Announcement: Pergear Fisheye 10mm F8

January 22, 2020 was officially announced Pergear Fisheye 10mm F8.

Pergear Fisheye 10mm F8

Pergear Fisheye 10mm F8

Basic properties

  • Lens for mirrorless cameras with APS-C or less
  • Fishy lens
  • Mounts available: Nikon Z, Sony E, Fujifilm X + Micro 4/3
  • Manual focus only
  • Aperture: 1: 8 non-adjustable
  • Focal length: 10 mm, angle of view on APS-C 150 degrees
  • Minimum focusing distance: 0.3 meters
  • Optical design: 5 elements in 4 groups, including 3 ED elements
  • Focus lever instead of focus ring
  • Weight: 90 gram
  • Price: the price on the official website is $ 79, current prices for new PERGEAR lenses can be see here
  • Most likely a complete analogue rockstar Fisheye 10mm F8


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Comments: 16, on the topic: Announcement: Pergear Fisheye 10mm F8

  • Victor

    The lens that the Chinese will send in envelopes for regular letters.

  • notapic

    The cover for the bayonet has risen in price.

  • Trueash

    What for in it focusing?

    • Rodion

      Compensate for the sins of the flange that appeared during assembly. In general, they would have done it without focusing, so they would have said “what for is he without focusing?”.

    • B. R. P.

      So yes, with F8 on such a focal point. Although the mic is no longer fish-ah.

      • Victor

        It is fishy everywhere, distortion on the mic will not go anywhere.

        • B. R. P.

          It meant the viewing angle.

          • Victor

            What is the “viewing angle” of the fish?)

            For example, there is a 9mm Laowa and he is not a fish.

            And there is a zenitar 16mm and he is a fish-eye.

  • Ivan Shikhalev

    "Viewing angle on the APS-C 150 degrees" - it will not be enough.

    • Sergei

      If we made an angle of 180 degrees (and a focal angle of about 8 mm), then the “pancake” would not work.
      A large convex optical component would have to be placed in front to capture all 180 °

      • Victor

        In general, it will be extremely curious to look at the picture quality from such a “fishy”. It seems to me that with corners there even at f8 it will be so-so.

  • BB

    "Excellent fot portrait ..." - made fun))

    • Dmitry V.G.

      Plotnikov and Arbus only filmed portraits for fisheye, among other things. :)

  • Dmitry V.G.

    It is sad that because of the completely incomprehensible indifference on the part of manufacturers, importers and representatives, there are so few reviews on something modern. :(
    And then they wonder - where are our sales? Why is interest in photography declining?

    • Victor

      Interest in photography is declining because of smartphones.

  • Vadim

    Everything will determine the cost. If it costs 30-40 dollars, they will buy it. I bought my own Olympus FCON-P14 fish-eye attachment for my Olympus 42-01 for $ 25 (bu), it's good to indulge, the pictures are funny!

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