SIRUI Lenses

Anamorphic, for Full Frame

  • Saturn 35mm T2.9 1.6x [E, RF, X, L, DL, Cyan or Neutral] (AliExpress)
  • Venus 35mm T2.9 1.6x [E, RF, L, Z] (AliExpress)
  • Venus 50mm T2.9 1.6x [E, RF, L, Z] (AliExpress)
  • Venus 75mm T2.9 1.6x [E, RF, L, Z] (AliExpress)
  • Venus 100mm T2.9 1.6x [E, RF, L, Z] (AliExpress)
  • Venus 135mm T2.9 1.8x [E, RF, L, Z] (AliExpress)
  • Venus 150mm T2.9 1.8x [E, RF, L, Z]

Spherical, SIRUI Jupiter series, for Full Frame

  • Jupiter 24mm T2 Macro [EF, PL] (AliExpress)
  • Jupiter 35mm T2 Macro [EF, PL] (AliExpress)
  • Jupiter 50mm T2 Macro [EF, PL] (AliExpress)
  • Jupiter 28-85mm T3.2 Macro [EF, PL]

Spherical, Night Walker Series for APS-C

  • 24mm T1.2
  • 35mm T1.2
  • 55mm T1.2

Spherical, autofocus SNIPER series for APS-C

  • 23 mm F1.2
  • 33 mm F1.2
  • 56 mm F1.2

Anamorphic for MFT

  • Mars 24mm T2.9 1.33x [M4/3]
  • Mars 35mm T2 1.33x [M4/3]
  • Mars 50mm T2 1.33x [M4/3]
  • Mars 75mm T2 1.33x [M4/3]

Anamorphic for APS-C

Anamorphic for S35 (Super 35)

  • 35mm F1.8 1.33x [RF, L]

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