter.

In general, the lens is assembled well, although it is noticeable that it is a little rough. Fujian 35/1.7 has metal mount for bayonet, and the lens case itself is completely made of metal.

The front lens cap is plastic, without latches, just fit snugly on the outside of the lens.

The weight of the lens is just over 100 grams. In the hands of the lens feels like a nice thing.

The diameter of the filters is only 35 mm (very rare diameter).

The diaphragm consists of 12 petals and forms a round hole at any values, while in the photographs in the blur zone, rather round discs of blur are obtained at any aperture. The diaphragm can only be controlled manually using a special ring. Aperture ring rotates smoothly no clicks and fixed values, you can set any intermediate value in the range of F / 1.7-F / 16, which is very useful during movie shooting.

The aperture control ring rotates rather tightly, it will be difficult to accidentally knock down the set value.

It's important: when mounted on the camera, the focusing distance scale and the aperture scale are located on the bottom of the camera (most likely a problem due to the adapter).

FUJIAN CHINA TV LENS GDS-35 f=35mm 1:1.7

FUJIAN CHINA TV LENS GDS-35 f=35mm 1:1.7


The focus ring is metal, ribbed, comfortable. The ring spins on 90 degrees. Focusing is smooth.

During focusing, the trunk of the lens does not move forward and does not rotate. During focusing, the entire lens block moves, but in the middle of the lens barrel. We can talk about virtual internal focusing.

On the ring there is a scale with a focusing distance, but only in meters. The minimum focusing distance is 30 centimeters, and the maximum magnification ratio is approximately 1:8. The lens comes with a special macro ring, which allows you to achieve a magnification of 1:2. The macro ring is screwed onto the mounting thread of the lens and the 'C-MOUNT -> desired system' adapter is already installed on it.

Fujian 35/1.7 has a slight 'Focus Breathing' effect. During focusing towards the MDF, the viewing angle decreases.

Hard stop (hard infinity mechanical stop) for fast and accurate focusing under any operating temperature conditions, the lens does not have. With adapter C-mount -> Sony E/NEX (included) there is a small flight of infinity at the extreme position of the focus ring.

Focus peaking with Fujian 35/1.7 and camera Sony a3500 works good.

FUJIAN CHINA TV LENS GDS-35 f=35mm 1:1.7

FUJIAN CHINA TV LENS GDS-35 f=35mm 1:1.7

Image quality

On covered apertures Fujian 35/1.7 easily handles 20 megapixels APS-C sensor Sony a3500 and 16 MP Sony NEX-6. In the center of the frame, Fujian 35 / 1.7 is quite tolerable even at F / 1.7. All the image quality problems stem from the fact that the Fujian 35/1.7 was not originally designed to work on cameras with an APS-C sensor, which is why the corners and edges of the image never bounce back. On the other hand, this creates its own peculiar pattern / plasticity, even on heavily covered apertures.


  1. F / 1.7 lens has quite tolerable resolution in the center of the frame
  2. with aperture down to f/2.8 resolution becomes excellent
  3. there is a catastrophic drop in sharpness to the edges and corners of the frame
  4. First of all, the drop in resolution to the edges and corners of the frame is due to large field curvature, as well as the fact that this lens was not originally designed to work with APS-C sensors
  5. good contrast
  6. severe coma


  1. there is a small barrel-shaped distortion
  2. distortion is unified, easy to edit in the editor


  1. weak vignetting at f/1.7 (which is odd considering it's a CCTV lens originally designed for use with smaller sensors)
  2. vignetting decreases with focus towards MDF. Most noticeable when focusing on infinity
  3. vignetting almost completely disappears at F / 4.0
  4. vignetting easily fixable in the editor


  1. there is a noticeable amount of chromatic aberration
  2. there is a noticeable frigging (the color of contrasting elements in the out-of-focus area is purple or green)


  1. on covered apertures it is difficult to achieve a beautiful effect of a 12-ray star
  2. from bright light sources you can get a small amount of glare

Important: at the time of writing this review, there was no Fujian 35/1.7 profile for popular RAW converters. You can create a profile yourself or wait for its release.

FUJIAN CHINA TV LENS GDS-35 f=35mm 1:1.7

FUJIAN CHINA TV LENS GDS-35 f=35mm 1:1.7

Sample Photos

Sample photos on Sony a3500 (Sony Exmor APS-C HD CMOS sensor at 20 MP). All photos are JPEGs from the camera.

Original JPEG images can be view / download from this link (58 files). Original RAW (.'ARW') images can be download / watch this link (33 files).

FUJIAN CHINA TV LENS GDS-35 f=35mm 1:1.7

FUJIAN CHINA TV LENS GDS-35 f=35mm 1:1.7

My experience

More famous Chinese variants in the face TTArtisan 35 / 1.4, Fujian 35/1.7 or Meike 35 / 1.4 will be preferred. At the same time, it gives out a kind of bokeh, and its cost just wonderful. The creative potential of the Fujian 35/1.7 is great, the main reason for the unusual pattern is the initial development of the lens for non-APS-C sensors.

