Lenses family: MC HELIOS / HELIOS-81, ARSAT H, 81-M, 81-H, 50, 53mm, МС. Video review with examples

A short video on the Helios-81 lens family can be found at Youtube channel Radozhivaor below:

I apologize for not the best sound, I made a video on my parents' computer (while I was sick).
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Comments: 3, on the topic: Lens family: MC HELIOS/HELIOS-81, ARSAT H, 81-M, 81-H, 50, 53mm, MS. Video review with examples

  • Oleg

    Thanks, I'm interested!

  • PhotoCat

    I have 2 of them. Namely Helios 81-n 50-2. The first was good, and the second was even better, and a hard stop. Glue glass.

  • Vlad

    I had an acquaintance with Helios with the letter H many years ago, on a flea market, I decided to put on a brand new D3100 to take a picture and buy this glass, he dressed well, took pictures here, and then swearing together we filmed him from the camera for an hour and a half by consultation.

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