Short review 35KP-1,8 / 70

For the provided lens 35KP-1,8 / 70 many thanks Konstantin Puchkov.

35KP-1,8 / 70

35KP-1,8 / 70

In short

35KP-1,8 / 70 - Soviet film projection lens, manufactured at the Izyum Dzerzhinsky Instrument-Making Plant. On the case there is a quality mark and the inscription 'GOST 3840-79'. Nowadays it can be used as a creative lens after appropriate adaptation.

Cinema projection lenses are prized for their exclusive image character. 35KP-1,8 / 70 turned out to be sharp and creates a pleasant picture with the character inherent in planars. In my opinion, this is one of the best film projection and cinema lenses in the family of their kind. Of the obvious shortcomings - tangible chromatic aberration and not the best backlit work requiring a lens hood.


The lens consists of only one massive lens unit and requires adaptation for use on modern digital cameras. A sufficiently long flange distance allows the 35KP-1,8 / 70 to be adapted for both mirrorless and SLR cameras.

Sample Photos

Sample photos with original RAW files were helped by the photographer Natalya romanenko (instagram). Convert RAW source files with Nikon D700 original utility Nikon Capture NX-D v 1.4.6. The lens does not have an aperture, and therefore you can always shoot exclusively at F / 1.8.

You can download the original photos in JPEG format. at this link, in RAW format at this link.

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The names of the lenses correspond to their exact spelling on the body.

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Comments: 7, on the topic: Brief overview of 35KP-1,8 / 70

  • Trueash

    Yes, the sharpness in the open (it's the only one :) is enviable. And even the test shots look very attractive.
    As I understand it, the pipe is metal?

    • Arkady Shapoval

      pipe from a can of olives

      • Trueash

        This is me guessing how difficult it will be to remake it on my knee

  • Aries

    KP is a series of cinema projection lenses similar to the “Ukraine 35” projector

  • Porfiry Reshetov

    I shot with a 35KP1,8 / 140 lens on a color film, the quality is amazing, in the center it transmits 100 lines per millimeter. I did not shoot on the digital, I do not want to litter the matrix. If I buy a carcass I will try. Filmed with anamorphic attachment. The impression is not very good.

    • Rodion

      Which one of 35kp is a heavy planar or a “hollow” aplanat?

  • Vadim

    Wow, what beautiful portraits!

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