Viltrox 23mm, 33mm, 56mm f / 1.4 for Fujifilm X, RED LIMITED EDITION version

03.09.2021/23/33 Viltrox 56mm, 1.4mm, mmXNUMX c F / XNUMX lenses for Fujifilm X, RED LIMITED EDITION version in red body color were officially shown.

Viltrox 23mm, 33mm, mm56 with f / 1.4 for Fujifilm X, RED LIMITED EDITION version

Viltrox 23mm, 33mm, 56mm f / 1.4 for Fujifilm X, RED LIMITED EDITION version

Mechanically, these options do not report in any way from their black and silver counterparts. Only 500 units will be produced. On sale now in the official Viltrox store on Aliexpress... The cost is around $ 380.


All Viltrox Lenses

For full frame cameras with Full Frame sensor:

  1. Viltrox 16 / 1.8 AF (FE)
  2. Viltrox 20 / 2.8 AF (FE + Z + XF)
  3. Viltrox 24/1.8AF (overview) (FE+Z)
  4. Viltrox 28 / 1.8 AF  (FE+Z)
  5. Viltrox 35 / 1.8 AF (FE+Z)
  6. Viltrox 50 / 1.8 AF (FE+Z)
  7. Viltrox 85/1.8AF PFU (FE+XF)
  8. Viltrox 85 / 1.8 AF (RF+Z)
  9. Viltrox 85 / 1.8 AF II (FE+XF)

For cropped cameras with APS-C sensor:

  1. Viltrox 13 / 1.4 AF (X, E, Z)
  2. Viltrox 23 / 1.4 AF (X, E, Z + EF-M)
  3. Viltrox 27/1.2 AF PRO (X)
  4. Viltrox 33 / 1.4 AF (X, E, Z + EF-M)
  5. Viltrox 56/1.4AF (overview) (X, E, Z + EF-M)
  6. Viltrox 75/1.2 AF PRO (X, E, Z)

Cinema lenses (manual focus only):

  1. 20mm T / 2.0 S (Full Frame, FE, L)
  2. 23mm T / 1.5 S (APS-C, E, MFT)
  3. 33mm T / 1.5 S (APS-C, E, MFT)
  4. 56mm T / 1.5 S (APS-C, E, MFT)

There are also Vitlrox lenses with manual focusing: 7.5 / 2.8 Fish-Eye, 20/1.8, 35/2, 85/1.8 etc. The easiest way to find and buy these lenses is from official Viltrox dealer on Aliexpress.

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Comments: 22, on topic: Viltrox 23mm, 33mm, 56mm f / 1.4 for Fujifilm X, RED LIMITED EDITION version

  • Victor

    Now banana !! ©

    PySy: a bright red lens looks on black / black-silver carcasses, of course, it's wild.

    • Andrei

      Red combined with black looks quite good (EOS M50 + Grip).

      • Specialist

        Quite, but evokes the analogy of a funeral box.

      • Victor

        They look pretty foreign (at least together, at least in a compartment), but they don't argue about tastes, I understand.

      • Specialist

        A coffin in a compartment? Bomb thriller.

  • Michael

    The question is: why, and most importantly - nahya? Does this red color make the sharpness better, or is the focusing speed faster?

    • LoliFromFutanari

      Not everything is measured in sharpness and speed. Sometimes appearance is also important) 0))) Someone will even like the combination of a red lens with some Fuji carcasses

    • Alexander

      So they have a centenary of the Communist Party this year, so they release all kinds of game.

      • Oleg

        they do not have one and a half billion people, and if 50000 of them find it attractive, then all this does not look so stupid

        • Arkady Shapoval

          there are only 1500 of them (red variants) (3 * 500)

          • Oleg

            Moreover, China eats them and will not even notice with its market, they will not even leave China.

  • Trueash

    We also need a pink version, a leopard version, and a version with rhinestones. And for the boys from the district - "Abibas"

  • Sergei

    The East is reddening!

  • Sergei

    They look beautiful, but I would not buy this, they attract too much attention

  • Yuriy75

    You put a silicone gun on the camera ... a red case and a red lens. And voila - you are the most visible photojacker about a radius of 500m

  • Oleg

    When will they release at least a black lens, not to mention the red one?

    • Arkady Shapoval

      released, a whole bunch -

      • Oleg

        Even paint them green, no one will take them anyway

        • Victor

          So it is necessary to cover with gold, there will be more than dorokhabakhata. Why are these colored beads, only yellow metal has a real price)

        • Rodion

          The military will be, if painted green 😎

          • Oleg

            Just like a military so that the enemy does not notice our optics

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