YONGNUO YN360G Review (Smart Stand Holder)

According provided by smart stand holder YONGNUO DIGITAL YN360G huge gratitude directly company Yongnuo.



In short

YONGNUO YN360G is a smart stand that can automatically track a person's movement. The top of the rack is free to rotate 360 ​​degrees for tracking. The YN360G is very easy to set up. Based on visual analysis of the scene using a built-in video camera. It works very quietly. Has a built-in 4000 mAh battery, rechargeable via USB TYPE-C. Worth very cheap.

Main application - videography of blogs using a mobile phone... But for YONGNUO YN360G, many other use cases can be thought of.


YN360G supplied in black or white body color... I reviewed the white version.

Contents of delivery

In the box are:

  • stand YN360G
  • USB TYPE C cable (white, does not depend on the color of the rack itself)
  • phone holder (white or black, depending on the stand body)
  • large dark brown fabric transport pouch
  • short instructions in Chinese and English
  • quality control pass
  • desiccant bag
  • warranty card with product serial number

In the box, all parts are fixed with a cardboard holder, each part is in a small bag.

Main characteristics and properties

  1. YN360G supports installation weights up to 1 kilograms
  2. YN360G is equipped with mini camcorder, which allows you to track the movement of objects. Important: You cannot take photos or videos with this camera.
  3. Primarily YN360G defines silhouettes / features of people and watches over them. Tracking works in the range of distances to the object from 0.5 to 5 meters.
  4. YN360G is equipped with a rechargeable lithium battery 4000 mAh.
  5. Continuous working time: 22 hours.
  6. YN360G CAN freely rotate 360 ​​degrees around its axis (from here, apparently, the name of the YN '360' G stand comes from).
  7. On the bottom side of the YN360G there is tripod socket, allowing the YN360G to be mounted on a tripod or studio stand.
  8. At the top of the rack is an ordinary tripod head, on which you can install (wind) other devices (for example, a flash).
  9. To turn on or off, you should press a single button for 5 seconds.
  10. If you press the button once in tracking mode, the YN360G will stop tracking, if you press the button once again, the rack will return to tracking mode.
  11. If the rack freezes, then can be reset... To do this, press with a sharp object into a special recess near the USB port.
  12. The phone holder has a strong and comfortable adjustable phone clamp with a soft grip, as well as one clamp screw for orienting the phone (vertical or horizontal) and one clamp screw for tilting the phone. The phone holder is also fixed to the YN360G with a special clip. To install the phone correctly, you must navigate by two blue stripes on the YN360G body.
  13. YN360G has one indicator light... Blinking green - tracking in progress. Solid green - Tracking is temporarily suspended. Solid red - charging. Blinking red - battery low.
  14. YN360G weighs 507 grams

Visual demonstration of work

The easiest way to understand how the YN360G works is by watching the promo video:

And a video about the methods of working with the YN360G:

My experience

YONGNUO YN360G is a stylish and enjoyable accessory for creating vlogs. Beautiful, compact, very, very easy to use. My wife has already taken the YN360G away from me and is using the rack as intended. Hopefully, I'll add real-world examples and use cases here a bit later.

Any questions about YONGNUO YN360G ask in the comments, I will try to answer quickly.


YONGNUO YN360G costs around $ 60. The easiest way to find and buy YN360G at AliExpress, with free shipping you can watch and buy YN360G at this link.

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