FUJIAN CHINA TV LENS GDS-35 f=35mm 1:1.7

FUJIAN CHINA TV LENS GDS-35 f=35mm 1:1.7


Fujian 35 / 1.7 is a super-budget replacement for autofocus cropped lenses for mirrorless cameras:

  1. Sony 35 / 1.8 OSS (for Sony E mount)
  2. Canon 32 / 1.4 STM (for Canon EF-M mount)
  3. Zeiss 32/1.8 Toit (Planar) (for Sony E and Fujifilm X mounts)
  4. Sigma 30 / 1.4 DC DN (for Sony E, Canon EF-M and Micro 4/3 mount)
  5. felttrox 33 / 1.4 STM (for Sony E, Canon EF-M, Fujifilm X, Nikon Z mounts)
  6. fujinon 35 / 1.4 XF R (for Fujifilm X mount)
  7. fujinon 35/2 XF R WR (for Fujifilm X mount)
  8. fujinon 35/2XC (for Fujifilm X mount)
  9. tokina 33 / 1.4 atx-m (for Fujifilm X, Sony E mounts)
  10. Panasonic и Olympus do not make fast 35-current under Micro 4/3
  11. Do you know any other similar high-aperture autofocus lenses for cropped mirrorless cameras? Please indicate them in the comments, I will add to the list

Similar manual focus lenses and similar aperture for mirrorless crop cameras with APS-C sensor, there are already quite a few. Alternatively, I would point out the following options:

  1. TTArtisan 35 / 1.4
  2. Meike 35 / 1.4 и Meike 35 / 1.7
  3. Pergear 35 / 1.6
  4. Fujian 35/1.7
  5. 7Artisans 35 / 1.2 и 7Artisans II 35 / 1.2
  6. 7Artisans 35 / 0.95
  7. Zhongyi SpeedMaster 35 / 0.95
  8. Samyang 35 / 1.2
  9. Neewer 35 / 1.2, Neewer 32 / 1.6 и Neewer 35 / 1.7
  10. Brightin Star 35 / 1.2 и Brightin Star 35 / 1.7
  11. Laowa 33 / 0.95
FUJIAN CHINA TV LENS GDS-35 f=35mm 1:1.7

FUJIAN CHINA TV LENS GDS-35 f=35mm 1:1.7, 35/1.6, 25/1.8

All Sony E-mount cameras with APS-C sensor

FUJIAN CHINA TV LENS GDS-35 f=35mm 1:1.7

FUJIAN CHINA TV LENS GDS-35 f=35mm 1:1.7

All Sony E lenses for APS-C

Fix Lenses:

  1. Sony 11 mm f/1.8 (announcement) [2022, black, AliExpress price]
  2. Sony 15 mm f / 1.4 G (announcement) [2022, black, AliExpress price]
  3. Sony 16 mm f/2.8 (overview) [2010, silver, AliExpress price]
  4. Sony 20 mm f/2.8 (announcement) [2013, silver, AliExpress price]
  5. Sony 24 mm f / 1.8 ZEISS ZA (overview) [2011, black]
  6. Sony 30 mm f / 3.5 MACRO (overview) [2011, silver, AliExpress price]
  7. Sony 35 mm f / 1.8 OSS (announcement) [2012, black, AliExpress price]
  8. Sony 50 mm f / 1.8 OSS (announcement) [2011, black/silver, AliExpress price]

Zoom Lenses:

  1. Sony 10-18 mm f / 4 OSS (announcement) [2012, black, AliExpress price]
  2. Sony 10-20 mm f / 4 G PZ (announcement) [2022, black, AliExpress price]
  3. Sony 16-50 mm f / 3.5-5.6 PZ OSS (overview) [2012, black/silver, AliExpress price]
  4. Sony 16-55 mm f / 2.8 G (overview) [2019, black, AliExpress price]
  5. Sony 16-70 mm f / 4 OSS ZEISS ZA (overview) [2013, black, AliExpress price]
  6. Sony 18-50 mm f/4-5.6 (overview) [2014, black]
  7. Sony 18-55 mm f / 3.5-5.6 OSS (overview) [2010, black/silver]
  8. Sony 18-105 mm f / 4 G PZ OSS (overview) [2013, black, AliExpress price]
  9. Sony 18-110 mm f / 4 G PZ OSS (announcement) [2016, black]
  10. Sony 18-135 mm f / 3.5-5.6 OSS (overview) [2018, black, AliExpress price]
  11. Sony 18-200 mm f / 3.5-6.3 OSS (overview) [2010, silver, AliExpress price]
  12. Sony 18-200 mm f / 3.5-6.3 OSS LE (overview) [2012, black, AliExpress price]
  13. Sony 18-200 mm f / 3.5-6.3 PZ OSS (announcement) [2012, black]
  14. Sony 55-210 mm f / 4.5-6.3 OSS (announcement) [2011, black/silver, AliExpress price]
  15. Sony 70-350 mm f/4.5–6.3 G OSS (announcement) [2019, black, AliExpress price]

