Announcement: Sigma fp L

The Sigma fp L camera was announced on March 25, 2021.

Sigma fp L

Sigma fp L

  1. Full-frame sensor 61 MP BSI CMOS
  2. Bayonet Leica L
  3. Support EVI Sigma EVF-11, 0.5 inches, 3.68 million dots with 0.83X magnification
  4. Electronic shutter only with exposures up to 1/8000 second
  5. Exposure flash sync with electronic shutter 1 / 15 seconds
  6. ISO 100-25.600 expandable to ISO 6-102.400
  7. Maximum Burst Speed 10 fps
  8. Hybrid focusing system (phase sensors + contrast focusing)
  9. Choose from 42 focus points, sensitivity up to -5 EV
  10. UHD 4K 30p video, DCI 4K 24p, 12-Bit RAW CINEMA DNG recording, FULL HD 120p
  11. 3.15 inch touch screen with 2.1 million dots
  12. Slot for one SDXC memory card supporting UHS II
  13. USB Type-C (USB 3.1), HDMI D (Micro), 3.5 mm microphone jack
  14. Weight 375 grams (camera only, no battery and memory card)
  15. Price: about $ 3000. Prices for modern Sigma cameras can be viewed here


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Comments: 21, on the topic: Announcement: Sigma fp L

  • Sergei

    The price is not "childish", with an application for leadership. And the ergonomics are weird ...

    • 1Ds_mk3

      This camera generally had to come out on a different matrix, if it was in the news.
      The bottom line is that it was planned for its development on Foveon.
      But for Sigma, for the 3rd time, something goes wrong.
      The first time they gave birth to SD Quattro H - although they swore that they would release ff.
      Released a sensor with the same size as Canon 1D (crop / 1.3).
      The second time was when the first FP was planned and the third time is now when they changed the matrix supplier. Or rather a plant.
      And therefore on FP L there is a Sony matrix, which they bought from them at the last moment.
      There will probably be a jamb on the jamb.

    • 1Ds_mk3

      There was no application for leadership.
      Why do you use this journalistic slang?
      Watch CEO Sigma interview.
      And yes, their cameras are purely for themselves and a handful of local Japanese fans.
      Why Japanese? Because they buy mostly there.

  • Oleg

    ISO 6-102400. 6 ??? Faveon has many fans in the world. Only full frame will not be born in any way

    • Arkady Shapoval

      yes six

      • Oleg


  • Oleg

    42 points of autofocus on the bzk, on a full frame, my 80d has 45 on the crop.

  • Leonid N.

    The question arose - how do digital cameras work? I think there is no shutter in them either ... or is there?

    • Michael

      No and a bunch of jambs because of this

    • Alexey

      there is a shutter in the digital cameras. in the lens. and it is also a diaphragm. and its operation is audible as a quiet click.

      • Michael

        Or maybe this is the sound of closing the diaphragm, and not the shutter? ;)

        • Alexey

          there the shutter and aperture are one and the same. it's easier to disassemble the lens and see everything for yourself.

      • Michael

        There is not always a diaphragm)

  • Gregory

    The sync speed of the camera is of course mind-blowing, as much as 1/15 of a second.

  • Vlad

    Exposure sync is, roughly speaking, the time of line-by-line frame scanning. That is, the rolling shutter wild must be

  • Alexander

    With such cameras, this is no longer a photograph, but a perversion!

  • Adrian

    What to pay $ 3000 for? For recording Raw video 12-bit? Again past the cashier! 😂

  • Konstantin

    With such a sensor, it fits very well for photos, but the Lego form factor is poorly suited for professional photographers.
    The form factor for video is ideal, but such an abundance of “megapixels” has not rested on anyone, an extra load on the matrix. Uncompressed video is good, but it would be better if they brought 4K 4-2-2 at 12 bit 60fps, and not this pass-through model, do not understand for whom.

  • Eugene

    Rubbish and not a camera, and for such big money .... and the design is a chopping block, vile

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