7Artisans 35mm 1: 0.95, review from Olegasphoto

Good video review of the 7Artisans 35mm 1: 0.95 lens prepared Oleg (Olegasphoto channel).

This lens can be easily found on Aliexpress total for xnumx dollars... At the same time, there is the same model, but under the brand 'risepray', which costs even less - total 199 dollars (link)... The advent of very cheap f / 0.95 lenses is very good news for the manual optics hobbyist.

All 7Artisans lenses:

For mirrorless cameras with APS-C or Micro 4/3 sensor:

  1. 7Artisans 4 mm F/2.8 (announcement) [EF-M, E, X, M4 / 3]
  2. 7Artisans 7.5 mm F/2.8 Fish-Eye (overview) [EF-M, E, X, M4 / 3, versions 2017 и 2019]
  3. 7Artisans 7.5 mm F / 2.8 Fish-Eye II (announcement) [EF-M, E, X, Z, M4 / 3]
  4. 7Artisans 12 mm F/2.8 (overview) [EF-M, E, X, M4 / 3]
  5. 7Artisans 12 mm F / 2.8 II (announcement) [EF-M, RF, E, X, Z, M4/3]
  6. 7Artisans 18 mm F/6.3 (announcement) [EF-M, E, X, M4 / 3]
  7. 7Artisans 18 mm F/6.3 NEW (announcement) [E, X, Z]
  8. 7Artisans 24 mm 1:1.4 (announcement) [EF-M, RF, E, X, Z, M4/3]
  9. 7Artisans 25 mm F/1.8 (overview) [EF-M, E, X, M4 / 3, black / silver]
  10. 7Artisans 25 mm F/0.95 (overview) [EF-M, Z, E, X, M4 / 3, RF, L]
  11. 7Artisans 27 mm F / 2.8 AF (announcement) [IS]
  12. 7Artisans 35 mm F/0.95 (overview) [EF-M, Z, E, X, RF, M4 / 3]
  13. 7Artisans 35 mm F/1.2 (overview) [EF-M, E, X, M4 / 3, black / silver]
  14. 7Artisans 35 mm F/1.2 II (overview) [Z, EF-M, E, X, M4 / 3, other optical design]
  15. 7Artisans 35 mm F/1.4 (overview) [Z, EF-M, E, X, RF, M4/3, black/silver]
  16. 7Artisans 50 mm F/1.8 (overview) [EF-M, E, X, M4 / 3, versions with 10 and 12 petals]
  17. 7Artisans 50 mm F/0.95 (overview) [EF-M, Z, E, X, RF, M4 / 3]
  18. 7Artisans 50 mm F / 1.4 Tilt-Shift (announcement) [E, X, M4/3]
  19. 7Artisans 55 mm F/1.4 (overview) [EF-M, E, X, M4 / 3, Leica L, black/silver]
  20. 7Artisans 55 mm F / 1.4 II (announcement) [EF-M, E, X, Z, M4 / 3]
  21. 7Artisans 60 mm F/2.8 Macro (overview) [EF-M, Z, E, X, RF, M4 / 3]
  22. 7Artisans 60 mm F / 2.8 Macro II (overview) [EF-M, Z, E, X, RF, L, M4/3]

For mirrorless full frame cameras (Full Frame):

