Tamron SP AF LD 70-210mm 1: 2.8 67DN + Nikon D40

Just summer photos with a fairly rare lens Tamron SP AF LD 70-210mm 1: 2.8 67DN paired with Nikon D40.

Nikon D40

Convert original RAW files to JPEG with the original Nikon Capture NX-D utility without additional settings (easy conversion to get JPEG) or regular JPEG L FINE straight from the camera. Some photos were finalized in Adobe Photoshop (mainly with the Nik Collection plugin).

Some photos were taken using a cheap polarizing filter. Citiwide CPL 77mm... As practice shows, it is better to remove even with cheap polaricthan without a polaric at all. Front lens with filter thread for Tamron SP AF LD 70-210mm 1: 2.8 67DN rotates and drives forward, work with polaric extremely difficult. Attempting to expose the polaric ring results in a focus failure. By the way, with the lens Tamron SP AF LD 70-210mm 1: 2.8 67DN on Nikon D40 only manual focus is available.

Tamron SP AF LD 70-210mm 1: 2.8 67DN on camera Nikon D40 is recognized as 72-210 / 3, and therefore in EXIF often written as F / 3 (instead of real F / 2.8). Many other cameras do not have this problem.

Some photos were taken using the cheapest extension rings... Actually, for the sake of trying to shoot at 70-210 / 2.8 with macro rings I prepared this note. In the gallery below are pictures with macro rings do not have imprinted focal length and aperture values. Cheap macro rings do not have CPU contacts, do not support autofocus and do not provide the ability to control aperture with G / E type lenses.

Photos are clickable to enlarge. Some of the same pictures here.

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Comments: 21, on the topic: Tamron SP AF LD 70-210mm 1: 2.8 67DN + Nikon D40

  • UstasFritZZZ

    Gorgeous colors. I kept a link to this article to return to summer in winter ..

    PS Somewhere lonely Vadimka was sad

    • Gregor_S

      Yes, color is probably the only parameter by which you need to choose a camera

    • Not a bot

      AhahH, let's remember about the Magic DD cameras from the 4th century BC.

  • M.K.

    Good photos.

  • in

    Photo from d40 is noticeably better :)

    • Arkady Shapoval

      With d40 the sample is larger

  • varezhkin

    Nikon, return the ccd profiles!

  • Novel

    Arkady, well, you could have gone to Troy, looked for normal objects there for shooting, but not this one.

    • Novel

      Macro rings, manual focus, polaric. Are you kidding me?

      • Arkady Shapoval

        Are you talking to yourself?

        • Novel

          I point out the glaring shortcomings of the review. Where are the lovely to heart clapboard-covered balconies? Where are the rays of the setting sun reflected in the ATB facades covered with advertising? Where are the beautiful portraits with faces the color of spring green?

          • Victor

            It's just that Arkady has not yet grasped Zen.

            And yes, he doesn't have a medium format either.

            • Arkady Shapoval

              It would be a medium format, of course, I would shoot balconies and ATB :). And so on D40 you have to shoot something simpler :)

          • Arkady Shapoval

            This is apparently a reference to Vadim? I don't understand what you are driving at :)

            • Novel

              This is a collective image: “I bought this miracle, see HOW IT TAKES OFF”.

              • in

                You need to envy in silence!

              • Novel

                We'll have to go and build beauty on brick walls and pale green faces, count the pixels of the HA and so that there are no polarics, this is not a kid.

              • Arkady Shapoval

                Here today new masterpieces in medium format are already being posted https://radojuva.com/2014/10/pentax-645z-video/comment-page-1/#comment-476988

              • Novel

                God, this is wonderful! They made me two sofas to order and asked to take a picture in the interior. And I, a fool, agreed. I thought I'd take a full-frame picture. And you need at least a medium format. So what's now???

  • Serge

    Roman, go to sleep on the sofa.

    • Andrii

      Sounds like an invitation.

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