Fujifilm FinePix S5 Pro review by DMITRY EVTIFEEV

It was 2022, reviews about Fujifilm FinePix S5 Pro continued to come out. This time Fujifilm FinePix S5 Pro decided to try Dmitry Evtifeev. What came of it, read and see it on the site at this link.


Fujifilm FinePix S5 Pro review by DMITRY EVTIFEEV

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Comments: 19, on the topic: Fujifilm FinePix S5 Pro review by DMITRY EVTIFEEV

  • Victor

    I think Dmitry is an excellent person in life and a competent photographer, but with the naked eye it is clear that the review was made on the “knee”, in comparison with the review of the author of this site - what is called - “heaven and earth”. Probably, the person simply did not have enough time ((

  • Alexander Rifeev

    Evtifeev is a good specialist, but his reviews of expensive equipment are relevant for a very wealthy part of amateur photographers, especially since the files are difficult to review ... Dmitry is not at all concerned about the convenience of his publications for site visitors

    • Sergei

      In my opinion, the quality of Dmitry's reviews is high and well-reasoned, the presentation is quite accessible for medium-level photography lovers.
      I agree with Alexander that more often you can see Dmitry reviews of expensive branded new products, and much less often affordable veterans from second-hand and folk products from China.
      Here Arkady Shapoval is closer to the poor mass of our amateur photographers. And Dmitry is most popular in Moscow and St. Petersburg.

    • Jea reth

      Evtifeev focuses primarily on the circle of professional photographers.

      Just do not confuse concepts in this place in order to somehow infringe: a professional is someone who earns money by doing business.

      Hasselblad reviews there are not for wealthy amateur photographers. This is for those who, on duty, need to solve problems that an amateur crop with helios from the zenith or an ancient mammoth iron from 2004 will not allow to solve.
      Even among those who have such cameras, there are not many such people.

    • in

      Plus - pitch hell

  • Victor

    Everything is explained clearly and understandably! Thanks, Dmitry!

  • in

    Left a comment on his site. Better not to take

  • UstasFritZZZ

    Let him die in peace already, don't stir up the old man!))

  • Alexander

    I still use this camera for macro photography.

  • Oleg

    Chamber of Discord

  • Sergei

    This camera needs to be understood and one or two days of shooting this is not done. Shoot portraits in good light and then draw conclusions. Few cameras can give beautiful skin color like the Fujik S5 / 3. And the result will be this: - "For shooting portraits in this price category, along with the Canon 5D, there is no equal."

  • Oleg

    God, have you seen how stubborn and unbearable Evtifeev is in the comments? The most intelligent and infallible. I won't go there again, I'm sick of it

    • Zhenya

      The reviews are good and the specialist is good, but yes, it’s better not to read the commentary.

  • Vasya

    in vain you stammered Evtifeev - in my opinion he made a good review. The people have completely gone berserk.

    • Vasya

      although I read the correspondence on Dimitri's website now and realized that they were not stammering in vain. Yevtifeich crap one's pants... And when this was pointed out to him, he "stood a pose." Actually screwed up twice. It happens.

    • Oleg

      So what prevented him from taking an overexposed shot with the same settings for iso 100 for fuji and, for example, for kenon, pull the lights down and look at the result. If fuji is underexposed in his opinion, then straighten the picture. Instead, the black squares, ISO 3200, generally took everything aside and did not reveal the topic. With all the indifference to fuji, the review did not cause anything other than disappointment

      • Arkady Shapoval

        Apparently the Pentax K3 mark III - which is the most modern, new and "cool" cropped DSLR that Fudge "compared" to in the review - is not as good in highlights as grandfather :)

        • Oleg

          Moreover, Pentax was at hand

  • Mr noe

    Evtifeev is always in the comments the most right of all the right, even of the even, his opinion is unshakable, and if this is not the case, then he is ready to knit a canvas from the text and quotes, like an experienced politician, so that everyone has the opinion that he understands something .
    And he spied ISO 3200 in Olegas' video, a bad example is contagious.

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