In January 2021, the TTartisan 50mm F0.95 version appeared 2021 LIMITED RED OX (Red Bull), the price for which you can see here... Only 500 copies were produced.

Outward view

All TTArtisan lenses 

For mirrorless full-frame cameras, manual focus only:

  1. T.T.Artisan 11 mm F / 2.8 Fisheye [Leica M+E, Z, RF, L+ GFX]
  2. T.T.Artisan 21 mm F / 1.5 DJ-OPTICAL [Leica M + E, Z, RF, L, black / silver]
  3. T.T.Artisan 28 mm F / 5.6 DJ-OPTICAL [Leica M only]
  4. T.T.Artisan 35 mm F / 1.4 DJ-OPTICAL [Leica M only, black / silver + '24K GOLD SKIN Limited']
  5. T.T.Artisan 50 mm F / 1.4 M ASPH. DJ-OPTICAL [Leica M+E, Z, RF, L]
  6. T.T.Artisan 50 mm F/0.95 DJ OPTICAL ASPH [Leica M only, black / silver + 'Silver Black'+'Red Ox 2021 Limited'+' Silver Anodized ']
  7. T.T.Artisan 90 mm F/1.25 M DJ OPTICAL [Leica M+E, Z, L, R+ GFX, X1D]

For mirrorless full-frame cameras, auto focus:

  1. T.T.Artisan 32 mm F / 2.8 AF  [RF, EF-M, X, Z, E]

For mirrorless crop cameras, manual focus only ::

  1. T.T.Artisan 7.5 mm F / 2.0 DJ-OPTICAL Fisheye [E, X, EF-M, M4 / 3, L, RF]
  2. T.T.Artisan 17 mm F / 1.4 DJ-OPTICAL ASPH [E, X, EF-M, Z, L, M4 / 3, black / silver]
  3. T.T.Artisan 23 mm F / 1.4 APS-C DJ-OPTICAL [E, X, EF-M, Z, L, M4 / 3, black / striped]
  4. T.T.Artisan 35 mm F / 1.4 DJ-OPTICAL [E, X, EF-M, Z, L, M4 / 3, black / silver]
  5. T.T.Artisan 40 mm F / 2.8 Macro [E, X, EF-M, Z, R, M4 / 3]
  6. T.T.Artisan 50 mm F/1.2 DJ OPTICAL [E, X, EF-M, Z, L, M4 / 3, black / silver]


These lenses are the easiest to find on Aliexpress authorized dealer TTartisan.

List of all lenses 7Artisans you can see here.

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Comments: 13, on the topic: TTArtisan 50 / 0.95 DJ-OPTICAL ASPH LIMITED RED OX 2021

  • Sergei

    Their main competitor, the Mitakon Speedmaster 50mm / 0,95 III version, is sold much cheaper on Amazon.
    $ 659

    • Arkady Shapoval

      Regular version TTArtisan 50 / 0.95 at about the same cost, for example easily over 697 dollars

  • UstasFritZZZ

    It remains to roll up the camera in red vinyl and you can take this miracle

  • Jankowsky

    Well, just WOW! Just wrap me up the red one - although I have nowhere to put it stupidly with such a bayonet

    • Rodion Eshmakov

      Everyone has somewhere to put, but you have nowhere? The Leica M has the largest bayonet length.
      By the way, what about Camlan?

    • Arkady Shapoval

      Leica M easily sits through cheap adapters on Sony E, Leica L, Canon RF, Nikon Z. Apparently for this it is still very popular. I saw either Artisans or TTartisans at once a set of a lens for Leica M and an adapter for Sony E. That is, they do it with this in mind for Leica M

      • Novel

        Arkady, I saw adapters on Ali from different manual mounts to RF, I'll start trying FD optics. But as for Leica - will it fit there like a full-fledged native glass or still with a rigid vignette around the edges, as is the case with non-full-frame optics in a full frame?

        • Arkady Shapoval

          No vignette. Sits down, of course, not like a native, because the bayonet is different, but through an adapter. This is a full frame lens, not a cropped lens. But the extremes of 50 / 0,95 give a vignette by themselves (but not black corners)

  • koba

    for such a price they will sell this lens in a few days ... There are more than 10000 collectors of photographic equipment in China itself, then the owners of Lake, for them 800 dollars is half the price of one party on average KTV. How is he optically?

    • Rodion Eshmakov

      Judging by the examples on the site, optically - the usual modern "planar type". Nice in the center, but on the edge not very far from some ancient SLR 58 / 1.2.

  • alexey_laa

    I wonder how to focus on a rangefinder camera at f / 0.95. As far as I understand, Live View or a mirrorless camera with zoom can provide accurate manual focusing. The rangefinder aiming is unlikely to coincide exactly with the lens, the discrepancy should be especially noticeable with a small depth of field. At f / 0.95, hovering over a sharp problem, probably on any camera. :)

    • aidaho

      Throw two sixes for good luck.
      Rangefinders with OVF and 50 / 1.2 on Flickr have a lot of misses.

      Most likely there will be no special problems with LV with a magnifying glass.
      Every time we are frightened that we will definitely not focus the next lens in terms of aperture ratio. And in fact the rules.

      I hit both 50 / 1.2 and sluggishly moving targets more often than not.
      DOF / wow factor is only one of several components of focusing difficulty.
      In practice, it is just as strongly dependent on the aberration and mechanical properties of the lens.

      If this is good, then there is nothing particularly scary on the figure at f0.95.

    • Rodion Eshmakov

      These lenses have a kit and instructions in the box for solving problems with pairing with a rangefinder.

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