Review PERGEAR 35mm 1:1.6 HD.MC (Sony E, Fujifilm X, Nikon Z, Micro 4/3)

PERGEAR 35mm 1: 1.6 HD.MC

PERGEAR 35mm 1:1.6 HD.MC with stock lens hood. Silver version of the case. increase.


  1. In short
  2. All Pergear Lenses
  3. Main Specifications
  4. What is the actual aperture ratio (T-stop) at f / 1.6?
  5. Assembly
  6. Focusing
  7. Image quality
  8. Sample Photos
  9. My experience
  10. All Sony APS-C E cameras
  11. All original lenses for Sony APS-C E
  12. Alternatives
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Please note that the PERGEAR 35mm 1:1.6 HD.MC lens is available with different mounts. This review shows the PERGEAR 35mm 1:1.6 HD.MC version for mirrorless cameras Sony E with APS-C sensor. At the same time, PERGEAR 35mm 1: 1.6 HD.MC is also available with mounts Fujifilm x, Nikon Z и Micro 4 / 3. Please note that PERGEAR 35mm 1:1.6 HD.MC is available in black and silver body colors. A version with a silver body color is shown in this review.

In this review, I will call the PERGEAR 35mm 1: 1.6 HD.MC lens in abbreviation Pergear 35 / 1.6.

PERGEAR 35mm 1: 1.6 HD.MC

PERGEAR 35mm 1: 1.6 HD.MC

In short

Pergear 35 / 1.6 is a modern manual fast fixed lens for cropped mirrorless cameras. One of the cheapest such fixes on the market.

It is interesting for its low price, compact size, all-metal body, 10 aperture blades and convenient focal length. On cameras with an APS-C sensor, this is a standard lens (in terms of focal lengths), which can serve as a standard solution for everyday shooting.

Pergear 35 / 1.6 very good at open apertures. Of the obvious shortcomings - a tight and uncomfortable aperture control ring and low aperture (light transmission), which is located in the area T / 2.4.

PERGEAR 35mm 1: 1.6 HD.MC

PERGEAR 35mm 1: 1.6 HD.MC

All Pergear Lenses

The following lenses are sold under the Pergear brand:

For mirrorless cameras with APS-C sensor:

For mirrorless cameras with Full Frame sensor:

Easier just find Pergear lenses on

Bayonets: E: Sony E || FE: Sony FE || X: Fujifilm x || Z: Nikon Z || Ef-m: Canon EF-M || L: Leica l || RF: Canon RF || MFT: Micro 4 / 3

PERGEAR 35mm 1: 1.6 HD.MC

PERGEAR 35mm 1: 1.6 HD.MC

Main technical characteristics of PERGEAR 35mm 1: 1.6 HD.MC

Review Instance Name Near the front lens: '35mm 1: 1.6 HD.MC Ø43mm'

On the case: PERGEAR

'E-Mount' side.

Basic properties
  • HD.MC (High Ddefinition Multi Coating) - multi-coating optics
  • E Mount – lens uses Sony E mount and is suitable for Sony mirrorless cameras with APS-C sensor
  • Manual focus only
  • Metal mount, metal body
  • Metal hood included
Front Filter Diameter 43 mm
Focal length 35 mm

Zoom ratio 1 X (this is a fixed lens, it does not have a zoom)
Designed by Option from the review for cropped mirrorless Sony cameras.

This lens exists with mounts:

Number of aperture blades 10 rounded petals
  • bayonet mount mark
  • focusing distance scale in meters and feet. There are values ​​in meters for: 0.28, 0.4, 0.6, 0.7, 0.8, 1, 3 meters and infinity mark
  • depth of field scale for f / 2, 4, 8, 16
  • aperture scale on aperture ring
Diaphragm from F / 1.6 to F / 16, controlled using the aperture control ring. There are marks for F / 1.6, 2, 2.8, 4, 5.6, 8, 16. The ring rotates without clicks, smoothly. You can set any intermediate value.
MDF 0.28 meters, maximum magnification ratio of approximately 1: 6 (measured)
The weight
  • 193 grams (according to the official website)
  • 177 grams (lens only, version for Sony E, measured)
  • 210 grams (lens with caps and hood, Sony E version, measured)
Optical design 6 elements in 4 groups

Optical pattern not found

Lens hood It must be screwed into the thread of the front filter, is supplied
Manufacturer country Made in China (there is no data on the country of manufacture on the lens itself)
Period From about 2020
Price Look at the official seller on Aliexpress

