Portable LED video light LAOFAS Rainbow Fresh Full Color RGB

For the provided video light LAOFAS Rainbow Fresh Full Color RGB LED LIGHT many thanks to the company Gear... This light can be found on AliExpress at this link (cost about $ 50)... I also remind you that Gear releases many lenses.

Basic properties

  1. Portable light LAOFAS Consists of 28 white diodes + 28 yellow (warm) diodes + 24 RGB diodes
  2. Built-in non-removable battery 3000 mAh, 3.7 V
  3. Maximum output power 8 W
  4. Maximum brightness 630 LM, 850 Lux at a distance of 50 cm
  5. Maximum operating time with full power on 1 hour 12 minutes
  6. Small but very high contrast color OLED display
  7. Very simple and intuitive operation with 5 buttons (one of them is an on / off button). The modes go in a circle and are selected by the 'M' (Mode) button, the modes are set by the 'SET' and '+ -' buttons
  8. Two 1/4 ”tripod sockets at the ends for vertical and horizontal orientation
  9. Many built-in modes simulating dynamic lighting (very useful for video, such as oscillating light near the bar or dynamic lighting from fireworks or flashing lights of a special car)
  10. You can select a color temperature in the range 2500 K to 8500 K in 100 degree steps
  11. Power is selected from 10% to 100% in 1% steps
  12. TONE (color tone) from 0 to 360
  13. SATURATION from 0 to 100%
  14. Can separately adjust RGB channels from 0 to 100%
  15. CRI index> = 95
  16. Battery indicator as well as time indicator in hours and minutes, which shows how much will work LAOFAS with selected settings
  17. The package includes a TYPE-C USB cable, a soft case with a tightening, a certificate of passing quality control and a fairly large instruction (however, there is no Russian language there)
  18. It's important: The charger is not included in the package. You can use a charger from a mobile phone, computer, laptop or any other gadget that can charge via USB
  19. It's important: LAOFAS does not work while charging
  20. It's important: both white diodes and RGB diodes do not turn on
  21. Standby mode (switched on and off by pressing the on / off button once). The instructions say what to turn off LAOFAS is possible only after the standby mode has been deactivated. But LAOFAS from the overview is turned off by long pressing the on / off button in any mode, including in standby mode
  22. LAOFAS has a rather stylish body from aluminum
  23. Weight 157 grams (measured)
  24. Low cost (about $ 50 for Gear or on AliExpress and get free shipping)


My experience

LAOFAS Rainbow Fresh Full Color RGB - nice, small and light enough portable light. Company Gear provided me LAOFAS Rainbow Fresh Full Color RGB together with a small portable 'PERGEAR' tabletop tripod as well as a 'PERGEAR' hot shoe holder. These two useful additions will cost the buyer only 5-6 dollars.

At low power, the color temperature becomes much lower than the set value, which, of course, is not very good. I do not do video filming, and therefore assess the quality of the work LAOFAS Rainbow Fresh Full Color RGB I find it difficult. In any case, this is a budget solution, it may be useful for those who want to try on-camera light for the first time, or light for creative backlighting.

Video review

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Comments: 6, on the topic: Portable LED video light LAOFAS Rainbow Fresh Full Color RGB

  • Sergei

    I liked the little lamp from this company with 49 white LEDs and powered by 2 AA elements. 65 grams, luminous flux up to 800 lm.
    Only $ 12.
    I took it for video filming. The only drawback is there is no color temperature adjustment. But a cheap conversion film-filter for lighting devices is bought in specialized stores. One layer - reduces the color temperature from 6000 to 4500 degrees, two layers - already up to 3000.

    • Victor

      And one more minor drawback, most likely these 800 lumens are simply not there))

  • Dmitriy

    “In 100 degree increments”. 100 kelvin, without the word "degree".

    • Arkady Shapoval


  • Gregory

    I wonder if there is no night light mode? )

    • Joe

      Use at 10% power at 2500K color temperature.

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