Announcement: Canon EOS R10 (APS-C, RF)

On May 24, 2022, the Canon EOS R10 was officially announced. Simultaneously with this model, a model was shown R7 and two zoom lenses.

Canon EOS-R10

Canon EOS-R10

Basic properties

  1. mirrorless camera Canon EOS R APS-C systems, supports lenses RF и RF-S and not compatible with lenses Ef-m
  2. 24 MP CMOS sensor
  3. Focus with Dual Pixel CMOS AF II
  4. ISO 100-32.000 expandable to ISO 100-51.200
  5. EVI 2.360 million dots, 0.95 x magnification, 120 fps
  6. 3-inch, 1.04 million dots rotatable touch screen
  7. DIGIC X processor
  8. Maximum continuous shooting speed of 23 fps with electronic shutter and 15 fps with mechanical
  9. Minimum excerpt mechanical and electronic shutter 1/4000 second, excerpt sync 1/250 second
  10. Video 4K60 10-Bit Video, HDR PQ
  11. SDHC card slot with UHS-II support
  12. Many connectors
  13. Weight 429 grams with battery and memory card
  14. Price about 1000 dollars per body


Canon EOS R System (APS-C)



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Comments: 11, on the topic: Announcement: Canon EOS R10 (APS-C, RF)

  • B. R. P.

    EF-M good bye!

    • Arkady Shapoval

      Ef-m did not develop (in terms of lenses), now RF-S will not develop, as Nikon ZDX и Leica TL/L. But it's a pity of them only Samsung NX.

      • B. R. P.

        I think, yes. So is a crop needed or is a budget ff more promising?)))

      • Rodion

        For manuals, the EF-M was one of the best mounts. Also under the EF-M was a pancake 22/2.

      • Dmitry Kostin

        In Japanese On the Sony website, only crops hang: a6600, 6400, zv-e10.
        There is a feeling that camera manufacturers are losing interest in crop cameras.

        • Arkady Shapoval

          in general, the camera market is shrinking, smartphones are pushing out more and more

          • Nicholas

            Such cameras may be of interest to those who have already learned how to shoot on a smartphone and want something more.
            In modern realities, for many, the passion for photo and video creativity begins with a smartphone.

        • copenhagen72

          A complete analogy with the motorcycle market by the way. 20 years ago both 600cc and 3cc sport models were popular. At the moment, 1000 cm3 simply disappeared, because with the increasing complexity of technology, the difference in the price of 600/3 became negligible.
          There is almost no difference in the manufacture of crop and full frame cameras. For a modern crop, you need to do everything the same, the same harnesses and processor as for a full frame, and the crop sensor itself is only a little cheaper. Therefore, on the market there are only crop cameras with vintage sensors and processors, so that at a price they are at least somehow separated from modern full frames.

  • Michael

    There will be a choice now in the budget segment between RP for photos and R10 for video

    • Human

      For video there is an iphone)

  • Vlad

    By the way, in terms of bare numbers, a little more interesting than the z50, for the same money

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