Impressions of the Sony a7 III

These are my personal impressions, they may differ from the opinions of other users.

sony a7 III

sony a7 III

sony a7 III was announced on 27.02.2018/XNUMX/XNUMX (early 2018). The camera is already three years old, but it is still the current model. I have worked with the Sony a7 III many times, for example to create the following reviews:

  1. Yongnuo YnLens YN85mm F1.8S DF DSM for Sony E
  2. Sigma 40mm 1: 1.4 DG A for Sony E
  3. Sigma 14mm 1: 1.8 DG A for Sony E
  4. 7Artisans 50mm 1: 1.05 APO
  5. NONIKKOR-MC 35mm 1:1.4 1980s Artralab Hong Kong
  6. AstrHori 85mm F2.8 Macro (R 85/2.8 TS TILT)
  7. MEIKE 85/1.8 Auto Focus STM

These reviews also contain original JPEG and RAW files. IN Sony a7 III announcement contains the main specifications.

The Sony a7 III is a very well balanced camera. Personally, I consider it the most balanced camera of all interchangeable lens full frame mirrorless cameras out there. Balanced is not the best... This means that, in general, it solves the vast majority of photo tasks well, has a good balance between its capabilities and price. In the Sony a7 III, I am satisfied with almost everything.

I'm already used to the Sony a7 III menu, as I have been faced with the 'difficult Sonev menu' for a very long time. I'm used to management. At first, controlling the camera seems difficult, but then you get used to it and do not notice any serious problems at all. Lately I don't care about control at all, due to the constant flow of different cameras through my hands, I have lost the taste of 'good control' and can comfortably shoot with anything. If only the camera had at least some kind of ISO control, shutter speed, aperture and autofocus settings.

Focusing on the eyes / face works well. More than once I have found that the camera focuses very well even in very low light. I have no complaints about focusing at all.

In terms of image quality, this is a state-of-the-art camera with adequate high ISO noise, dynamic range and color. I have no serious complaints about the color, it lends itself well to adjustments and is quite suitable for a large number of photo tasks. Still, over three generations the camera has been well developed (meaning the transition from Sony A7 -> Sony A7 II -> Sony A7 III).

If I had a choice from scratch to build a photo park based on a mirrorless system, taking into account the price / quality, then my choice would have fallen on the Sony a7 III. The main reason for choosing Sony lies not so much in the capabilities of the Sony a7 III itself, as in the development of the Sony mirrorless system (my video about this is here).

If I am not limited in financial matters, then I would look exclusively at Canon R5 (reason: interesting original lenses) or FUJIFILM GFX 100S (Reason: Rumor has it that this is 'medium format').

All photos in the gallery below are on-camera JPEG with Yongnuo YnLens YN85mm F1.8S DF DSM without any manipulation of the settings. Standard Picture Control with zero corrections for sharpness, contrast and saturation. All auxiliary functions that improve image quality have been turned off.

Original RAW photos ('.ARW' compressed) can be download from this link (20 photos, 500 MB). Original photos in JPEG '.JPG' format can be download from this link (40 photos, 270 MB). More examples of photos on the Sony a7 III can be found in the review Irix 15mm f / 2.4 Firefly.

Where to buy?

Current prices for Sony a7M3 camera you can see in popular stores:

