Overhead projection Triplet-5 100 / 2.8 (Rogachevsky plant "Overhead") with a homemade 0.7x speed booster. Review from Rodion Eshmakov

Material on Triplet-5 100 / 2.8 specially for Radozhiva prepared Rodion Eshmakov (subscribe to Instagram!).

Adapted Triplet-5 100 / 2.8 with two types of shanks: with M42 thread and with a homemade 0.7x speed booster for mirrorless cameras.

Adapted Triplet-5 100 / 2.8 with two types of shanks: with M42 thread and with a homemade 0.7x speed booster for mirrorless cameras. increase.

Triplet-5 100 / 2.8 is a common overhead projection lens of average quality. Lenses Triplet-5 100 / 2.8 and Triplet-5M 100 / 2.8 were equipped with Belarusian overhead projectors "Peleng-500" (as well as 600 and 700) and Kazan projectors "Proton", and in both cases the optics were manufactured at the place of production of projectors - at the plant " Overhead projector "and KOMZ, respectively. Triplet-5 and Triplet-5M are different lenses, they differ in body design and their lenses are not interchangeable, although they have equal diameters. I have a connection with Triplet-5M unpleasant experience, when a seemingly ideal lens unit did not give an image of adequate quality at all, which indicates a large spread in the quality of these lenses.

Projection Triplets are often targets for conversion into a shooting lens (1, 2) "Bokeh hunters" because of the resemblance to the famous "bubbler" Meyer-Optik Trioplan 100 / 2.8. However, the known adaptation options hardly went further than installing the lens unit in some Helios-44m, which is not entirely correct due to the small diameter of its diaphragm. In this article I will tell you about my experience of high-quality adaptation and use of the Triplet-5 lens produced by the Diaprojector plant.


Optical design - Triplet Cook;
Focal length - 100 mm;
Aperture ratio - 1: 2.8;
The required diaphragm diameter is 35 mm;
Covered format - up to 6 × 7 cm;
Features - a projection lens, does not have its own focuser and aperture.

Lens adaptation. Speed ​​booster for Triplet-5

Triplet-5 has a very simple design in the form of a metal sleeve with lenses installed in a plastic case. I did not preserve anything from the original view of the lens and made a new lens unit with the help of a turner according to my own drawings, in which the lenses and a multi-blade lens diaphragm were placed. Also, I decided not to bother with setting the aperture in the "correct" position, since this lens is very sensitive to errors in inter-lens distances, and there is not much space between the lenses - almost "end-to-end". Moreover, Triplet-5 has a ratio ZFO / FR (ZFO - posterior focal segment) -> 1, therefore, setting the diaphragm inward is not so important for it.

The multi-blade zen lens diaphragm looks and works great.

The multi-blade zen lens diaphragm looks and works great.

When assembling the Triplet-5 lens unit, all factory defects associated with the missing or low-quality blackening of the inner surfaces were eliminated; added thread for M58x0.75 mm filters.

The lens unit was installed in the M65-M65 macrogelcoid, which provides reliable and smooth focusing in the range from infinity to MDF ~ 0.5 m. To mount the lens on the camera, an M42 threaded shank with a focal length compatible with all modern cameras was made.

The idea that Triplet-5 easily covers the medium format gave rise to the idea of ​​making a speed-booster for this lens for the Sony E mount, which will allow "collecting" the working field in a 36x24 mm frame, as well as enlarging aperture... Initially, it was supposed to use a doublet lens achromat with FR ~ 150-200 mm, but such a system would suffer too much from field aberrations. But the lens unit that has turned up under the arm Industar-55U 140 / 4.5 (by the way, this is that copy) came up almost perfectly: installed in the lens position, it provided an increment of 1 stop aperture (i.e., it worked as a 0.7x speed booster) while maintaining acceptable image quality and tolerable vignetting (more on that later) ...

Triplet-5 lens and interchangeable shanks: with M42 thread and 0.7x speed booster with Sony E mount.

Triplet-5 lens and interchangeable shanks: with M42 thread and 0.7x speed booster with Sony E mount.

Triplet-5 lens and interchangeable shanks: with M42 thread and 0.7x speed booster with Sony E mount.