  1. 7Artisans 9 mm F5.6 (overview) [RF, Z, E, L]
  2. 7Artisans 10 mm F / 2.8 Fisheye ED [RF, Z, E, L]
  3. 7Artisans 15 mm F/4 ASPH [RF, Z, E, L]
  4. 7Artisans 28 mm F/1.4 (overview) [Leica M only, two versions]
  5. 7Artisans 28 mm F / 5.6 wen [Leica M only]
  6. 7Artisans 35 mm F / 1.4 [IS]
  7. 7Artisans 35 mm F / 1.4 wen [Leica M only, different optical design]
  8. 7Artisans 35 mm F/2 (overview) [E, X, black / silver]
  9. 7Artisans 35 mm F/2 (overview) [Leica M only, different body design]
  10. 7Artisans 35 mm F/2 MARK II (announcement) [Leica M only, different body design]
  11. 7Artisans 35 mm F/5.6wen (overview) [Leica M + E, Z, L, RF, black, black & gold, silver & black, silver & gold]
  12. 7Artisans 50 mm F/1.05 APO (overview) [RF, Z, E, L]
  13. 7Artisans 50 mm F/1.1 (overview) [Leica M only, black / silver + 'Limited Gold'+'RED DRAGON SPECIAL EDITION']
  14. 7Artisans 50 mm F / 1.8 AF STM FE (announcement) [E/FE, Z]
  15. 7Artisans 75 mm F/1.25 [Leica M only]

For SLR cameras with APS-C sensor:

  1. 7Artisans 7.5mm 1:3.5 FISH-EYE (announcement) [only for EF/EFS]

Cinema lenses [E, L, Z, RF, X, M4/3]:

  1. APS-C: 12mm T2.9, 25mm T1.05, 35mm T1.05, 50mm T1.05
  2. S35: 24-96mm T2.9 (EF/PL)
  3. Full Frame: 14mm T2.9, 35mm T2, 50mm T2, 85mm T2

Drone Lenses:

These lenses are the easiest to find on Aliexpress from the official dealer 7Artisans.

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Comments: 9, on topic: 7Artisans 35mm 1: 0.95, review from Olegasphoto

  • Victor

    “Very good news for amateur photographers” - I would say, for staged videographers too, especially those who are fond of shooting in lowlight conditions. Moreover, in the video, minor flaws in the optics are not so striking.

  • UstasFritZZZ

    I went to read the review, take a look at examples and then such a bummer.

    • Oleg

      new review above to help you, Arkady is not asleep

      • UstasFritZZZ

        Well, what's the point if there is a completely different lens

    • Arkady Shapoval

      7Artisans promised to send me this lens, but due to their new year it may not happen soon

  • Oleg

    Olegas has a good channel, a lot about kenon and fuji is supplemented by the site of Arkady

  • Andrei

    The Mitacon is as much more expensive and the better the picture is. Olegas is talking nonsense in 40%, in 50% "kenon is stupidly better", the remaining 10% is useful information. There are more useful and correct reviews on the network, where a person says why the quality drops at a distance, and not while renting a house
    says he could not focus ...

    In Mitacon, in contrast to 7art, the number of aperture blades is smaller (9 versus 12), the viewing angle (43.5 versus 43, glasses and enlightenment are better (for glasses below), heavier (460g versus 369g). Accordingly, this makes it sharper and the picture better, the Chinese have tried very hard and invested a lot in it.

    For comparison on glasses:
    Mitacon has 3 elements - 1 ELD, 2EHR, 1 HR
    7Art has 2 elements - 2 ULD (made of material, which can mean plastic instead of glass, which can also hint at weight, but this is guesswork)

    Ultra low Dispersion (ULD) and Extra low dispersion (ELD) appear to be the same thing.

    For a very long time I have been choosing glass from 0.95 and reviewed heaps of foreign reviews where I could find (both YouTube and text), wherever they are compared, the picture is about the same, but Mitacon is sharper, the colors are juicier (it is clear for what reasons), less glare slightly (different sun hares). Mitacon is of better quality, but kmk, not for $ 350 ...

    7Art costs $ 250, and Mitakon $ 600, which is very close to the price of Fujinon XF35mm1.4, which now fits into $ 604 and for me the question arises of AF or aperture. I shoot mostly portraits of me in this case, the aperture attracts more ... I'm in thought :-(

    • Andrei

      I also forgot to indicate that the filter size is different, for Mitacon 55 versus 52 for 7art

  • Michael

    The main thing for Oleg is not to give Sonya to review xD

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