Third-party autofocus lenses for Sony E APS-C:

Many interesting manual solutions are provided by Chinese manufacturers and brands. 7Artisans, TTartisan, Meike, Neewer, PerGear, Kamlan, Brightin star, Mitakon Zhongyi, Venus laowaFujian, ARTRALABAstrHori other. Autofocus Speed ​​Boosters are also interesting Viltrox Canon EF -> Sony E 0.71X и Metabones Canon EF -> Sony E 0.71X... List of full-frame cameras and lenses Sony FE (Full Frame E) here

FUJIAN CHINA TV LENS GDS-35 f=35mm 1:1.7

FUJIAN CHINA TV LENS GDS-35 f=35mm 1:1.7


Fujian 35 / 1.7 stands in the area 17 dollars. The easiest way buy Fujian 35/1.7 at Aliexpress.comFor example, here at this link.

FUJIAN CHINA TV LENS GDS-35 f=35mm 1:1.7

FUJIAN CHINA TV LENS GDS-35 f=35mm 1:1.7, 35/1.6, 25/1.8


Fujian 35 / 1.7 has a good price / quality ratio. For amateur photographers, it should be an excellent solution as a manual creative lens. In general, he is very similar to his brother 35/1.6.

10 main advantages

  1. very low price tag (only approx. 17 dollars)
  2. maximum aperture F/1.7
  3. convenient focal length for working on cameras with an APS-C sensor (EGF about 50 mm)
  4. good build quality: the lens body is completely made of metal, including a metal mount
  5. very compact sizes
  6. twelve aperture blades
  7. smooth adjustment of the diaphragm, the possibility of full closing of the diaphragm
  8. virtually internal focus
  9. there is a macro ring in the delivery set
  10. boring bokeh

10 main disadvantages

  1. rare filter diameter at 35 mm
  2. the focus ring rotates only 90 degrees, the ring pitch is poorly stretched in the range from 4 meters to infinity
  3. no CPU pins to form the correct EXIF
  4. there are no F / 8 and F / 11 values ​​​​on the aperture control ring. The distance scale is marked only in meters.
  5. aperture closes completely but still lets in a small amount of light
  6. A threaded (non-bayonet) hood must be used, no hood included
  7. there is no lens profile for popular RAW converters, the lens is not 'hardwired' into modern cameras
  8. catastrophic drop in sharpness at f / 1.7 at the edges and corners of the image
  9. corners and edges of the image do not return to normal even at F / 16 (on an APS-C sensor)
  10. significant glare in the backlight

After creating the Fujian 35/1.7 review, the lens will be sold, and the proceeds will go to humanitarian aid to victims of the war. You are welcome, support Radozhiva.

Comments on this post do not require registration. Anyone can leave a comment. Many different photographic equipment can be found on AliExpress.

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Comments: 8, on the topic: FUJIAN CHINA TV LENS GDS-35 f=35mm 1:1.7 review

  • Rodion

    If you look closely at the photos on this lens and on the previous 35 / 1.6, you will notice that they differ markedly in the nature of the image: for lenses, the coma at the edges of the frame has a different sign, which is why the nature of the bokeh differs. Spherical aberrations seem to be corrected a little better with this lens. The curvature of the field is the same profile for both. Someday I'll try to dig up the optical scheme, it's quite interesting.

    • Ivan

      version 1.6 is newer, a little softer on the open, a little better on the edges. Personally left myself 1.7. I took both at a discount on alik for 20 bucks (consider 10 bucks for nothing). I want another 25 1.8 and 50 1.4. Do you plan to review the last one?

      • Arkady Shapoval

        next week there will be a review of 25 1.8, a review of 50 1.4 will be, but not soon (the lens has not arrived yet)

  • Vladimir

    Thanks for the review. Would like to see testing - Fujian 50mm F1.4 CC TV Lens + Tripod for Sony E NEX3.

    • Arkady Shapoval

      50 1.4 will not be soon, one of these days it will be 25 1.8 (by the way, not bad, even the angles are equal)

  • Vladimir

    They also sell the AVENIR CCTV LENS TVCH5018 lens
    50.0mm F1.8 which proudly says Japan. Couldn't find any information.

  • Vladimir

    They also sell the AVENIR CCTV LENS TVCH5018 lens
    50.0mm F1.8 which proudly says Japan. Couldn't find any information. The price is about the same.

  • Human

    Similar, NEWYI CCTV LENS 35mm 2/3 FUJIAN TV LENS GDS-35 f=35 mm 1:1.7 C-mount black :

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