Announcement: Samyang AF 35/1.4 FE II

On March 24, 2022, the Samyang AF 35 / 1.4 FE II lens was officially introduced.

Samyang AF 35 / 1.4 FE II

Samyang AF 35 / 1.4 FE II

Basic properties

  • Lens for Sony full-frame mirrorless mount Sony E / FE
  • Relative opening: from 1: 1.4-1: 16
  • Focal Length: 35mm
  • MDF: 0.29 meters
  • Maximum magnification ratio 1: 5.56
  • Optical design: 11 elements in 9 groups, including 2 ASP and 2 HR. The circuit is similar to that used in the previous model. 35/1.4 (see). But the MTF charts are significantly different
  • Number of aperture blades: 9 pieces
  • Filter Diameter: 67 mm
  • Linear STM focus motor, internal focus
  • M1/M2 programmable switch, programmable AF stop button
  • Protected enclosure
  • Weight: 659 grams
  • Price: about 800 dollars (view)


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Comments: 6, on the topic: Announcement: Samyang AF 35/1.4 FE II

  • Ivan

    Why is all this bullshit needed? Enough native lenses, albeit more expensive, but I bought it once and forever! And for technodrochers, of course, and in order to write an article that will be read and forgotten once, of course yes, such garbage is also needed!

    • Arkady Shapoval

      Just the native Sony FE 35mm F / 1.4 ZA had many critical problems, for example, it was very difficult to find a copy without centering. Actually, because its price (and this is like Zeiss) fell below $ 1000.
      Optically, modern Samyang (South Korea, NOT China) are very, very good. I don't think this second version will be bad. The same goes for autofocus. Many of their solutions have already become popular lenses.

    • Anatoly

      Why did you decide that native gm optics are the best? Even if we ignore its exorbitant price, today sigma art already makes a better lens in terms of sharpness than native gm. Tamron zooms cost 3 times cheaper and are no worse than relatives, and the new 35-150 f2-2.8 has no analogues at all. And this is the main reason for the popularity of the Sony bzk, the presence of a huge number of not expensive, but high-quality lenses from third-party manufacturers.

      • Sergos

        it seems that you need to look at monitors with a higher resolution - 4k or 5k on IMAC, shoot with a camera with a matrix of at least 36mp and preferably without a low-pass filter, only then you can see the difference in optics and then not completely .... monitor resolution 8k is roughly 36 megapixels. I remember last year I decided to make a decision regarding a beer can (at 16 and 24 megapixels I was very pleased with the lens). I looked at the pictures on a 4k samsung monitor (on Avito from 10tr). useful, I think, information: it’s clear that they work with pictures on a computer (youth jargon). 4th generation intel c processors support 4k hardware-(you still need to check, it’s better through the display port - the corresponding cord on Ali from 120r) .. no a powerful graphics card will not help on i3 \ i5 \ i7 1,2 and 3 generations. (you can rummage in the internet) .. for such laptops and desktop PCs through the display port - resolution: 2560x1440 maximum .. through the HDMI socket - 1920x1080 also maximum

        • Sergos

          just in stock Camyang with AI BAYONET (not autofocus) adapter to A7p2 (42 megapixels) I have, I’m rough with the pictures. it will make it possible to dot the i .. already crushed with a friend Sigma 24-70 ex dg f 2.8-significantly inferior to sony 24-70 f4 za in sharpness \ this is clearly visible on a 4k monitor .. and it was unreasonable to scold this sigma earlier, well, not looking at the nuances there at the corners of the vignette, etc. In short, the optics of this sigma does not resolve the matrix. But, in principle, as in the old Jewish joke: the jacket does not sing, but the actor sings in it ... The photographer rules the parade

  • Nick

    Of course, it cannot be compared with the Sony 35mm f/1.4 GM. After all, this glass is from Sony, we can say the pinnacle of optical engineering. The combination of compactness and picture quality is simply amazing.
    But as an analogue for such money, Samyang will probably be the best solution.

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