All Full Frame Sony E-mount Cameras


  1. Sony FE 14 mm F / 1.8 GM [April 2021, BHphotovideo]
  2. Sony FE 20 mm F / 1.8 G [February 2020, BHphotovideo]
  3. Sony FE 24 mm F / 1.4 GM [September 2018, BHphotovideo]
  4. Sony FE 24 mm F / 2.8 G [March 2021, BHphotovideo]
  5. Sony FE 28 mm F / 2.0 [March 2015, BHphotovideo]
  6. Sony FE 35 mm F / 1.4 GM [January 2021, BHphotovideo]
  7. Sony FE 35 mm F / 1.4 ZA [August 2014, BHphotovideo]
  8. Sony FE 35 mm F / 1.8 [July 2019, BHphotovideo]
  9. Sony FE 35 mm F / 2.8 ZA [October 2013, BHphotovideo]
  10. Sony FE 40 mm F / 2.5 G [March 2021, BHphotovideo]
  11. Sony FE 50 mm F / 1.2 GM [March 2021, BHphotovideo]
  12. Sony FE 50 mm F / 1.4 ZA [July 2016, BHphotovideo]
  13. Sony FE 50 mm F / 1.4 GM [February 2023, BHphotovideo]
  14. Sony FE 50 mm F / 1.8 [March 2016, BHphotovideo]
  15. Sony FE 50 mm F / 2.8 Macro [August 2016, BHphotovideo]
  16. Sony FE 50 mm F / 2.5 G [March 2021, BHphotovideo]
  17. Sony FE 55 mm F / 1.8 ZA [October 2013, BHphotovideo]
  18. Sony FE 85 mm F / 1.4 GM [February 2016, BHphotovideo]
  19. Sony FE 85 mm F / 1.8 [February 2017, BHphotovideo]
  20. Sony FE 90 mm F / 2.8 Macro G OSS [March 2015, BHphotovideo]
  21. Sony FE 100 mm F / 2.8 STF GM OSS [February 2017, BHphotovideo]
  22. Sony FE 135 mm F / 1.8 GM [February 2019, BHphotovideo]
  23. Sony FE 300 mm F / 2.8 GM OSS [November 2023, BHphotovideo]
  24. Sony FE 400 mm F / 2.8 GM OSS [June 2018, BHphotovideo]
  25. Sony FE 600 mm F / 4 GM OSS [June 2019, BHphotovideo]


  1. Sony FE 12-24 mm F / 2.8 GM [July 2020, BHphotovideo]
  2. Sony FE 12-24 mm F / 4 G [May 2017, BHphotovideo]
  3. Sony FE 16-25 mm F / 2.8 G [April 2024, BHphotovideo]
  4. Sony FE 16-35 mm F / 2.8 GM [May 2017, BHphotovideo]
  5. Sony FE 16-35 mm F / 2.8 GM II [August 2023, BHphotovideo]
  6. Sony FE 16-35 mm T / 3.1 PZ G C [November 2020, BHphotovideo]
  7. Sony FE 16-35 mm F / 4 ZA OSS [September 2014, BHphotovideo]
  8. Sony FE 16-35 mm F / 4 PZ G [March 2022, BHphotovideo]
  9. Sony FE 20-70 mm F / 4 G  [January 2023, BHphotovideo]
  10. Sony FE 24-50 mm F / 2.8 G [February 2024, BHphotovideo]
  11. Sony FE 24-70 mm F / 2.8 GM [February 2016, BHphotovideo]
  12. Sony FE 24-70 mm F / 2.8 GM II [April 2022, BHphotovideo]
  13. Sony FE 24-70 mm F / 4 ZA OSS [October 2013, BHphotovideo]
  14. Sony FE 24-105 mm F / 4 G OSS [October 2017, BHphotovideo]
  15. Sony FE 24-240 mm F / 3.5-6.3 OSS [March 2015, BHphotovideo]
  16. Sony FE 28-60 mm F / 4-5.6 [September 2020, BHphotovideo]
  17. Sony FE 28-70 mm F / 3.5-5.6 OSS [October 2013, BHphotovideo]
  18. Sony FE 28-135 mm F / 4 G PZ OSS [September 2014, BHphotovideo]
  19. Sony FE 70-200 mm F / 2.8 GM OSS [October 2017, BHphotovideo]
  20. Sony FE 70-200 mm F / 2.8 GM OSS II [October 2021, BHphotovideo]
  21. Sony FE 70-200 mm F / 4 G OSS [October 2013, BHphotovideo]
  22. Sony FE 70-200 mm F / 4 Macro OSS II [July 2023, BHphotovideo]
  23. Sony-FE 70-300 mm F / 4.5-5.6 G OSS [March 2016, BHphotovideo]
  24. Sony FE 100-400 mm F / 4.5-5.6 GM OSS [April 2017, BHphotovideo]
  25. Sony FE 200-600 mm F / 5.6-6.3 G OSS [June 2019, BHphotovideo]

Autofocus full-frame lenses for Sony E / FE mount are also available from other manufacturers:

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Comments: 71, on the topic: Impressions of the Sony a7 III

  • Michael

    Right now greyhound Olegos will come and blow the site =)

    • Arkady Shapoval

      For the sake of hype, Oleg can also “googol” “bother”

    • Dmitry Kostin

      Cheerful guy, with humor)
      For Canon he drowns indecently (in some places), but listening to him is interesting (for a fan), although I do not always agree with him everywhere.
      Oleg's interview with Arkady did not work out.
      The result was Krylov's fable "The Swan, Pike and Cancer."
      In fact, the conversation from technology had to be translated into something vital or at work.

