When will the global shutter get to cameras?

The electronic global shutter allows each pixel on the sensor to be read independently and simultaneously with all the others. First of all, the global shutter allows you to get rid of the Rolling Shutter effect.

About the global shutter

About the global shutter

Some cameras already have a global shutter:

  • Sony F55
  • Sony F35
  • Blackmagic URSA 4K, URSA Mini 4K, Production Camera 4K
  • Canon C700 GS (Global Shutter) PL / Canon C700 FF (Full Frame) GS (Global Shutter) PL
  • SAVE Komodo

The largest electronic global shutter sensor uses the Canon C700 FF GS PL film camera, which has a physical matrix size is 38.1 X 20.1 mm, which is only slightly smaller in area than the classic narrow format for photography measuring 36 X 24 mm.

Sooner or later, the electronic global shutter will reach cameras. So far, it is not being implemented in the mass segment of cameras due to certain limitations associated with production. It is also believed that modern global shutter sensors are inferior in dynamic range and ISO range to similar classical solutions.


Global shutter for mirrorless cameras - one of the latest implementations of the future, which can somehow significantly improve the quality, convenience and reliability of modern cameras with a mechanical or electronic-mechanical shutter.

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Comments: 26, on the topic: When will the global shutter get to cameras?

  • Lynx

    yes, globalechka is certainly nice, but ... weight, price, duration of action.
    for now.

  • aperturer

    Isn't the global shutter in the Sony a9?

    • Ivan

      As far as I understand, there are line-by-line scanning, and not simultaneous, across the entire frame.

    • Arkady Shapoval

      no, in a9 or a1 - not global

    • Ile

      And finally the Sony A9 III has been announced!

  • Victor

    And in A1?

    Even if there is not a global shutter, it is nevertheless fast enough with a strap to minimize the effect of RS.

  • koba

    so called “Global shutter” is an imprecise, everyday translation into Russian of the English term “Global shutter”, and meanwhile its real translation associated with optical engineering is “frame shutter”.

    • Arkady Shapoval

      Most likely, no one will use the "frame shutter" anymore, the "global shutter" has long taken root

  • Dima

    Explain, please, with a mechanical shutter, the reading comes from the entire matrix? Why is it difficult to do exactly the same without the curtain of the physical curtain in front of the matrix?

    • Seladir

      No, reading is still line by line.
      I may be wrong, but I understand it this way:
      Mechanical shutter: the shutter opened, all the cells received a charge, the shutter closed, the camera calmly read the information line by line and even then dropped the charge of the cells.
      Electronic shutter: there is no concept of a single frame, there is rather a creeping line: a row of cells begins to accumulate a charge, and after the necessary time (exposure), the reading will reach it and discharge the charge. It turns out that even two creeping lines of the beginning of charge accumulation and reading + reset, separated by the holding time.

      • Alexey

        generally correct. there is also an “electronic first curtain”, which is how the shutter works in LiveView. the first shutter is always open (located at the bottom of the frame window), and at the moment of exposure, the second shutter closes (rises from the bottom up) and simultaneously with the movement of the shutter, the matrix rows are read (closed by the moving second shutter).

  • Vio

    but who needs it ... ... a narrow circle of the elite. If you do not poke a finger to ordinary mortals, none of them will notice the catch. Before the elections, he shot Green Snot with such a monstrous rolling shutter that it’s scary to watch, and became president. So that…….

  • Vlad

    Interestingly, the mechanical shutter is theoretically also subject to the rolling shutter effect. Indeed, at short shutter speeds, the image is also actually scanned line by line. And the severity of the effect depends on the speed of synchronization. But, in theory, in practice, it is invisible due to the fact that the curtains still move very quickly

    • Ivan

      What does “theoretically” mean? It definitely has this effect. It is scanned line by line at least at short, even at long exposures. At short shutter speeds, the effect is less noticeable, as well as at a slow speed of a moving subject.
      By the way, an interesting dependence of the camera frame rate on the angular speed of its rotation can be seen in this video:

  • Ivan

    For information on how the signal is read from the matrices from the Nikon training course:

    • Ivan


    • Ivan

      And more:

  • aidah

    There is no need for a global shutter.
    It is enough to have 1/200 like the Sony a1.

    The mechanical shutter of a typical camera of recent years is triggered at a speed in the range of 1 / 150-1 / 250, and nothing: the forums are not bursting with howls of perfectionists about the distortion of their masterpieces.

    Well, for now.
    When the fast / global electronic shutter is released into the price segment of mere mortals, marketers will explain in a simple way how we have experienced the torment with distortion caused by mechanics before.

  • Igor

    The global shutter is very very expensive and not everyone needs

    • Ivan

      Once upon a time, aluminum was more expensive than gold, until the method of electrolysis was invented. And about the "need-uselessness", the overwhelming majority of people do not need cameras for nothing, everyone uses smartphones. So everything is relative.

  • Paul

    The global shutter has another advantage - working with flash at any shutter speed without super high-speed sync (HSS), which strongly eats up the flash power. That is, on the street speedlights will replace heavy monoblocks. So far, this is only possible with the central closures of digital compacts.

  • Ytsuken

    In order to open the “global shutter” on the matrix, you must have a 150A lead-acid battery with a starting current of at least 900A behind your back. That is why manufacturers will release cameras with “global shutter” onto the market. But who will carry such batteries in order to take advantage of such a shutter??? Therefore, such cameras will be used mainly only in normal mode... Pure marketing!!!

    • Arkady Shapoval

      Ahaha, Sony A9 M3 laughs in everyone's face.

      • Rodion

        It turns out that typical A9 Mk3 users should look something like this:

        • Human

          More like this))

    • Viktre

      Could you somehow justify your theoretical assumptions?)

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