Panasonic LUMIX S 1: 1.8 / 35mm

The full-frame Panasonic LUMIX S 09: 2021 / 1mm (S-S1.8) lens was introduced on November 35, 35.

Panasonic LUMIX S 1: 1.8 / 35mm (S-S35)

Panasonic LUMIX S 1: 1.8 / 35mm (S-S35)

Basic properties

  • Lens for Panasonic full-frame mirrorless cameras with Leica L mount
  • Relative aperture: 1: 1.8 to F / 16
  • Focal Length: 35mm (EGF for Leica APS-C cameras is 52.5 mm)
  • MDF: 24 centimeters
  • Maximum magnification ratio 1: 4.55
  • Optical design: 11 elements in 9 groups, including 3 aspherical elements and 3 low dispersion elements
  • Number of aperture blades: 9 pieces
  • Filter Diameter: 67 mm
  • Linear focus motor, focus mode switch, video optimized
  • Protected enclosure
  • Weight: 295 gram
  • Price: around $ 700; current prices for new Panasonic lenses are available see here


Exact list of Panasonic LUMIX S lenses (Leica L mount)

  1. Panasonic Lumix S 18 mm 1:1.8 [September 2022, AliExpress]
  2. Panasonic Lumix S 24 mm 1:1.8 [September 2021, AliExpress]
  3. Panasonic Lumix S 26 mm 1:8 [May 2024]
  4. Panasonic Lumix S 35 mm 1:1.8 [November 2021, AliExpress]
  5. Panasonic Lumix S 50 mm 1:1.4 PRO CBL [February 2019, AliExpress]
  6. Panasonic Lumix S 50 mm 1:1.8 [June 2021, AliExpress]
  7. Panasonic Lumix S 85 mm 1:1.8 [November 2020, AliExpress]
  8. Panasonic Lumix S 100 mm 1:2.8 MACRO [January 2024]
  9. Panasonic Lumix S 14-28 mm 1: 4-5.6 MACRO [January 2023]
  10. Panasonic Lumix S 16-35 mm 1:4 PRO CBL [November 2019, AliExpress]
  11. Panasonic Lumix S 18-40 mm 1:4.5-5.6 (announcement awaited)
  12. Panasonic Lumix S 20-60 mm 1: 3.5-5.6 [May 2020]
  13. Panasonic Lumix S 24-70 mm 1:2.8 PRO CBL [August 2019, AliExpress]
  14. Panasonic Lumix S 24-105 mm 1:4 MACRO Ois [February 2019]
  15. Panasonic Lumix S 28-200 mm 1: 4-7.1 MACRO Ois [February 2024]
  16. Panasonic Lumix S 70-200 mm 1:4 PRO CBL Ois [February 2019]
  17. Panasonic Lumix S 70-200 mm 1:2.8 PRO CBL Ois [November 2019, AliExpress]
  18. Panasonic Lumix S 70-300 mm 1: 4.5-5.6 MACRO Ois [February 2021, AliExpress]
  19. The L mount alliance also includes Leica и Sigma

CBL (Ccertified By Leica), Ois (Optical Istomach Stabilizer), PRO ( PROprofessional), MACRO (macro shooting capability)

Panasonic Lumix S cameras

  1. Panasonic Lumix S1 [February 2019]
  2. Panasonic Lumix S1R [February 2019]
  3. Panasonic Lumix S1H [August 2019]
  4. Panasonic Lumix S5 [September 2020]

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Comments: 14, on the topic: Panasonic LUMIX S 1: 1.8 / 35mm

  • Sergei

    judging by the examples on dpreview - the lens turned out to be very fun

    • Michael

      this system is generally interesting, with a splendid color. not very popular in Ukraine because of the price :))))

      • Sergei

        interesting only some models in which the matrix is ​​like a watering can, there really is a wow effect, and autofocus there is sad

        • Michael

          I worked with 1S, 1Sr, S5. the color is identical, the deviations are within the profile.
          matrix there from jazz (israel). the profile itself is actually set up like old canons.
          what do you dislike about which model's color?
          an immodest question - have you worked with at least one of these cameras ???
          what doesn't suit you in AF? here is ixbt's opinion
          “At the moment, Panasonic DC-S5 leads our ranking. In terms of accuracy, it is almost perfect, which has long been the norm for top models, and in terms of speed it outperforms all previously tested cameras, including the Canon R5 and Nikon Z6 II. ”
          I worked with Sigma, Panasonic and Kenon lenses on these cameras, AF works quickly and accurately. Better than on Kenon 5D Mark 4 or R / R5 / R6 and better than on Nmkons.
          What problems did you personally have with AF?

          • Arkady Shapoval

            But I played with Panasonic LUMIX S PRO 1: 2.8 / 70-200mm OIS (which is Certified by LEICA) and Panasonic Lumix S1R (most likely the sensor is like the Leica SL2 and Leica Q2). And I ran into a strong focus beating. This was very annoying. At times the 'beat' was beyond reason. The firmware was one of the last. There are a lot of frames with front or back focus. I admit that everything is fine with shorter solutions, but around 200 mm this is hell, not focusing. Also, I admit that I simply could not adequately deal with focusing on the S1R. But still, the fact that all full-frame mirrorless cameras Panasonic Lumix S1, Panasonic Lumix S1R, Panasonic Lumix S1H, Panasonic Lumix S5 do not have phase focus sensors and focus solely on contrast is not encouraging.
            The S1R's grip, EVF and battery are royal :)