    • Basil

      Who is Oleg Zadudosit and where to watch his interview with Arkadin?

  • B. R. P.

    Thanks for the impression. “FUJIFILM GFX 100S is rumored to be 'medium format' - !!!

    • Dmitry Kostin

      "FUJIFILM GFX 100S is rumored to be 'medium format"
      So the classic 6x45, 6x7, 6x8, 6x9 Sony does not produce.
      The Pentax is shipped the same physical die size as Fuji, or vice versa).

    • Hair dryer

      If we draw parallels with films, then 127 film was shot including 4 * 3 frames and always belonged to the medium format, therefore the matrix used in the Fujifilm and Pentax cameras is a real medium format and point. And if you count the average format from 6 * 4.5, then in this case, the backs from the phase and Hassel are not medium format, in short, all this is talk in favor of the poor, the fact is that GFX cameras form a fundamentally different image than full-frame sensors and may well compete with "adult backdrops" , that says it all.

      • Joe

        What do you mean by “fundamentally different image”?

  • Michael

    But seriously, I agree with almost everything, but personally I didn't like the way the camera was in my hand.
    But obviously a fix for this flaw is planned in advance for the next generation.
    Oh, these managers =)
    PS I would very much like to read a review from you on the Sony 85mm 1.8, I think that this lens is ideally combined with this camera, the same balanced.

    • Alex

      What do you expect to see so unexpected in the 85 1.8 review?
      the lens has been on the market for a hundred years, everyone already knows everything about it

      • Michael

        See good examples of photos)

    • Anatoly

      I am writing as a former owner of this lens, I will compare it with the analogue of sigma Art 85 1.4.
      Sony fe 85 1.8 very good lens
      First of all, the price, it costs 550 $ in Belarus, this is almost 2 times cheaper than sigma, although sigma Art 85 dg dn f1.4 has recently appeared, which has a price of about $ 800, but it is not yet clear what kind of it it is.
      -sharp with open, only slightly inferior to sigma
      -very fast autofocus (much faster than sigma)
      -very light, 3 times lighter than sigma and this is also an important argument if you are ready to carry extra kg with you.
      - catches well in the eyes, subjectively better than sigma.
      -cheap filter 67mm (hello sigma with its 86mm)
      - there is a programmable button (sigma does not have it and this is a sensitive minus).
      Cons: chromatic, good bokeh, but worse than sigma.
      Now for the most important point, but this is for my taste. Compared to a7r2 and higher, sigma gives a noticeably better picture, and in principle the pluses outweigh the minuses (he himself faced this choice and chose sigma). On the a7x, it's probably better to take Sony. I haven't tried it on a7s, I won't tell you here. Something like this.

      • Joe

        Sony FE 85mm f / 1.8 is still not quite a direct analogue of the Sigma 85mm F1.4 DG HSM | Art - it could be compared to the Sony FE 85mm F1.4 GM (the difference in aperture of 2/3 stops between f / 1.8 and f / 1.4 significantly affects the price, size and weight), and even then you have to take into account, that the aforementioned Sigma lens model was originally designed for SLR cameras, as opposed to the Sony lens.
        For a general idea about the newer model Sigma 85mm F / 1.4 DG DN | ART can be viewed on the Christopher Frost channel:

        • Arkady Shapoval

          The native Sony 85 / 1,8 is more like Yongnuo Ynlens YN85mm F1.8S DF DSM (YN85mm F1.8S), pictures from which are shown here in the review. And also similar to
          Viltrox PFU RBMH 85mm F1.8 STM (actually the same Viltrox AF 85 / 1.8 II XF STM ED IF XNUMXnd version) and in fact the same Tokina atx-m 85mm F1.8 FE... The same Frost praised the Viltroxes and the Yongs. Other reviewers also optically confirmed the proximity of Yong, Viltrox and Tokina to the native FE 85 / 1,8.

          But 1.4 is really a different niche and different optics.

          There is also a Carl Zeiss 85mm f / 1.8 Sonnar T * Batis, but with a stabilizer, too - a little different. And Zeiss comes with a different price tag.

          There is also a relatively inexpensive Samyang AF 85 / 1.4 FE. Only he + - can be a competitor for the native Sony 85 / 1,8 for about the same money and with 1.4.