Triplet-5 lens and interchangeable shanks: with M42 thread and 0.7x speed booster with Sony E mount.

Thus, with a home-made booster, Triplet-5 turns into a seven-element 70/2 lens - and similar perversions were not produced at any factory. The shank with the booster lens unit is made with M42 thread, which allows you to install any other mount besides Sony E (more precisely, almost any - EOS M, Nikon Z, MFT).

Triplet-5 with a booster - in the "70/2" version.

Triplet-5 with a booster - in the "70/2" version.

Triplet-5 with a booster in the "70/2" variant turns yellow, but this is unlikely to concern you the most :).

Triplet-5 with a booster in the "70/2" variant turns yellow, but this is unlikely to concern you the most :).

The adaptation procedure performed with a rather large resource intensity allowed us to create a modular lens, unique in its kind: "Triplet-5 100 / 2.8 - 70/2". As a "100 / 2.8" lens, the lens is compatible with most modern systems, including medium format mirrorless cameras. For me, this option is especially attractive for use with a shift adapter. In its extreme modification, the 70/2 (have you seen the F / 2 triplet?) Works with full-frame mirrorless cameras.

Optical properties

In the “100 / 2.8” version with an open aperture, Triplet-5 has mediocre sharpness in the center of the frame with a pronounced drop to the edges of the frame; the reasons for this are the high level of spherical aberrations, coma and astigmatism. At 1 stop aperture, the lens is no worse Tessar 105 / 3.5 T in the center of the frame, but still significantly inferior to it in image quality at the edge of the frame. In the best way, Triplet-5 aberrations are corrected only for F / 8-F / 11. Thus, in the range of F / 2.8-F / 3.5, the Triplet-5 is suitable for a limited number of scenes where the softness of the image is acceptable, with F / 8 the lens is suitable for shooting landscapes.

After blackening other light protection measures, the lens performs well under normal lighting conditions and is much less afraid of backlight. Image contrast is on par with good old lenses.

Interestingly, if Triplet 78 / 2.8 https://radojuva.com/2021/09/triplet-78-2-8-2/ does not differ in the presence of disks with pronounced edges in the bokeh ("bubbles"), then Triplet-5 they show up very strongly: at f / 2.8 the lens can really compete with the old Trioplane. From f / 3.5 to f / 4, the bokeh is more subdued, but still quite enjoyable.

Triplet-5 100 / 2.8 has a large margin of the covered field, therefore it is perfect for Fujifilm G medium format cameras and for use with shift adapters. I used the lens on a Sony A7s full-frame camera with a Fotodiox Shift EOS-NEX adapter to capture 4: 5 frames with a physical size up to 36x45mm (crop factor 0.73).

In general, the lens is very pleasant for its picture, but at an open aperture, sharpness is sometimes not enough even for a 12 megapixel full-frame matrix.

Below are examples of photos on Sony A7s, some of them are made as vertical shift panoramas.

The use of a home-made speed booster, of course, does not benefit the image quality: the level of spherical aberrations increases, field distortions appear more, and field curvature and vignetting appear. The disadvantages, however, are almost invisible within the APS-C frame. As in the case with the usual option, 1 stop aperture can significantly improve the image quality in the central area, but the edges in the full frame can hardly be saved.

Perhaps the most enjoyable thing about using a lens with a homemade booster is that it retains the characteristic triplet bokeh. One stop gain is also a good bonus.

Below are examples of photos on Sony A7s.


Triplet-5 100 / 2.8 is an interesting lens for use with modern cameras. The image quality is a compromise, but it does not need to be put on a par with short telephoto lenses of the 100 / 2.8 class, but rather should be attributed to spectacular or soft lenses. With the proper quality of adaptation, it allows you to achieve a much better result than the crafts from helios demonstrate.

This lens was used to test the idea of ​​making a homemade speed booster based on a format photo lens, which has shown that a tolerable result is achievable, albeit with serious limitations in image quality. Anyway, "Triplet 100 / 2.8 - 70/2" is the first modular lens made by me.

You will find more reviews from readers of Radozhiva here... All Rodion reviews in one place here.

