Apps have already won

Apps have already won

Apps have already won

I am now witnessing an overwhelming dominance of beauty programs. They are mainly used by girls / girls / women. The result that the application data produces often creates a wow effect and in the overwhelming majority of cases completely satisfies the user.

I know many of my acquaintances who use selfie apps and then quickly process the original photo. Moreover, these are complex software solutions that, in addition to beautification, retouching, plastics, color correction, have many other interesting functions.

Some applications send the captured images to their cloud, where they are processed using the computational capabilities of a powerful server. Computations are often based on neural networks and other modern gizmos.

Selfies, quick masks, filters, retouching and beautification using simple and intuitive applications on modern smartphones completely removes the need to have a camera, photographer and retoucher.

The future has already come, programs have already won both common sense and common taste, and most importantly, digital compact cameras and the amateur segment of cameras with changing optics have been defeated.

Current processes pose many non-trivial questions to which there are no easy answers.

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Comments: 109, on the topic: Applications have already won

  • VasilVasil

    For several days I have been trying to write not so much about the article and opinions, but about my feelings about its content, one word is retrograde, and I also remember the Song of the old cabman from Utesov. In short, if your business began to die, then you did not notice something (in the style of Murphy).

    • Arkady Shapoval

      The issue here is not business, but technology.

      • VasilVasil

        I understood the article correctly: - the availability and simplification of technologies for capturing and processing images reduces the demand for photo services, even with the loss of quality and artistic content. Naturally, this increases the demand for the quality and type of services provided. The topic is long, about where to go next. After all, cinema still exists and is not going to die, even if cinemas are dying.
        And not related to the topic. Picture control - landscape and portrait are two opposites, in the first case the color needs to be saturated, in the second case “muted”. How to make a normal portrait in nature (not even a sunny day, but diffuse lighting), for example, when there are trees or green bushes behind your back?
        If there are options, please share some tips.

        • Neustrdm

          here are picture controls for every taste. Skinton turns out good on the “Canon 5d M2” preset

          • Pokemon

            I have already tried it and I liked it more when shooting indoors. I shot in raw, I thought I would edit, but I didn't have to edit almost anything with D4.
            For night photography I liked Nikon's standard profile in D750 and D4 - it is really very good. At the same link I tried the S5Pro, Flat, Konica Centuria profile, and some of the PTmode. PTMode / Flat / Centuria are interesting at night. S5Pro and 5Dmk2 during the day, possibly at dusk / dawn.

          • VasilVasil

            Thank you, some of these profiles

          • VasilVasil

            I already tried it, I didn't have enough patience for everything. I will know which one gives the best result.

  • Alex

    As in the 4th terminator: we ourselves signed our own verdict. All these races for cute faces - on the phone screen, the difference between good processing and simply increasing some of the brightness parameters and removing them to 1/3 of the definition is not very visible. The screens are small. Accordingly, you don't need quality too much. Plus, the population was greatly impoverished. Where the camera can show itself is the landscape and the subject. Phones can compete, but they have many drawbacks in this type of filming, namely, they are very slow in operating speed. But let's say you can rent your furniture shop with a phone for $ 150.
    Photographic equipment manufacturers are directly responsible for what happens. It was possible to think about touch rotary screens, normal focusing, and reducing the size of cameras 10 years ago, and not when a cancer whistled on the mountain.
    What prevented the release of the D780 in 2017? Greed. To be honest, photos from expensive phones still suck in 2021. Yellow faces, overexposure. The same aurora HDR pulls out dark shots well, but it's a complete failure with the processing of ordinary day shots. What prevents you from releasing proprietary software for cameras, updating them more often?
    And now the train has left.

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