            • Michael

              there with AF it is necessary to deal with the settings. I think the problem is most likely with the lens and it is quite possible that it is connected with the joint work of the cam stub and the optical stub. I liked the Panasonic Lumix S1R, a candidate for my collection.
              the workhorse for today is the Panasonic Lumix S5. No problems with the lenses were noted there.
              Basically, it doesn't matter what type of AF. How it works is important. In Panasonic Lumix S5, it works more accurately and faster than competitors, including work through branded and Chinese adapters. High ISO and headroom in the shadows are also better than competitors with FAF (phase-detection AF on the matrix).
              FAF is not a panacea, the fee for FAF on the matrix is ​​the deterioration of the matrix parameters, this is clearly seen in the example of kenon, where the transition to FAF on the matrix marked a flurry of complaints about color rendering and its stability. Something was finished there, but any kenonist will say that before the introduction of FAF, the color on the matrix was better. Well, Sonya with color is generally sad. Nikon does not use an excellent matrix from the D850 in mirrorless cameras, therefore matrices with FAF also do not shine with color rendition there.

              • Michael

                well, what about without a local .... ))) You have not been able to treat your dyslexia? sadness however ...
                I know Yuri very well. And where did this post come from and how, at my request, Yaroslav made profiles from the old Kenon))) (Why do you think people make color profiles from Mark 2 for almost all cameras and what? Look there for a HUGE topic on the photo). Moreover, Yuri could not imagine paired photos when this issue was discussed))) because the color, alas, is very different. He rubbed examples - look in the thread for pieces of discussion))))
                Anton - he sings about what he has. First, he banned everyone who dared to point out the obvious fact that Canon R gives out an ugly color with brilliant green, and the ergonomics of the plinth level, then he deleted everyone who said that the camera needed to add a cam stub or that a second card slot was needed. Then there was a massive sale of er-ok and the situation was repeated but with the Canon R5, after which there were praises for the joystick instead of the swing, cam stub, second slot, etc. ... I recommend that you look into the topic about R6 - there comparisons with old kenons in color are simply prohibited due to the pure drainage of new kenons.
                Of course, not only the yellowness of the profiles of the new Kenons is banned (the magenta is removed there, you need to finish it, but you definitely won't understand the problem) but also criticism of the weak margin in the shadows (hello FAF on the matrix!) And the problem of smears due to the unfinished cam stub and shutter.

                I have these cameras on hand, I work with them with clients.
                Neither you, a noble sofa expert, nor Sergey held these cameras in your hands, but your deepest knowledge should be envied))) you made new discoveries in SSD sensors, but you, in principle, are not able to see the difference in color rendering of Kenon 5D Mark 2 and Mark 4. By the way, Mark 4 and R have an identical matrix, which works worse in a mirrorless camera due to heating - a luxurious banding problem has been added.

                I would recommend that you at least write about what you at least held in your hands))) not to try to cling to Anton, Feog and other members of the forum, but try to achieve something with your own, so to speak, I don't know what is more convenient for you))) )

                maybe then you would have understood that the placement of FAF on the matrix, well, does not happen without negative consequences))) You are the type of a theorist, without cameras? so read at least the theory! ))))

              • Victor


                If suddenly someone does not know, “Mikhail”, he is “Alexey” (apparently, it is difficult with self-determination), who once wrote accusatory posts about Nikon on Radozhiv, he is also “Nik79” on the website, he is also the author blog about everything in a row "vmirefoto" - one and the same person))))

                And this "applied geometer, who reads, among other things, a course of lectures" (c), who even managed to get SUCH
                will tell something about who and what to heal)))))) Sometimes quantity does not turn into quality, alas.

                It's funny, funny))) And I think, who is this connoisseur of everything in a row))

                Michael. Or Aleksey, how are you there, only one moment is interesting - but what do you care about the legislation of Ukraine, if you have been living, if I am not mistaken, for many years in the vicinity of Quebec? :))))

              • Victor

                Listen, “Mikhail”, an applied geometer, why don't you boast about your results from the new Panasonic?)))


                Well, the result is cool, right?)))

              • Arkady Shapoval

                I have met many praise for full-frame Panasonic, and they all say the same thing like a blueprint.

                I can even joke that there is a manual in which you need to learn that Panasonic is Leica and that:
                * the best color, because the sensors are from the watering can
                * best ISO, best DD
                * we don't need faf, it spoils the picture
                * nikon color is bad, kenon on dual pixel is bad, dormouse is terrible (because dormouse)
                * the best contrast focusing in the world, surpasses any DSLRs and mirrorless cameras with phase sensors
                * etc. (more sophisticated reasons are available only to higher orders of the ordained)

                And again - this is more a joke that I already learned myself

            • Michael

              Sergey's post is interesting in that he simply voices some strange myths and makes profound conclusions that he did not test, did not work, does not understand. )))
              in the photo, people switch to Panasonic from kenon, olympus, etc. and no myths about the terrible and terrible goodwin (crossed out) AF are confirmed.
              AF is at least as good as kenon mirrorless cameras and better than Nikon DSLRs like d600 or d750.
              lenses can be installed from different systems, including from ff kenon, everything works great.

              • Michael

                An interesting situation arose - there were several Mikhailov here, and they began to confuse us ...

            • Victor

              In essence, are there any objections? In addition to the beaten Panikovsky's'style “who are you?” :-D
              What does 5d have to do with it? There are cameras, photographs too, don't worry about it)))

              I dropped a link to the opinion of a real person, not a tester, like “Mikhail”, but a photographer, who understands what a photo is (and not tests), what are the problems? If you don't like reading other people's opinions, don't.

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