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  • Dmitry V.G.

    Perhaps Rodion should have started his own website and published all this DIY necrophilia there ??? Why THIS? Seriously. Who needs it? Who in reality will repeat these dances with a tambourine? 2-3 people for the entire post-Soviet space?

    You come in to find something useful, interesting and would like it to be still relevant. But instead you see only continuous announcements and perversions from Mr. Eshmakov.

    Well, everyone has their own path.

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      Everything is simple and said many times. If you don't like it, don't read it. And the right to invite / expel Mr. Eshmakov from this site belongs to Mr. Shapoval.

    • Aleksey68

      and purkua would not be na? a person does something himself, with his own hands, does not buy in China and does not collect from cubes without understanding how it works. a person studies optics, does calculations, studies something new for himself, shares this with the World, encouraging others to do something, to study something, to strive for something. what's wrong with DIY? I do a lot of things myself, but in the field of electronics. I broke all this to comb for publication, and the author is not lazy, prepares articles. (shrugged) I see no point in criticizing this. not interested? we scroll further. what's the problem.

    • Arkady Shapoval


      • TSerg

        Arkady, "Pourquoi Pas?" - from French: why not?
        I do not see anything bad or judgmental in what Rodion publishes here and what he does. He's a great fellow. The main thing is that his head works normally and his arms grow from the right place. Among the young, this is now very rare. Young people do not want to think with their heads, or work with their hands, or read primary sources, or at least the Internet, but meaningful. This is evidenced by the questions asked here in comments sometimes. Soon they will eat what the Chinese will print for them on 3D printers from their own, sorry, shit.
        Before judging someone and assessing someone, I would advise you to look at yourself from the outside. In the end, no one forbids anyone from writing their own reviews on the technique of interest. I think Arkady will publish them here with pleasure. Recently, except for Arkady and Rodion, no one has been writing here, so thank you very much to Rodion! Everyone has their own way, that's for sure!
        The lens case comes out cool with the appropriate background.
        Rodion, it would be nice if the aperture at which he was taken was also indicated in the pictures, as Arkady sometimes does.

        • B. R. P.


        • Rodion

          The last 2 photos from the series 100 / 2.8 by 2.8 and 4, respectively. The rest by the nature of the bokeh can be recognized if necessary) Perhaps, then I will come up with something on this score.

    • Ruslan Nikolaevich

      Nobody cares about your opinion

    • Victor

      It seems that Rodion has every right to publish his research wherever he sees fit (of course, looking back at the opinion of the author of the resource). Personally, projectors themselves are of little interest to me as such, but it's always interesting to look at the photos and compare them with branded glasses.

      You say there are no new, interesting reviews. But the most interesting thing, a kind of folk glass, has already been "reviewed" and is freely available on the site. Some new lenses - yes, their reviews could be useful, but who will provide Radozhiva with all this? You can't last long on your own enthusiasm.

      Send new lenses, you will have reviews)))))

    • Maria Bardina

      Oh yes, thousands of amateur enthusiasts, if not tens of thousands. When I was looking for a "reporter" I shoveled enough sites and blogs. It is gratifying that everyone else has their own rulers. Autofocus lenses are generally made on a serial commercial basis from old lens blocks. The hobby is very popular, and not only in the post-Soviet space, if you do not take foreign converters, and they have enough of their own rarities there.
      Even if PhotoCasa already prints articles about them.
      It's just that, as they wrote above, someone is just too lazy to write reviews on all this, but Rodion writes.

      And for useful instructions there is))

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        There is nothing wrong with the fact that Radozhiva has turned from a useful site for wide layers of amateur photographers into a niche club of interests. If only Arkady was good and comfortable, this is his project, his rules.

        • Arkady Shapoval

          This is all very relative. You commented with interest here on the announcements, the same reviews by Rodion, but now something has gone wrong. Many outgrow Radozhiva and fly away from the nest, which is good, and this is normal.

