Announcement: Irix 45mm 1: 1.4 Dragonfly for Fujifilm GFX

On January 20, 2021, the Irix 45mm 1: 1.4 lens for medium format cameras with Fujifilm G mount (GFX) was officially introduced.

Irix 45mm 1: 1.4 Dragonfly for Fujifilm GFX

Irix 45mm 1: 1.4 Dragonfly for Fujifilm GFX

Basic properties

  • Designed for FujiFilm G mount (GFX) medium format mirrorless cameras
  • Focal length: 45 mm, EGF for FujiFilm GFX cameras is 35.5 mm
  • Maximum Relative Hole: F / 1.4
  • One of the fastest medium format lenses (the lightest with the G mount still remains Mitakon 85mm F / 1.2,)
  • Aperture Limit: F / 22
  • Focusing: only manual, internal type, there is a focus ring lock
  • Aperture control ring, focusing distance scale
  • MDF: 0.4 meters
  • Optical design: 11 elements in 9 groups, including 1 APS, 1 ED, 4 HR. The optical design is identical to the model for full-frame SLR cameras IRIX 45 f / 1.4 Dragonfly
  • Enlightenment: Neutrino coating
  • Aperture Petals: 9
  • Filter Diameter: 77 mm
  • Housing Dragonflyprotected
  • Weight: unknown
  • Price: about 900 dollars


All IRIX Lenses

IRIX for photos:

  1. IRIX 11 f / 4 Firefly + IRIX 11 f / 4 Blackstone (EF, F, K)
  2. IRIX 15 f / 2.4 Firefly + IRIX 15 f / 2.4 Blackstone (EF, F, K) [overview]
  3. IRIX 45 f / 1.4 Dragonfly (EF, F, K + G)
  4. IRIX 150 f / 2.8 Macro 1: 1 Dragonfly (EF, F, K) [overview]

IRIX for video:

  1. IRIX Cine 11mm T4.3 (E, EF, MFT, PL [* meters / feet], Z, RF, L)
  2. IRIX Cine 15mm T2.6 Lens (E, EF, MFT, PL [* meters / feet], Z, RF, L)
  3. IRIX Cine 30mm T1.5 Lens (E, EF, MFT, PL [* meters / feet], Z, RF, L)
  4. IRIX Cine 45mm T1.5 Lens (E, EF, MFT, PL [* meters / feet], Z, RF, L)
  5. IRIX Cine 150mm T3.0 Macro 1: 1 (E, EF, MFT, PL [* meters / feet], Z, RF, L)

All IRIX lenses are full-frame.

  • G - for FujiFilm GFX Medium Format
  • EF - for Canon EOS EF / EFS
  • RF - for Canon EOS R
  • Z - for Nikon Z
  • L - for Leica L
  • F - for Nikon F
  • K - for Pentax K
  • MFT - for Micro 4/3
  • E - for Sony E / FE
  • PL - for Arri PL
  • There are two types of Cine with different layouts of focusing distances (in meters or feet)

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Comments: 10, on the topic: Announcement: Irix 45mm 1: 1.4 Dragonfly for Fujifilm GFX

  • Novel

    Cool. I wonder what kind of vignette on Fuja versus full frame and edges. As if this medium format is not particularly complete, but the filter is only 77 mm. Something had to be sacrificed even with a large circle.

  • Novel

    Where there is a legendary man with twilight cats in the basement and on the railway, his time has come.

    • Jea reth

      There, only ten half-tons are enough for work.

  • Andrei

    All these lenses are invented by the imperialists in order to take the last 900 dollars from the working man. What is the T-43 bad for them? Almost the same focal length, well, a little darker, so what? But you get a free camera and instructions with a box.

    • Novel

      Camera for free - that's us always! Although it is possible to charge relatives for the maintenance of a prisoner, this must be considered with comrades.

    • Novel

      And the T-34 is much better!

      • Andrei

        As soon as the tank was on the road, the T-43 tank would be the same.
        Stosovno ob'єktivu, then the T-43 has one more plus-a kind of wag - 47 grams. And for the whole Irix, it is impossible to find a price. So, the vibir of the robust class is obvious))). And then navigate all sorts of rundi.

  • Jea reth

    Irix, I see, I read the topic with narrow-format optics on GFX. I wonder if it is possible to drive their super-widths on this medium-format crop? ...

    • Rodion

      Even Samyangov's 14 / 2.8 covers a little more than ff. And if you cut off his hood, I think that it will be able to cover the fuja frame. Of course, we are not talking about quality, but still ...

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