          The other 85s with 1.4 E mount are significantly more expensive (there are only three of them: two Sigmas 85 / 1.4 DG and DG DN and native Sony).

          • Anatoly

            They would be paired to test, Sony and yongnuo. They are very similar in body, also the button
            and af / mf switch. the difference in price is not very large, the price in Minsk Sony is 550 $, I did not find yongnuo in Belarus, in Russia it is about $ 400. Sony is very sharp with 1.8, fast, tenacious in the eyes and generally silent! But often a lot of aberrations come out. As for Samyang 85 1.4, I will not say anything, but in all reviews it is highly praised for its sharpness.

        • Anatoly

          It is clear that sigma will be better, I compared, tk. owned both lenses. Anyway, questions often arise, what is better to buy. In the picture, the fe85f18 is very close to the Sony sonnar 55mm f1.8. But with sigma Art 85 dg dn 1.4, the campaign is not so smooth, in any case, the sigma service told me that it is better to leave the old version, to be honest, I did not specify why. The most interesting thing is that today the new vernia in Minsk costs about $ 900, and the old one $ 1100. For me, in sigme there is only 1 minus, this is the focusing speed, it is PPC slow (((

        • Anatoly

          Oh, I also forgot to write that Sony fe85f18 is generally silent focusing, and sigma is quiet, but sometimes beeps.

  • Alex

    yeah, the camera is so balanced that I can hardly imagine what Sony can add to the A7 IV.

    new sensor for 30-32 megapixels? does not do the weather.

    4K 60 fps video without crop? interesting only to those who care about the video, but in general there are rumors that Sony will squeeze on the video so as not to undermine the sales of more expensive models.

    better screen and full touch interface? I do not care about the interface, everything is smartly controlled by buttons, and there are doubts about the best screen, looking at what kind of g ... they put in the same A1.

    that's why Sony is in no rush to release the A7 IV.

    • copenhagen72

      Of the necessary
      1) Normal menu from a7s3
      2) Swivel screen
      3) Corrected color rendering from a7s3
      4) 4K60fps at least in crop

      Also add permissions to the screen and the viewfinder never hurts.

  • Alex

    I wonder which RF lenses are so interesting?
    (except 28-70 f / 2 :))

    • Arkady Shapoval

      Canon Lens RF 50mm F1.2L USM
      Canon Lens RF 85mm F1.2 L USM + the most interesting Canon Lens RF 85mm F1.2 L USM DS (DEFOCUS SMOOTHING)
      Canon Lens RF 15-35mm F2.8 L IS USM
      Canon Lens RF 28-70mm F2 L USM

    • Novel

      Practically everything. 85/2 and 35 / 1.8 are improved versions of their inexpensive predecessors with good macro capabilities (albeit 0.5x).
      600/11 - 800/11 - compact telephoto lenses with huge focal lengths, quite suitable for use outdoors and for nature shots.
      24-120 / 4-7.1 - very compact.
      24-240 - compact XNUMXx zoom
      70-200 / 2.8L - foldable unlike all competitors
      100 / 2.8L Macro - 1.4 magnification plus bokeh control

      Either old lenses with an adapter can be used, or new ones, and each has some unique feature that distinguishes it from its predecessor.

      • Dmitry Kostin

        "24-120 / 4-7.1 - very compact."
        A review was recently released about him:
        No, I'd rather save up for RF 24-105 / 4L if need be, something like that.
        “Either old lenses with an adapter can be used”
        I can't wait to buy an EOS R and try how all the old stuff will work on it, but while I keep myself in control, maybe I know myself - I'll have to sell D4, because it will be abandoned and will lie, which I don't want at all. The purchase of the UPC will not improve the level of my photography in any way, it is just a tool. Of course it is tempting, if 28-70 / 2.8 works fine, then buy 70-200 / 4 up to a heap and approx. Cheap and cheerful.

        • Novel

          Churches and tanks. Everything is as usual, I didn't even bother to read it. Better to let the cats take pictures.

        • Novel

          I don't see any restrictions on old optics - the support is purely electronic. If the new lenses manage to work on the carcasses of the 87th year, then the newest carcasses will certainly support, at least for a dozen years, I hope they will keep this legacy volume. It is interesting to try it myself, but the repair eats up all the resources, not until the new technology. Didn't come across. by the way, no comments on incompatibility.