Many amateur photographers want a fast prime, especially in addition to their stock/kit lens. Theoretically aperture f/1.6 almost three steps wider f / 4.5 aperture, which is used in 35 mm focal length 'dark' whale lenses. In numerical terms, this means that Pergear 35 / 1.6 is approximately 6 times brighterthan, for example, regular Sony 18-55mm f / 3.5-5.6 OSS or Sony 16-50mm f / 3.5-5.6 PZ OSS, which at 35mm focal length use a maximum aperture ratio of around 1:4.5. The calculation in the difference in relative aperture (count aperture ratio) is elementary: (4.5 * 4.5) / (1.6 * 1.6) = 7.91.

PERGEAR 35mm 1: 1.6 HD.MC

PERGEAR 35mm 1: 1.6 HD.MC

What is the actual aperture ratio (T-stop) at f / 1.6?

The light transmission of the lens is expressed 'T' steps. It is this value that is considered to be the 'real' indicator of lens aperture. Typically, T-stops (T-stops) are linked to aperture stops (F-stops). Quality lenses have pretty close numbers around 'T' and 'F'. For example, a high-quality lens with a maximum aperture ratio of 1:1.4 (aperture number F/1.4) has a light transmission of T/1.5-T/1.6. Lenses with F / 2.0 at the level of T / 2.1-T / 2.2, F / 2.8 at the level of F / 2.9-F / 3.0 and so on and so forth.

The light transmission of Pergear 35/1.6 at F/1.6 is in the region T / 2.4. Similar aperture typical for lenses with a relative aperture in the region of 1:2.2. It is a pity that there is no real 1:1.6 here.

Anyone who is looking for a really fast lens for mirrorless cropped cameras, I advise you to look at 7Artisans 50mm F/0.95.

PERGEAR 35mm 1: 1.6 HD.MC

PERGEAR 35mm 1: 1.6 HD.MC


The delivery box contains a lens with front and rear caps and a metal hood, as well as a soft bag for transportation. The bag has a puff with a lock, as well as a carabiner for attaching, for example, to a photo backpack.

It's important: instruction does not go to the lens. On the box in which the lens is supplied, as well as on its front and rear cover and lens hood, there is no mention of the manufacturer. Apparently these are universal caps and a lens hood that fits different lenses and comes immediately for different brands. The same goes for the delivery box, which simply indicates that the lens is in the middle. Maximum unification allows you to save on trifles and make a low price tag for such lenses.

In general, the lens is well assembled. Pergear 35 / 1.6 has bayonet mount metal and the lens case itself is completely made of metal.

The design of the lens is quite stylish. The front part of the edging of the focus ring, the thread for the light filter, as well as the moving trunk of the lens are not painted in silver, but metal, which creates characteristic appearance Pergear 35 / 1.6.

Weight Pergear 35 / 1.6 is only about 180 grams. In the hands of the lens it feels like a solid, albeit tiny, thing.

The diameter of the filters is 43 mm, the same diameter is used by two other lenses from Pergear: Pergear 25 / 1.8 и Pergear 50 / 1.8.

The design is nice, and the lens itself is very compact, ideal for small Sony cameras with an APS-C sensor.

Diaphragm comprises ten petals and forms a hole in the shape of a regular decagon, while in the photographs in the zone of confusion, rather round discs of confusion are obtained at any aperture values. The diaphragm can only be controlled manually using a special ring. The diaphragm ring rotates smoothly, no clicks and fixed values, you can set any intermediate value in the range from F / 1.6 to F / 16, which is very useful during video shooting.

The Pergear brand is a distributor of various photographic equipment. Most likely a third-party company is manufacturing lenses, and Pergear just sells them under its own brand.

PERGEAR 35mm 1: 1.6 HD.MC

PERGEAR 35mm 1: 1.6 HD.MC


The focus ring is narrow, metal, ribbed, with frequent and active use you begin to understand that you want a wider and more convenient focus ring. The ring rotates on 180 degrees (1/2 of a full turn). Focusing is smooth and pleasant.

During focusing, the trunk of the lens runs forward but does not spin. During focusing, the entire lens block moves.

On the ring there is a scale with a focusing distance in meters and feet and a depth of field scale.

The minimum focusing distance is only 28 centimeters, and the maximum magnification factor is small, approximately 1: 6.

Pergear 35 / 1.6 has a small 'Focus Breathing' effect (changes in viewing angle during focusing). During focusing towards the MDF, the viewing angle decreases.

