Announcement: Yongnuo YN455 camera

July 2021 was announced Yongnuo YN455 camera.

Yongnuo YN455 camera of Micro 4/3 system

Yongnuo YN455 camera of Micro 4/3 system

Basic properties

  • Android camera
  • Micro 4/3 System (MFT)
  • 4K 30p Video
  • 6 GB of RAM, 64 GB of internal storage
  • 3G, 4G, WiFi
  • Weight 670 grams
  • Other information here

All Yongnuo Lenses

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Bayonet mount Nikon Z [DF, FULL FRAME + DA,APS-C]::

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Bayonet mount fujifilm x [DA,APS-C]:

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For the system Micro 4 / 3:

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Bayonet mount Canon EF (mirrored full frame):

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  9. yongnuo 85 mm 1: 1.8 [review]
  10. yongnuo 100 mm 1: 2 [overview]


  1. Yongnuo YN433 (2023, Micro 4/3, 20 MP, 4K)
  2. Yongnuo YN455 (2021, Micro 4/3, 20 MP, 4K)
  3. Yongnuo YN450/450M (2019, Micro 4/3 -> Canon EF, 16 MP, 4K)

Lenses and cameras and many other products from Yongnuo can easily be found at Authorized Yongnuo Dealer / Store on Aliexpres.

My video on all Yongnuo lenses here.

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Comments: 33, on the topic: Announcement: Yongnuo YN455 camera

  • Dmitry V.G.

    There are two questions:
    1. But is it necessary?
    2. Why is there Android?

    Just for the sake of AI algorithms and the ability to roll a crookedly ported GCam?

    • Alexey

      maybe they just found a pack of 4/3 matrices somewhere and they are testing technologies

    • Aleksey68

      and what else should be there? Linux is free, no one has to pay royalties. it takes too much brains to raise everything on bare metal, it's expensive.

    • Ivan Shikhalev

      2. So as not to write the firmware from scratch.

    • Not a bot

      You can go to the Internet from the camera. Great Flexibility, for streaming the very thing, for Newfagov it is a “phone” camera, almost like a camera in a smartphone. If he writes without stopping, you can shoot online without crutches directly and send the photo, and if the lens is good, you can hook a gun for 300 bucks…. of course if it works.

    • Sergei

      Well, how to post to Instagram from a camera without an android? That's just it.

  • Oleg

    We buy 25-50 / 1,7 for the delivery of the camera yamno and feel happy

  • Aleksey68

    and why exactly MFT is also understandable - the lens protocol is open.
    but yes, another toy. although, if they post the source code of the software and the circuit, it can and will be successful in a small community. everyone will be able to add / rewrite something.

  • Ivan Shikhalev

    I wonder how it will work. Especially autofocus. And so it's high time.

  • Oleg

    If I found the price correctly, the price will be 45x00 rubles, not cheap

    • Oleg


      • Dmitry V.G.

        Isn't it easier then to buy the more predictable Canon m50 or something like that? Compact dimensions, interchangeable optics, developments and algorithms of a renowned manufacturer, etc.
        A camera without perspectives, unless there is some hidden "killer feature" there. For one and a half geeks, like a smartphone on Ubuntu (he died without being born, despite all the enthusiasm of these 1,5 geeks from "openness" and "revolutionism").

        • Oleg

          The Chinese market is big, someone will buy it, and maybe young people will come. And m50 crop 1,5 is still preferable

        • Arkady Shapoval

          This is Mikra, just EOS M is not a very promising system, it seems they will close it or, at least, do not plan to develop it.

          • Oleg

            Then an inexpensive fuj, and the M series is most likely doomed, it has a dead-end flange. Although good sales in japan

          • Dmitry V.G.

            Yes, perhaps the EOS-M is a dead-end branch, but full compatibility with the EF | EF-S fleet of optics through a penny adapter like Viltrox makes the purchase very interesting here and now. I myself jumped off a Canon "mirror" on this little girl a year ago, continuing to use the entire set of glasses that I had accumulated. And the crop is smaller, and the menu is familiar, and the darkness of various camera accessories is available (I am now writing more videos, so the camera is in a "cage", usually there is a dummy battery powered by a power-bank). And what will be the situation with this Yongno is not clear at all.

            • Yuriy75

              I jumped off the Canon crop to the micra and I don't see any difference in the picture. No, I see, even on the "whale" optics Olympus is more abruptly than amateur Canon cameras. Plus a stub on the matrix, I did not notice at first how the micro-lubricant disappeared in the evening, according to the dynamic range, my 1100D and 4000D quietly smoke on the sidelines. If this photographic tablet is on the picture at the level of the new Olympus, then the fuck your Canonies are tired, enough have eaten their fill. Nikon seems to be good, but an old song about the lack of glass for a crop begins at the BZK. And the price ... Make a $ 500 plastic UPC with a rotating screen and a 1 pixel viewfinder and a whale lens and all the others will disappear without a trace.

              • Michael

                There is, of course, a difference. But not strong.

              • Denis

                A very strange conclusion about Canon after your "rich" experience)) Especially when you consider that the two models listed are amateur. What didn't you like? What Olympus do you use, if not a secret?

  • Michael

    “… .And you can also call this camera…”

    • Yuriy75

      I think from him and a video call is not a problem

      • Victor

        With a cream-colored box from an ultra-fast f / 0.85 lens. Unusual.

  • Yuriy75

    Cool toy, no tablet needed, removed, processed, posted. Still, the viewfinder, at least removable. Only the price is a little overpriced.

  • Igor

    Have you screwed a lens to the phone?
    Or the phone was placed in a box with a lens :))

  • Novel

    Generally, brilliant. A cool matrix and interchangeable optics were installed on the smartphone. For android systems - cheap software, a bunch of developers, cheap processors. The quality of the processed photos in smartphones is quite high, if you integrate a large matrix and high-quality optics into a smartphone, you can get just a bomb. Minimum development costs - the product is cheap. The picture is immediately perfect - just what you need for a mass buyer.

    • Yuriy75

      The funny thing is that Sansung did it 7-8 years ago in the NX Galaxy camera, but no one understood them, although the camera for a blogger is very interesting.

      • Victor

        7-8 years ago, the software for mobile cameras was not yet so developed, and alas, the entire NX system did not live up to these bright times.

    • Dmitry V.G.

      Everything is true, but only in words. But in fact, in order for everything to work so great, you have to write a bunch of software and work algorithms. For this matrix, with correction for optics, both for photo / and video, etc. And focus work, and exposure metering, etc. There is a huge piece of work! On which the result will depend on 2/3. Does Yongno have any experience with all of this? The question is open.

      It is not enough to attach a large matrix with interchangeable lenses to a smartphone and shoot via Open Camera, it does not work that way. More precisely, it will work, but the result will hardly please you. :)

  • Ivan IO

    And yet, someone will write a program, such as an android magic tape. And weddings will go to bomb with Yongnuo YN455 at the ready. At first, small, and then more and more, the 3,4 marks will remain out of work.

    • Dmitry V.G.

      So even on ML, the developers have already "scored", because of the difficulties. :( Despite the fact that the Canon camera park is huge, there is a demand for this firmware. I am sure that many videographers would be ready to buy it even for $$$. But the stone flower does not come out, the open source community has it.

      And here - a local product that is hardly understood by the global market.

  • no one cares

    I would take

  • TwentyKarantino

  • Ilya A

    If it is in the region of 30, then I would take it as a traveling camera. But let's see.

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