          The 24-105 / 4-7.1 is a decent full-frame gag kit, especially for the small EOS R. But honestly I don't quite understand why you need a budget full-frame camera when there are tons of cheaper alternatives. But it is there.

          And so you can collect a very decent set for any wallet. 24-105 / 4 - 100-500 / 4-7.1. Or 15-35, 24-70, 70-200 at 2.8. Or fixes, since new ones will arrive. Everything is much more fun than “we released 1.2 in thirty years”.

        • Aleksey68

          EMF chips do not work on the EOS R, and they work without problems on all other cameras, including the third gloom, 90D and 5Dsr.

          • York

            The aunts have a great sensor, and that's basically all I like about them.

            Everything else is for an amateur.

            Ergonomics curve.
            VI - longing.
            Gluttonous, shopeiset.

            The main thing for me personally is a closed system, after K / N, the search for a flash, for example, is a problem.

            I don't like the default bloom categorically, and if you don't want to edit it, then this is also a problem, yes.

            If we ignore this, then 7r2, for example, is now the most accessible FF-BZ with a stub, and that's cool.

            R5 - uber alles, but if it hadn’t been for a specialist for it the loot was postponed, in my life I wouldn’t have taken a shmurdyak for such baps ...

            • Anatoly

              The problem with flashes on Sony is solved by godox xt1 s and flashes from the same company. In addition to radio synchronization, there will be laser illumination.

          • York

            These chips on M do not work either, alas.

          • Joe

            If we mean chips with contacts that are used on adapters for manual lenses for the focus confirmation function, then there are 2 nuances:
            1. For DSLR cameras this “focus confirmation” with non-autofocus lenses is not particularly useful because it does not work accurately enough. This is from my experience; I also met alternative opinions - probably, each has its own evaluation criteria.
            2. For mirrorless cameras, such a chip is hardly needed, because the cameras themselves have much more useful functions for manual focusing: Focus Peaking and magnification, including directly in the viewfinder.

        • Novel

          Are you talking about "dandelions"? It's a shame, of course, but they were not made by Canon, they were stitched together by reverse engineering and I cannot demand the support of third-party solutions from the company.

          I think they will quickly fix it and will release it directly onto the RF mount.

          By support for old optics, I mean, first of all, support for native optics, without these ugly complex compatibility tables for cameras and lenses.

          • Aleksey68

            I wrote this for information, not criticism or complaint.

    • Novel

      And on the way there are still 135 / 1.8 and probably the world's first autofocus tilt-shift.

  • Yltuntai

    Gnometric vignetting due to insufficient inner diameter of the bayonet.

    • Arkady Shapoval

      old story

      • Vladimir Shapoval

        Arkady, hello! Please tell me, is the first generation Sony A7 much different from the third generation Sony exclusively in terms of taking photos? Video by itself will be better for 3 ki, but it is the photo that interests you, tk. closer to the photo. Compare, try, take pictures of both are not possible, only Sony A7 is on hand, I shoot mainly with manual Soviet optics (photo) and rarely with kit 28-70 (video). I tried to compare both cameras on the Internet, + 3 ki: autofocus, battery, slightly better ergonomics, touch screen, stabilizer, video. - at 3 ki: reliability.

        I did not see any strong differences from the photo, only the color and DD can be a little better and that's it.

        Interested in your opinion

        • Arkady Shapoval

          Now fundamentally new cameras do not differ much in terms of photos. There is something a little better, there is something a little worse. But in general, especially at low ISOs, all modern 24 megapixel cameras + are similar (Nikon and Sony have actually used the same sensors). I don't see much sense in changing a7 to a7m3 purely under the manual. If you change, then already on a7p4, kenon p5, nikon z7-2, panas p1, etc.

          • Vladimir Shapoval

            Thank you for your feedback. It means that there is not much sense in the transition for taking a photo. I can't handle such cameras, I have limited funds, I can only take Sony A7 2, Sony a7c2 in case of sale, well, or dig up, wait and take A7 3, I don't consider other systems, because I'm used to Sony, although I started with Nikon d40, d300, d700, Canon 600d, 60d, Sony Nex 3, Fuji x-t10, and now I'm sitting on a7, at the same time, I can switch to another system, since the optics park is just a manual, I don't really lose so to speak.

            At the same time, when I moved on, I deliberately knew why, only BZK, to FF, tk. manual optics for FF, high ISO, DD, better bokeh, picking, magnifying glass, etc.