Focus Shift (shift focus, changing the focus distance due to iris) is missing.

Focus peaking with Pergear 35/1.6 on camera sony alpha 3500 works good.

PERGEAR 35mm 1: 1.6 HD.MC

PERGEAR 35mm 1: 1.6 HD.MC

Image quality

The Pergear 35/1.6 is overall optically good. It’s even a little surprising that such a cheap lens can produce such optical performance.


  1. at F / 1.6 in the center of the frame, the lens is sharp without any reservations
  2. slight drop in sharpness in the corners of the frame
  3. when closing the aperture, the lens has a very high resolution


  1. there is a small barrel-shaped distortion
  2. distortion is unified and easily fixable in the editor
  3. in the vast majority of cases, distortion remains invisible and does not impair the perception of the image


  1. weak vignetting at f / 1.6 when focusing at long focusing distances
  2. vignetting decreases significantly when the aperture is closed to F / 4
  3. vignetting increases during focusing towards the MDF


  1. there is a small amount of chromatic aberration, mostly they are noticeable closer to the corners of the image
  2. weak friging


  1. in side and back light you can get big glare
  2. on a heavily covered aperture, you can get the effect of a not pronounced 10-ray star

Important: at the time of the creation of this review, there was no Pergear 35 / 1.6 profile for popular RAW converters. You can create a profile yourself or wait for its release.

PERGEAR 35mm 1: 1.6 HD.MC

PERGEAR 35mm 1: 1.6 HD.MC

Sample Photos

All photos in the review are shown without processing. Camera used Sony α3500 (Sony ILCE-3500) based on EXMOR APS-C CMOS 20 MP sensor. All photos are JPEGs from the camera.

JPEG source images can be viewed/downloaded at this link (29 files). RAW ('.ARW') original images can be viewed/downloaded at this link (25 files). Each file in its name carries the values ​​of the aperture at which this or that picture was taken.

PERGEAR 35mm 1: 1.6 HD.MC

PERGEAR 35mm 1: 1.6 HD.MC

My experience

Pergear 35 / 1.6 is a small miracle, the magic of sharpness at F / 1.6. But the magic lasts until you start to notice that there is no F / 1.6 aperture here, but only F / 2.2.

I would like the Pergear 35 / 1.6 to work more pleasantly with the aperture control ring. Even though the real aperture, for your money Pergear 35 / 1.6 is a very nice solution.

In general, I recommend saving up and buying a similar, but more advanced TTArtisan 35 / 1.4 (costs around $80).

PERGEAR 35mm 1: 1.6 HD.MC

PERGEAR 35mm 1: 1.6 HD.MC

All Sony E-mount cameras with APS-C sensor

PERGEAR 35mm 1: 1.6 HD.MC

PERGEAR 35mm 1: 1.6 HD.MC

All Sony E lenses for APS-C

Fix Lenses:

  1. Sony 11 mm f / 1.8 [2022, black, AliExpress price]
  2. Sony 15 mm f / 1.4 G [2022, black, AliExpress price]
  3. Sony 16 mm f / 2.8 [2010, silver, AliExpress price]
  4. Sony 20 mm f / 2.8 [2013, silver, AliExpress price]
  5. Sony 24 mm f / 1.8 ZEISS ZA [2011, black]
  6. Sony 30 mm f / 3.5 MACRO [2011, silver, AliExpress price]
  7. Sony 35 mm f / 1.8 U.S.S [2012, black, AliExpress price]
  8. Sony 50 mm f / 1.8 U.S.S [2011, black/silver, AliExpress price]

Zoom Lenses:

  1. Sony 10-18 mm f / 4 U.S.S [2012, black, AliExpress price]
  2. Sony 10-20 mm f / 4 G PZ [2022, black, AliExpress price]
  3. Sony 16-50 mm f / 3.5-5.6 PZ U.S.S [2012, black/silver, AliExpress price]
  4. Sony 16-55 mm f / 2.8 G [2019, black, AliExpress price]
  5. Sony 16-70 mm f / 4 U.S.S ZEISS ZA [2013, black, AliExpress price]
  6. Sony 18-50 mm f / 4-5.6 [2014, black]
  7. Sony 18-55 mm f / 3.5-5.6 U.S.S [2010, black/silver]
  8. Sony 18-105 mm f / 4 G PZ U.S.S [2013, black, AliExpress price]
  9. Sony 18-110 mm f / 4 G PZ U.S.S [2016, black]
  10. Sony 18-135 mm f / 3.5-5.6 U.S.S [2018, black, AliExpress price]
  11. Sony 18-200 mm f / 3.5-6.3 U.S.S [2010, silver, AliExpress price]
  12. Sony 18-200 mm f / 3.5-6.3 U.S.S LE [2012, black, AliExpress price]
  13. Sony 18-200 mm f / 3.5-6.3 PZ U.S.S [2012, black]
  14. Sony 55-210 mm f / 4.5-6.3 U.S.S [2011, black/silver, AliExpress price]
  15. Sony 70-350 mm f/4.5–6.3 G U.S.S [2019, black, AliExpress price]

