YONGNUO YN360Mini RGB (Portable LED Light) Review

According provided by YONGNUO YN360Mini RGB LED light huge thanks directly company Yongnuo.



YONGNUO YN360Mini RGB - portable LED light, first of all a useful thing for video filming.

Key features include:

  1. 1.54 inch TFT LCD color display
  2. two types of menus (graphic and text), both are very easy to operate and understand
  3. YONGNUO YN360Mini RGB consists of 180 diodes for the main light. The color temperature can be adjusted from 2700 K to 7500 K, and the power can be adjusted from 1 to 100%. At low power, the color temperature becomes much lower than the set (averaged to about 3700 K, which is not very good)
  4. and also YONGNUO YN360Mini RGB consists of 60 RGB diodes for RGB colors, which allow you to get 36.000 variants of the HSI gamut (you can select HUE from 0 to 360 degrees, SATURATION from 0 to 100%, LUMINANCE from 0 to 100% in one step)
  5. It's important: LED and RGB SMD not turn on at the same time
  6. YONGNUO YN360Mini RGB can be controlled by smartphone via Bluetooth
  7. the main LED light gives 5158 Lux at a distance of 0.3 m and 2057 Lux at a distance of 0.5 m
  8. RGB light gives 3720 Lux at 0.3m, 1517 Lux at 0.5m and 401 Lux at 1m
  9. output power 10 W
  10. built-in 7.2 V battery with a capacity of 2600 mAh. It's important: there is a battery indicator, and time indicator in hours and minutes, which shows how long the YONGNUO YN360Mini RGB will work with the selected settings
  11. available 1 hour 40 minutes work at full power from a fully charged battery
  12. only fast charging via Type-C with a power of 18 W (9-15 V, 2A) is possible, charging 80% in 1 hour. It's important: Charger not included in the package
  13. many built-in modes simulating dynamic lighting (very useful for videos, such as vibrating lights from a fireplace or dynamic lights from a police car's flashing lights)
  14. remote control is possible via 2.4 GHz channel from a distance of up to 15 meters, 256 channels are supported (I do not know what device this should be done)
  15. two sockets for a tripod at the ends
  16. the delivery set includes: quality Type-C cable, diffuser nozzle, honeycomb nozzle, case with shoulder strap for easy and comfortable transportation
  17. the package also includes a wrist strap; YONGNUO YN360Mini RGB has two symmetrical sockets for a strap (at the ends)
  18. the delivery set also includes 2 magnetic clips (powerful neodymium magnets, bluish rounds in the photos of the appearance) and 2 Velcro clips for them (white rounds), with which you can attach the YONGNUO YN360Mini RGB, for example, to the wall
  19. YONGNUO YN360Mini RGB weighs 660 grams
  20. YONGNUO YN360Mini RGB light is rated for 50.000 hours of operation
  21. YONGNUO YN360Mini RGB can be easily placed on a table or other flat surface on the end, thus it is very easy and simple to illuminate something for subject shooting
  22. YONGNUO YN360Mini RGB cost is about $ 100


My experience

I liked the rich bundle and it’s a pity that the bundle doesn’t come with fast charging.

It's important: YONGNUO YN360Mini RGB will not be charged from a normal phone charger with low power (like 5V, 2A). For charging, you need a charger that produces at least 9V and 2A (power 18 W). Yongnuo kindly gave me a review UGREEN 20W PD FAST CHARGER, but when buying YONGNUO YN360Mini RGB, the user will have to look for such a charger on their own. By the way, I still had to find adapter for euro-socket and cable Type-C <-> Type-C.

I do not do video shooting, and therefore it is difficult for me to qualitatively evaluate the work of YONGNUO YN360Mini RGB. For photos, I found the use of YONGNUO YN360Mini RGB in pleasant glare and iridescence of some lenses (example, example).

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Comments: 6, on the topic: YONGNUO YN360Mini RGB (Portable LED Light) Review

  • Anton

    Thanks for the review.

    Now, a little boring.
    “180 LED diodes” and “60 RGB SMD diodes”. It would be more correct to say simply “180 white diodes” and “60 RGB diodes”. The abbreviation LED already includes the word “diode” in the name. And SMD is nothing more than a way of mounting parts (both white and rgb are smd diodes)

    • Arkady Shapoval

      there 180 not all white, some yellow, to create gradations in color temperature. Thank you

      • Novel

        Well, strictly formally, these are 180 cold and warm white LEDs (to create gradations in color temperature). Humanly

      • Novel

        The third eye (or rather the brain) in an absolute representation perceives a rather large number of different spectra as white, seeing the difference only when compared - warmer-colder, yellowish-blue.

    • Ivan

      I will add a little of my tediousness. The abbreviation LED translates as "light-emitting diode" and not just "diode".

  • Azazazov

    Look, 3rd generation of light sticks. Well done, Youngnuo! The non-removable battery and the need for special charging are not encouraging.

    From personal experience - there is such a guy on YouTube, AlexGyver. I made a similar light stick according to his project in the housing of a ceiling lamp.
    The power turned out to be much more than 10 watts, with the cost of the kit being 2 thousand rubles (up to 30 US dollars). All the same in functionality (and even more) + had a great time building.

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