            Of course, the manual of a 24 megapixel matrix will not reveal its full potential, sometimes you think to sell the manual and take 1 zoom Tamron or 2 fixes from Samyang, because they see, they make good lenses, they look like expensive Zeiss + -.

            On the other hand, the manual also produces a good picture, except for contrast and sharpness, compared to modern glass.

            Well, of course, it all depends on the goals of the shooting, if the reportage, definitely autofocus lenses, if you slowly shoot, subject, macro, landscape, portraits, the manual will also go.

            I shoot with lenses Mir 1 white, Helios 44-3, Industar 61 lz, Jupiter 37a, Tair 3fs.

            There are thoughts of taking autofocus optics, but you don’t know if something from inexpensive will meet expectations, Samyang may be praised like, well, apparently until you try it, you don’t know ...

            • Seladir

              The A7M2 has the same matrix as the A7, but in the A7A3 they pumped it up a lot in terms of working at high ISOs. Plus there is much less noise when pulling shadows. Plus there is a dual-gain architecture: starting from ISO640, the camera switches to another strapping (roughly speaking) and the DD returns almost to the ISO100 level. And thanks to the very low readout noise, you can save a few stops in the highlights: take underexposed pictures, depending on the circumstances, either at ISO100 or ISO640, and then lighten them with impunity, getting a huge DD. Well this is more for special occasions.
              Personally, the transition to the top three seems very tasty to me, plus the stabilizer for manual optics will be very relevant (but, of course, the two will provide).

            • Seladir

              In terms of autofocus optics, try looking closely at the Tamron 28-200 2.8-5.6 - sort of like a good all-rounder for every day. If anything, then tell me)

              PS Are you really namesakes?)

              • Vladimir Shapoval

                ))) Thank you for your response! So, for now, I'll stay on the 1st Sonya, Arkady is right, according to the photo there are not very big changes in modern cameras, and the 1st 7th is not even bad now ... And I also found a solution in optics if there are 2 inexpensive fixes youngnuo, Samyang, you can take, try, well, or 50 to Sony as an option, and Sony's 28-70 zoom, which is like a whale, let it be, taking Tamron or something else makes no sense, especially since I have a second Sony 2-28 lens for replacement The first one is better, does not wash, it is good, but the first one was, spoiled the impression, the right edge washed on all diaphragms, and on diaphragm 70, only the left edge returned to normal. Moreover, the current 1-1 kit is slightly inferior to only the 8-28 Zeiss, in contrast and sharpness at certain focal points ...

              • Anatoly

                Try sigma Art, very cool glasses. Compared to tamron and samyangam, sigma gives the best sharpness. Plus with fe lenses you will have eye focus, which is a great thing))

              • Vladimir Shapoval

                Sigma art are expensive, everything depends on the budget, but I don’t know, Sigma does not make glasses for Sony on FF, I know for sure what crop is done, but on FF I don’t know. Although not so important, because you can't buy it anyway

              • Anatoly

                You can then look at samyang 45mm 1.8, I have had it for almost 2 years, I recently thought of selling it, maybe there were questions about tricks, but I decided to try to update (there was 2nd firmware, now 6th). Now I am very pleased with them, everything is super, sharpness, focus !!!

  • Vlad

    On the a7 3 there was a loud story with shutter curtains flying out at 50000 frames. And in general, many photographers speak of Sony cameras as ergonomic ill-conceived, insufficiently reliable and "raw" products, albeit perfect in terms of performance.
    Arkady, what do you think of this?

    • Alex

      when the news about the defective shutter was published on the world's most popular digital photography site, in the comments everyone came to the conclusion that either this is some kind of fantasy, or the problem is by no means a massive one, because no one has ever encountered it.

      and what Arkady thinks, in my opinion, he stated quite directly in his text.

  • Rashit

    The first camera, which after a lot of DSLRs, up to Canon 5D Mark III, MFT up to Olympus OM-D E-M5 Mark II and, of course, Sony A7 Mark II, the most critical flaws of which have been corrected, which I don’t want to change for anything something more perfect ...;)

  • Gringo

    Judging by the review, Arkady, it seemed to me that you were sick of this camera - which, in general, is not surprising. what can a sony already do good? But seriously, I am personally sick of all modern cameras - they are all faceless, equally cool without raisins. Scrap metal is simple.

    • Novel

      Cerucal or motilium to help. And it's better with similar complaints about specialized sites.