Third-party autofocus lenses for Sony E APS-C:

Many interesting manual solutions are provided by Chinese manufacturers and brands. 7Artisans, TTartisan, Meike, Neewer, PerGear, Kamlan, Brightin star, Mitakon Zhongyi, Venus laowaFujian, ARTRALABAstrHori other. Autofocus Speed ​​Boosters are also interesting Viltrox Canon EF -> Sony E 0.71X и Metabones Canon EF -> Sony E 0.71X... List of full-frame cameras and lenses Sony FE (Full Frame E) here

PERGEAR 35mm 1: 1.6 HD.MC

PERGEAR 35mm 1: 1.6 HD.MC


Pergear 35 / 1.6 is a super-budget replacement for autofocus cropped lenses for mirrorless cameras:

Similar manual focus lenses and similar aperture for mirrorless crop cameras with APS-C sensor, there are already quite a few. Alternatively, I would point out the following options:

  1. TTArtisan 35 / 1.4
  2. 7Artisans 35 / 1.2
  3. 7Artisans II 35 / 1.2
  4. 7Artisans II 35 / 1.4
  5. 7Artisans 35 / 0.95
  6. Zhongyi SpeedMaster 35 / 0.95
  7. Meike 35 / 1.4
  8. Meike 35 / 1.7
  9. Samyang 35 / 1.2
  10. Neewer 35 / 1.2
  11. Neewer 32 / 1.6
  12. Neewer 35 / 1.7
  13. Brightin Star 35 / 1.2
  14. Brightin Star 35 / 1.7
PERGEAR 35mm 1: 1.6 HD.MC

PERGEAR 35mm 1: 1.6 HD.MC


Pergear 35/1.6 costs around $60-70. Easiest to buy from official seller of Pergear products on Aliexpress at this link.

PERGEAR 35mm 1: 1.6 HD.MC

PERGEAR 35mm 1: 1.6 HD.MC


Pergear 35 / 1.6 is a convenient regular fix for every day. Original Sony 35 / 1.8 OSS costs 6-7 times more. The high resolution at F / 1.6 is surprising throughout the entire field of the frame (even in the far corners of the frame). True, the F / 1.6 value here is not real and in fact the maximum relative aperture is near the value of 1: 2.2. Most likely, good optical performance at a fully open aperture is due to the fact that instead of F / 1.6, an aperture 2/3 stops smaller than the declared one is used.

10 main advantages

  1. low price (only approx. 60 dollars)
  2. convenient focal length for working with cameras with APS-C sensor
  3. the lens body is completely made of metal, including with a metal bayonet mount and a metal hood
  4. during focusing, the front lens with a thread under the filter does not rotate
  5. very compact sizes
  6. there is a depth of field scale and focusing distances
  7. ten aperture blades that always give a fairly rounded opening
  8. aperture ring rotates smoothly, without intermediate values
  9. good sharpness in the center of the frame is already at F / 1.6, even the far corners of the frame sag slightly at F / 1.6
  10. multi-illuminated optics

10 main disadvantages

  1. low real aperture, is at the level of T/2.4 (similar aperture usually use lenses with a relative aperture in the region of 1: 2.2)
  2. aperture control ring is quite tight, narrow, uncomfortable for intensive work with the lens
  3. no CPU pins to form the correct EXIF
  4. rare thread for 43 mm filter
  5. a threaded (non-bayonet) hood should be used
  6. there is no lens profile for popular RAW converters, the lens is not 'hardwired' into modern cameras
  7. the rear protective cover from the delivery set is not fixed and dangles
  8. there are no 'Pergear' markings on the protective caps, hood and lens box, it seems that this is a 'no-name' lens
  9. in backlight or side light, you can easily get the corresponding artifacts
  10. other small optical imperfections
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