Announcement: FUJINON GF LENS 35-70mm 1: 4.5-5.6 WR

On September 2, 2021, the FUJINON GF LENS 35-70mm 1: 4.5-5.6 WR lens was announced.

FUJINON GF LENS 35-70mm 1: 4.5-5.6 WR

FUJINON GF LENS 35-70mm 1: 4.5-5.6 WR

Basic properties

  • For medium format mirrorless cameras with Fujifilm G mount and crop factor Kf = 0.79
  • Focal length: 35-70 mm (EGF 28-55 mm)
  • Относительное отверстие: 1:4.5/1:5.6-1:32
  • MDF: 0.35 meters
  • Maximum magnification ratio 1: 3.6
  • Optical design: 11 elements in 9 groups, with two ED elements and two aspherical elements
  • Aperture: 9 rounded blades
  • Filter Diameter: 62 mm
  • Protected enclosure
  • Weight: 440 gram
  • Price: about 1000 dollars. All prices for modern Fujifilm lenses can be viewed here.



  1. 23 mm 1:4 R LM WR
  2. 30 mm 1:3.5 R WR
  3. 45 mm 1:2.8 R WR
  4. 50 mm 1:3.5 R LM WR
  5. 63 mm 1:2.8 R WR
  6. 80mm 1:1.7 R WR
  7. 110 mm 1:2 R LM WR
  8. 120 mm 1:4 R LM WR OIS MACRO
  9. 250 mm 1:4 R LM WR OIS
  10. 32-64 mm 1:4 R LM WR
  11. 35-70 mm 1: 4.5-5.6 WR
  12. 45-100 mm 1:4 R LM WR OIS
  13. 100-200 mm 1:5.6 R LM WR OIS
  14. Teleconverter GF1.4X TC WR

All these lenses are designed to work on cameras of the FUJIFILM GFX series: GFX 100, GFX 100 IR, Gfx 100s, Gfx 50sGFX 50s II, Gfx 50r

  • R (Ring) - a separate ring for iris control
  • LM (Linear Motor) - linear focusing motor
  • WR (Weather Resistant) - all-weather lens type
  • OIS (Optical Image Stabilization) - built-in optical image stabilization
  • Macro - Macro Lens
  • TC (Teleconverter) - teleconverter

There are also manual solutions from third-party manufacturers:

  1. Irix 45mm f / 1.4
  2. Mitakon 65mm F / 1.4
  3. Mitakon 85mm F / 1.2
  4. Laowa 15mm F / 4.5 Shift
  5. Laowa 17mm f / 4

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Comments: 16, on the topic: Announcement: FUJINON GF LENS 35-70mm 1: 4.5-5.6 WR

  • Oleg

    If you translate it into a full frame, is it 24-45 \ 2.8-4? Why is it better than a full-frame 24-70 \ 2.8

    • Victor

      Probably because the full-frame 24-70 will be difficult to use on the Fuji G.

    • Arkady Shapoval

      analogue 28-55 / 3.5-4.5
      it is better that the vignette will not be given on GFX cameras

  • Oleg

    I mean that the full frame is a very balanced solution with its fast fixes and light reportage zooms on one side. But the price of the carcass approached the price of the canon R5, and the top-end A1 from Sonev is one and a half times more expensive than this medium format

  • Oleg

    And the Fujifilm GFX 50S II lacks phase detection autofocus, making full frame even more preferable.

    • Victor

      Preferred for what? Anyone who needs a picture and a medium format resolution will not even look at a full frame. Who needs a light travel camera - the same thing.

      Everything is bought according to their tasks.

      • Andrei

        That's right, fuji crop and fuji sf, and ff nafig is not needed with such prices :-)

        • Maksim

          A Fuji crop with optics is not much cheaper than Full Frame.

  • Alexander

    And Fuji generally know how to make high-aperture glasses, or again for 1k bucks they are trying to sell not only that dark glass, but also with a variable aperture?

    • Oleg

      they definitely have a lot of high-aperture optics: 56 \ 1.2, 50 \ 1.0 for example, and a lot of optics with 1.4 for crop. Well, this one for the medium format is generally inexpensive. Aperture for medium format 80mm 1: 1.7 R WR and 110mm 1: 2 R LM WR analog 64 \ 1.2 and 88 \ 1.4 for a full frame approx. Buy this kit in a set plus one of the high-aperture ones and here's your happiness if you are not yet ruined

      • Alexander

        Yes, I'm more about zooms) Zooms - all of them are dark. But you really want to attach something with a constant aperture to your X-T1 so that you can shoot a reportage normally.

        • Victor

          So is there 16-55? Not that dark.

        • Arkady Shapoval

          x-t1 and this lens - you want to create a monster!

    • Arkady Shapoval

      This is a medium format, and Fuji has the lightest fix for a medium format. In terms of this lens, it is the same as 28-50 / 2,8-4 at full frame.

      • Victor

        So still 2.8-4 or 3.5-4.5? :)

        • Arkady Shapoval


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