Announcement: ZENIT ZENITAR 1.5 / 50 E-mount

December 17, 2020 was officially ZENIT ZENITAR 1.5 / 50 E-mount lens announced.

ZENIT ZENITAR 1.5 / 50 E-mount

ZENIT ZENITAR 1.5 / 50 E-mount. Enlarge Image.

Key features include:

  • Designed for full frame mirrorless cameras
  • Supports Sony E mount (Sony FE)
  • Addition to the already announced similar lens ZENITAR 2/35 E-mount
  • Manual focus and manual iris control only
  • Focal Length: 50mm
  • Aperture: F / 1.5-F / 22
  • No other data is specified. JUPITER-3 1,5/50, is that you?
  • Price: unknown. Prices for modern Zenit lenses can be viewed at this link

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Comments: 37, on the topic: Announcement: ZENIT ZENITAR 1.5 / 50 E-mount

  • Neo

    Why don't they send these new items to you for review? Here their new items are very interesting to many, you will not find the best advertisement?

    • Arkady Shapoval

      I contacted, they would be glad, but they have some difficulties with the delivery of lenses to Kiev. Then think for yourself :)

      • Rodion

        As far as I understand, they don't want to give lenses even without sending them in Moscow, right?

        • Arkady Shapoval

          I wrote them a letter later that there is Rodion, who churns out excellent reviews (like the same new 50 1.2), send him - but in response, silence. Although I was told that they see my letters. But this is the case, anyway, sooner or later, these lenses will get on the pages of Radozhiva

          • Novel

            Soviet-Russian marketing, senseless and merciless. As well as the product itself.

            • Andrei

              To "senseless and merciless" I would add "fabulous".

      • Andrew Ch.

        They have their own ambassador, a famous photographer - Dimon ...)

        • Arkady Shapoval

          They like Alexandra Bochkareva ambassador, especially for 50 0.95

        • Sergei

          Dimon respects foreign photographic equipment more. Leica, etc.
          With Zenitar 0,95 I was photographed only when visiting KMZ.

          • Andrei

            Estessno, imported.
            Is there any other?

  • ñ


    • Arkady Shapoval

      And apparently they didn't invent anything, they took the Yu-3 and put it on the Sony-E. After all Yu-3 many praise, unique pleasant lens

    • Anatoly

      I will support you about the 77M-4. With normal enlightenment and blackening, it will at least be in demand.

      • Rodion

        How is it better than 44-2?

  • Sergei

    The press release promises to produce the first batch of 10 pieces by the New Year.
    But the main intrigue is the price, which has not yet been officially announced.
    Demand will depend on it.
    But judging by the announcement of the circulation in December 2020, the price will be very steep.
    The novelty will differ from the old Soviet Jupiter-3 with MS-enlightenment and more comfortable MDF.

    • Arkady Shapoval

      ironic that on the same day it was announced TTArtisan DJ-OPTICAL 50 / 1.2 for mirrorless cameras, you can already buy and only $ 98.

      • Oleg

        Viltroks, yangs and artisans in my opinion make their work useless in my opinion. It's too late to cling to something

        • Arkady Shapoval

          maybe they will have their own narrow niche

          • Andrei

            Let them first master the mass production.

            • Edgar

              And let them finally find out that in addition to Sony E, there is also a Fujifilm X-mount, for example

      • Passer

        It is only for cropped and micro 4/3 cameras. A Planned Zenitar is suitable for a full frame

  • Not a bot

    Well, still, a defense enterprise sends equipment of State importance to Ukraine)))

    • Novel

      Let them send by mail to Russia. BGG.

  • Dmitriy

    "Owners of Nikon and Canon photographic equipment are waiting for the release of the artistic lens" Selena 1,9 / 58 "
    These necrophiles are also planning to re-release "Helios-44" ...

    • Arkady Shapoval

      It is a Petzval 58mm / 1,9, not Helios

      • Dmitriy

        Glad I was wrong.
        And then there were very mixed feelings.

        • Dmitriy

          Although, I look at his photo and gnaw at me strong doubts that this is “Petzval”, and not “Helios”. :)

          • Arkady Shapoval

            and this is already a fact, it was discussed in the comments somewhere here

  • Sergei

    Judging by the prices that come out under the control of the MOP, it is strange to hope for something democratic and popular. Get at least a camera for 460tyrov. Without autofocus and much more without ... Yes, for that kind of money, it should have a built-in Lightroom and two buttons: one SHUTTER, the second MASTERPIECE with a set of Lightroom presets for processing famous world photographers.

    • Andrei

      Are there few buyers in Russia for such crafts?

      • Victor

        Yes, obviously not a lot.

        • Andrei

          It can not be.

          • Victor

            If you are sure that it cannot, why are you asking?)

  • Igor

    Re: “Arkady Shapoval
    18.12.2020/10/59 at XNUMX:XNUMX Reply
    I contacted, they would be glad, but they have some difficulties with the delivery of lenses to Kiev. Then think for yourself :) ”- what to think? The American Amazon - even during the days of the pandemic - has no difficulty. And they, you see, have. It is not for us to think - it is THEM to think :)

    • Victor

      And why should they think - there the main turnover goes to the military, where not only are the budgets completely different, and the “clients” have no special choice :)

      As for the civil everyday life - they release it insofar as, "anyhow shob bulo", it is a no brainer that they will not stand any competition with the Chinese.

  • JSDW

    The start of sales of this miracle began ...

  • Sergei

    Few people know that the very popular program for digital image processing Adobe Lightroom (Adobe Photoshop) has a ready-made profile for this lens (Jupiter-3 manufactured by KMZ).
    Only labeled Lomography New Jupiter 50mm / 1,5
    I advise you to try it - what if the picture will noticeably improve ...

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