    • Jea reth

      I will gladly save you from the nauseating modern camera in exchange for the ultra-charismatic panoramic Horizon S3 PRO, which is “different” to the core. The zest in it, starting right from the dressing of the film, to the grinding of teeth)

      The imaginary inconspicuousness of cameras is a consequence of the fact that it is a super-functional tool for a wide range of photographic tasks. They have to be good at everything.
      If you feel it in this way, then not the best bell, except for jokes.

      • Dmitry Kostin

        If you want to be different from everyone else, that is, Pentax

        • Dmitry Kostin

          or like this:

          • Dmitry Kostin

            Even the medium format has an interesting color:

  • Soniboy

    I like the screen most of all in this divine Sonya of the third Saint Mark - I can safely put on the calculator if it breaks. And the viewfinder, I let my enemies look into it, and those eyes are bleeding!

  • copenhagen72

    Arkady, why are there no reviews on the Sony E: 18-105 f4 Powerzoom crop lenses on the website, 18-135 f3.5-5.6 kit lenses?

    • B. R. P.

      Indeed, why?)

  • M.K.

    Where is nature?

  • spitzer

    What is wrong with A7 1st compared to 3rd?

    • Oleg

      There is very bad autofocus

      • spitzer

        Those. for manual optics is it the most?

    • Anatoly

      Than the first is worse than the three:
      1. autofocus, in the top three it is very cool.
      2. No stub
      3. Iso is many times worse.
      4. Video, the a7m3 has 4k video
      5. Not so obvious, but still a weighty argument: 3k has 2 memory card slots, one of which supports uhs-2.

  • Basil

    If someone has a desire to buy a Sony A7 3, it is better to buy something from Canon or Nikon) The viewfinder is poor (especially noticeable at night). Shoe under the puff - horror. A bunch of contacts that periodically lose sensitivity. I have already screwed up several shootings due to the failure of the puff. A button without an obvious half-press, lack of normal moisture protection, an uncomfortable grip, and controls that feel rather flimsy after Canon. From time to time I come across a situation when the first frame, for example, in a group shooting, is completely out of focus. The rest are ok, but sometimes one mistake is enough to lose your reputation. Among the advantages - large pictures, low noise, economical battery consumption. If you need a camera for unhurried shooting, this is a good option. For reportage - nothing at all.

    • Anatoly

      May I know which Canon or nikon in this price range has the best focus? Hot shoe? I never had any problems with it either on a7, a7ii, a7iii, a7r2, although it has a bunch of contacts for ttl, but in the manual it works on the central one and there are no problems at all to transfer the flash to m. It’s not at all clear about a button with a semi-press, it would be nice to write about a7 or a7ii, but starting from a7r2 af-c is so good that af s is used in very rare cases.

  • Pierre Zhopian

    +your lips, not R5 and hands are no longer Gfx 100. With Nikon D40 go.

    • B. R. P.

      In the bath

  • Fedor

    Until recently, I shot on an old D90 (which, by the way, I bought under the impression of your video, Arkady, “D90 retro review” :)), and this summer I switched to a Sony A7-3. The image and functionality, of course, are dramatically better on the a7-3. BUT, I still sometimes remember the D90 with nostalgia. Especially after long shoots. Yes, the D90 has a very crappy matrix by today's standards, but the ergonomics are much better! Sonya’s ergonomics are rather conventional, and her grip looks like it’s generally designed for a four-fingered alien. I have pretty skinny fingers, but my little finger dangles in the air. And the center of gravity, especially with a telephoto or high-aperture zoom, is shifted very forward, which creates a long lever, and the hand bends. As a result, after long sessions and walks, my hand ache. I’m thinking about buying a Sony GP-X1EM blank, which is screwed on from the bottom and increases the grip...
    What do you think about the convenience of the Sony A7?

  • SashOK

    I looked at the studio photos presented in the review and what do I think about the result (based on the color of the photos)? I had a strong feeling that the color was (almost) the same as from my old Nikon D7000. And I don't like him! I repeat: now we are only talking about color.
    I also have an old Sonya NEX-5 - so the colors there will probably be better. Although I didn’t shoot it in the studio, I don’t know, maybe under equal conditions the result will be similar.
    It’s just that my nauseating dislike for studio photography is probably also reflected here, after 5 years of working as a photographer in one of the studios...
    Only nature, only hardcore!
    !!! All of the above IMHO.

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