    • Trueash

      >> Why THIS? Seriously. Who needs it? - For someone who does not evaluate lenses only by sharpness, and wine - by the amount of alcohol

    • Zheka

      What Rodion is doing is very interesting! It can be seen that the arms are growing out of the right place. And to read some reviews - so the site will die, because there is relatively little new in the photo world, and in the professional sector. Why write about the release of a series of zeiss cinema optics for a pl-bayonet, if you still can never buy it? Or, there was a note about the new video camera Lumix Panasonic, the cube is modular, so too, everything was fucked up, which is unnecessary, nonsense, everything is bad, but Nikon D300 is a topic and thing. And such crafting, hautu, it is interesting to read and the main thing is interesting for me to see what kind of picture I got.

    • Denis Digon

      Dmitry, if you are taken hostage and forced to read - blink your right eye three times - we will call the special forces)

    • Andrei

      And I liked it. I myself am a photographer and I also like to adapt different Soviet glasses. There are a lot of us, believe me. I read everything and it was very interesting to me. The man gave the lens a second life, and you ran into it, but you could pass by. I think that you are wrong and very sharply written. Sorry better. The person really tried to give the projection lens a second life, and gave it + showed examples of photos.

    • Nikolas

      What don't you really like? Surely in some of the topics there is a deaf whiner who hates articles on this site. If you don't like it, don't read it. Everything is simple as always.

      I recently became interested in photography, just a couple of months ago. And as it turned out, I love manual optics. I enjoy it. Today I saw this lens on sale. Decided to google what it is. And so, as with many other lenses, I found this article on this site. It was interesting to read and see examples of photos. Therefore, I want to express my deep gratitude to the authors who write articles here about all sorts of outlandish things, and just about their experiments with different manual optics, and even with examples! Thank you guys!!! You are doing all this for a reason! For enthusiasts - amateurs are not few. And let all the whiners and haters go away.

  • Igor

    I go to clients to read)))

  • Alexander

    Rodion! Thank you very much for another interesting review. Even if you don't consider it as a guide to action, it's nice to learn something new and useful.

  • Sergei

    I also tried at one time to use projection lenses as creative ones. But I did not go further than using Chinese helicoids with Aliexpress and selecting a lens diaphragm.
    It is interesting which Soviet triplets Rodion can mark as more interesting (from the standpoint of a wise practitioner). Manufacturing plant, from which projector, ease of adaptation (especially for a cropped DSLR, of which there are many), etc.

  • someone RH

    for the handy and fanatical amateur photographers this is all, of course, interesting :-))) and ... who will repeat these feats? I once put a lens F = 50 mm on a lens F = 300 mm for macro photography: =))) The depth of field turned out to be such that I sighed and bought macro rings and Tokin's macro lens F = 100 and d = 2.8 ... it flew into 15 K. rubles: - ))))

  • Rodion

    Updated the list of my lenses available for purchase:
    1. Aplanat KO-90 90 / 1.9 for BZK 350 $ + shipping cost
    2. Aplanat KO-120 120 / 2.1 M42 for all 330 $ + shipping cost
    3. Pentacon 125 / 2.8 EF 90 $ + shipping cost
    4KP-35 / 1,8 M75 for all $ 42 + shipping cost
    5. Triplet 100 / 2.8 М42 for everyone - 70/2 for bzk (lens from the review) $ 275 + shipping cost.

    For purchase questions, you can write to Instagram or email rudzil@yandex.ru... It is also possible to manufacture such lenses by prior arrangement with the customer from my or your lens blocks.

    • Maria Bardina

      Rodion, can I send you the lens for revision, or are you not taking on the task? Or give it for a pittance, maybe for spare parts. Takumar ordered, the site said that for Pentax. But I did not google the information in detail - it turned out that this is some kind of separate Taiwanese version, the title contains Albinar. Next to the jump rope there is a notable pin, it cannot be removed with simple adapters, it is static. Can it be useful to you? Conscience will not allow a person who does not know to sell, and those who know will not undertake to alter everything to fit modern mounts, most likely.

      • Rodion

        You can write to me on Instagram more specifically what kind of lens in general. You need to look, maybe you don't even need to pick anything there. Well, the question, and whether the departure and work will be more expensive than the lens - also makes sense, probably.

  • German10

    Rodion, I am surprised at your enthusiasm and patience, well done! The picture is quite portrait, good.

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