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This is the last снимокwhich i did before the war. On Photo lighthouse on the embankment of Vyshgorod. Within a day or two there was a completely different atmosphere in the same place.

On the night of February 24.02.2022, XNUMX, explosions began in the area of ​​\uXNUMXb\uXNUMXbmy beloved city of Vyshgorod, my little family decided to go to their parents in Blistavitsa. Blistavitsa is a small village near Kyiv. It is located just a couple of kilometers from Gostomel и Buchiwhich have already become known all over the world. We were driving and saw black columns of smoke, walking and crying people, columns of tanks and other military equipment. There were many more adventures and fears. Now my wife and son are in Poland, I myself stayed in Volyn and every day I work as a volunteer almost all day from 9.00 to 21.00. Initially, there were no plans to send the wife further west, the wife and son left only when it became very aggravated opportunity situation entry to Volyn troops from Belarus.

At my parents' home in Blistavitz, we saw many helicopters shelling/bombing a village a few kilometers away from us. Most likely they fired at the same Hero City Gostomel. Helicopters and airplanes constantly hovered over the parents' house. From their house, bright shells and strong explosions were perfectly visible and audible. It didn't stop all day. In the end, we collectively decided that I should take my family to western Ukraine.

But it was very difficult for parents to leave their house, which they built for a very, very long time, and leave their dogs and cats. As a result, my parents very much regretted that they did not leave with me. They started living hell. Their village was badly damaged - a lot of destruction. Their house, located near the forest, partially survived. A downed helicopter fell on the house of neighbors. My parents almost always sat in the cellar (they have a large cellar with an entrance from the central room of the house). Over time, they adopted four children (one nursing, about three months old) and four adults. Their house has a working wood-burning fireplace and a well, which allowed them to at least somehow periodically warm themselves and cook food. A week later, the children were taken away by volunteers. Explosions took out the windows. Communication was constantly lost, it was impossible to get through. I waited three days for news from my parents and went crazy. All this time it was impossible to leave there. After about three weeks, my parents still managed to leave through the green corridor. During my stay under occupation, soldiers of the Russian Federation constantly came to my parents and asked them to drink, eat, smoke, they mutilated my parents' car so that they could not leave. After evacuation to the central region of Ukraine, they began to have serious health problems. After the shelling of her house, my grandmother was also evacuated (from another town near Kiev).

I see all enrollments and really appreciate any help.

Nearly all funds raised go to helping people whom I know and who need it and those who are in a difficult situation. I leave myself only for gasoline and small expenses.

What exactly and who exactly needs it, you can ask me in private messages:

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Huge thanks to everyone who responded.

Thanks here.

This is war. It is unlikely that anyone will understand how it really is until he personally encounters its horrors.

My video message recorded on March 5, 2022

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