Announcement: TTArtisan 90 / 1.25 M

On May 11, 2021, the TTArtisan 90 / 1.25 M lens was officially announced. Updated on 29.12.2021/XNUMX/XNUMX.

TTArtisan 90 / 1.25 M

TTArtisan 90 / 1.25 M

Basic properties


All TTArtisan lenses 

For mirrorless full frame and medium format cameras:

  1. TTArtisan 11 / 2.8 Fisheye (announcement) [Leica M+E, Z, RF, L+ GFX, scheme 11/7]
  2. TTArtisan 21/1.5 (announcement) [Leica M Black/Silver + E, Z, RF, L]
  3. TTArtisan 28/5.6 (announcement) [Leica M Silver/Gold]
  4. TTArtisan 32/2.8AF (announcement)  [RF, EF-M, X, Z, E]
  5. TT Artisan 35/1.4 (overview) [Leica M Black/Silver + '24K GOLD SKIN Limited']
  6. TTArtisan 35/2 (announcement) [Leica M]
  7. TT Artisan 50/2 (overview) [Z, E, L, RF + EF-M, X, M4/3 Black/Silver]
  8. TTArtisan 50/1.4 (announcement) [Leica M+E, Z, RF, L+X+M4/3]
  9. TTArtisan 50 / 1.4 TILT (announcement) [E, L, R, Z + X + M4/3]
  10. TTArtisan 50 /0.95 (announcement) [Leica M Black/Silver + 'Silver Black'+'Red Ox 2021 Limited']
  11. TTArtisan 90 /1.25 (announcement) [Leica M+E, R, Z, L+ GFX, X1D]
  12. TTArtisan 100 / 2.8 Macro 2x Tilt-Shift (announcement) [E, R, Z+X]
  13. TTArtisan 500/6.3 (announcement) [E, R, Z, L]

For SLR full frame:

For mirrorless cropped cameras:

  1. TTArtisan 7.5 / 2.0 Fisheye (announcement) [E, X, EF-M, M4 / 3, L, RF]
  2. TTArtisan 10/2.0 (announcement) [E, X, Z, RF, M4/3]
  3. TTArtisan 17/1.4 (announcement) [E, X, EF-M, Z, L, RF, M4/3, black/silver/titanium grey]
  4. TTArtisan 23/1.4 (announcement) [E, X, EF-M, Z, L, M4 / 3, black / striped]
  5. TT Artisan 25/2 (overview) [E, X, EF-M, Z, L, RF, M4/3]
  6. TTArtisan 27/2.8AF (announcement) [E, X, Z, black/yellow]
  7. TTArtisan 35/1.8AF (announcement) [E, X, Z]
  8. TT Artisan 35/1.4 (overview) [E, X, EF-M, Z, L, RF, M4/3, black/silver/titanium gray ]
  9. TTArtisan 35 /0.95 (announcement) [E, X, EF-M, Z, RF, L]
  10. TTArtisan 40 / 2.8 Macro (announcement) [E, X, EF-M, Z, RF, M4/3]
  11. TTArtisan 50 /1.2 (overview) [E, X, EF-M, Z, L, RF, M4/3, black/silver/titanium gray ]
  12. TTArtisan 50 /0.95 (announcement) [E, X, EF-M, Z, RF, M4/3]
  13. TTArtisan 56/1.8AF (announcement) [E, X, Z]

Anamorphic cinema lenses:

  1. TTArtisan 25mm T2 1.33 times Anamorpot (announcement) [E,X]

These lenses are easiest to find at official dealer of TTArtisan on Aliexpress.

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Comments: 18, on the topic: Announcement: TTArtisan 90 / 1.25 M

  • Alexander T.

    I'm afraid I won't pull one. ))

  • Valery

    The Chinese can, but where are our Lomo and other GOIs?

    • Victor

      Our oem production will be ordered from artisans, their own label on it and x2 to the price tag (if you're lucky, or even all x3), and norms.

    • tryamer

      LOMO has a line of Illumina cinema optics, from 14 to 135mm, including 85mm T1.3.

    • koba

      Everyone can, if they want, find ways to implement the plan and will work hard to achieve the goal. In the modern world, there are many ways to organize any production, but China has an unobvious advantage that few people talk about, or simply do not want to talk about, because some will be offended. Manufacturers in China can get the required components for their future projects very cheaply, since behind all private or semi-private producers there is a socialist system (tax-free, etc.) of production - completely state-owned, almost completely protected from shocks and price fluctuations, it is taken care of ruling party of China, they are protected in the best way. According to the laws of China, in order to be able to export its products and not pay the export tax, moreover, even to return 3% of the export value of the product, the company must purchase at least 67% of the components for this product from those, I repeat - socialist in nature - factories. If such a law did not exist, everyone would still buy their products, since no one in the world (!!!) can reach such cheap prices that they offer. This is the whole point. As a result, if someone in the world can buy cheap Chinese goods (of different quality - and bad, medium and high, it depends on the order from the buyers, and not on the Chinese themselves), then this is the merit of those huge, carefully hidden and completely state-owned factories; and the Chinese legal system.

      • Novel

        I'm going to burst into tears and buy Mao's collected works.

        • koba

          I did not know that people sometimes cry from the truth ...

          • Novel

            I have a 2020 edition, it says so here.

  • koba

    Dear Arkady, I just called one of the ttartisan dealerships in China about the cost of this lens and they even put it on sale, there are 20 pieces available today. It costs $ 677 in China, that is, 4399 yuan. They said that the price will not change in the future. That is, the lens is expensive.

    • UstasFritZZZ

      Did you think that they would sell it for a hundred bucks?

      • koba

        I didn't think anything, so I looked at the price in the online store ...

    • Zheka

      Don't want to sell for $ 50 in general? What bad Chinese people!

    • Novel

      It is 67% of it consists of domestic Chinese components. And it would consist of 100% would cost 1000 dollars. Damned, dirty, American.

      • koba

        In the production of expensive products, any situation is possible - many local factories use components from other manufacturers, including imported ones. For example, in the Japanese company where I worked 11 years ago, more than 90 percent of the components were supplied by Chinese companies, and the rest were imported from different countries. In Chinese lenses, at least glasses will be of local production, it is not for nothing that a lot of optical glass has been exported from China to Japan and other countries in recent years. And something can be imported, it's hard to say. From Germany and Switzerland, many different goods come to Chinese factories, especially in terms of precision technology, which is located in China itself on the so-called. the second stage of development, it is quite possible that some of those countries are supplied to the optical industry.

    • Arkady Shapoval

      Thank you, it's already on sale on Ali

      • StanislaVS

        Last December 2022, I was considering what to buy for myself as a gift for the new year, this TTArtisan 90 / 1.25 or Mitakon 90 / 1.5. As a result, I settled on Mitakon 90/1.5, since the difference in aperture ratio is not so big, but Mitakon 90/1.5 is noticeably smaller and lighter. Yes, and the optical design is simpler and more understandable, closer to the classics. In fact, the Mitakon 90/1.5 turned out to be super-sharp from open, the bokeh is also quite pleasant. The only stupid thing is that I ordered it in silver, and his silver is not as noble as that of Leica, but something like a Christmas decoration. But now it's all done. Black would definitely look better. As for TTArtisan 90/1.25, it has a great alternative to Samyang XP 85/1.2. All the same, the TTArtisan 90 / 1.25 has a glitch effect on the open, in a word, for an amateur.

  • Sergun

    TTArtisan only lacks to release its camera under the lyuka without any AF and filters for inexpensive.

    • Pkuutn

      Not take off.
      The watering can is not about AF, filters and all that.
      It's about the red label on the case.

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