Announcement: Leica SL2-S

On December 10, 2020, the Leica SL2-S digital mirrorless full-frame camera with Leica L mount was officially presented.

Leica SL2-S

Leica SL2-S

Basic properties

  1. Full-frame 24.6 MP CMOS BSI sensor (6072 X 4056 max image size)
  2. ISO 50-100.000
  3. Maestro III processor, DNG 14 bit
  4. Maximum burst speed with electronic shutter 25 fps
  5. Maximum continuous shooting speed with mechanical shutter 9 fps
  6. Built-in Image Stabilizer 5 stops
  7. Minimum excerpt mechanical shutter 1/8000 s, electronic - 1 / 16.000 s
  8. DCI 4K (4096 x 2160) 60p, UHD 4K (3840 x 2160) 60p, Full HD 180 fps
  9. Video recording to memory cards 10-bit 4: 2: 2 4K 30p, 8-bit 4: 2: 0 4K 60p, recording via HDMI, HLG, L-Log possible
  10. EVI 5.76 million points with a magnification of 0.78 X, 120 fps
  11. 3.2 inch touch screen with 2.1 million dots
  12. 225 focus points, focusing by contrast
  13. Two slots for memory cards SD UHS-II
  14. Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, USB Type-C, HDMI Type A, two 3.5 mm jacks for microphone and headphone
  15. Weight 931 grams
  16. Protected enclosure
  17. The price is about $ 5.000 per body. Prices for Leica SL2 are available see amazon, look at BHPhotoVideo


All Leica SL lenses

Full frame cameras with Leica L mount

  1. Leica SL [October 2015, BHphotovideo]
  2. Leica SL2 [November 2019, BHphotovideo]
  3. Leica SL2-S [December 2020, BHphotovideo]
  4. Leica SL3 [March 2024, BHphotovideo]

Leica SL full-frame autofocus L-mount lenses

  1. 21 mm: LEICA SUPER-APO-SUMMICRON-SL 1:2/21 ASPH. [October 2023, BHphotovideo]
  2. 28 mm: LEICA APO-SUMMICRON-SL 1:2/28 ASPH. [February 2021, BHphotovideo]
  3. 35 mm: LEICA APO-SUMMICRON-SL 1:2/35 ASPH. [February 2019, BHphotovideo]
  4. 35 mm: LEICA SUMMICRON-SL 1:2/35 ASPH. [February 2023, BHphotovideo]
  5. 50 mm: LEICA SUMMILUX-SL 1:1.4/50 ASPH. [October 2015, BHphotovideo]
  6. 50 mm: LEICA APO-SUMMICRON-SL 1:2/50 ASPH. [August 2019, BHphotovideo]
  7. 50 mm: LEICA SUMMICRON-SL 1:2/50 ASPH. [February 2023, BHphotovideo]
  8. 75 mm: LEICA APO-SUMMICRON-SL 1:2/75 ASPH. [January 2018, BHphotovideo]
  9. 90 mm: LEICA APO-SUMMICRON-SL 1:2/90 ASPH. [January 2018, BHphotovideo]
  10. 14-24 mm: LEICA SUPER-VARIO-ELMARIT-SL 1:2.8/14-24 ASPH. [October 2023, BHphotovideo]
  11. 16-35 mm: LEICA SUPER-VARIO-ELMAR-SL 1:3.5-4.5/16-35 ASPH. [April 2018, BHphotovideo]
  12. 24-70 mm: LEICA VARIO-ELMARIT-SL 1:2.8/24-70 ASPH. [May 2021, BHphotovideo]
  13. 24-90 mm: LEICA VARIO-ELMARIT-SL 1:2.8-4/24-90 ASPH. Ois [October 2015, BHphotovideo]
  14. 90-280 mm: LEICA APO-VARIO-ELMARIT-SL 1:2.8-4/90-280 Ois [March 2016, BHphotovideo]
  15. 100-400 mm: LEICA VARIO-ELMAR-SL 1:5-6.3/100-400 Ois [March 2023, BHphotovideo]

The L mount alliance also includes Panasonic и Sigma. Leica L-mount releases full-frame autofocus lenses Samyang и Meike:

  1. Meike 85/1.4 AF 
  2. Samyang 35-150/2-2.8 AF


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  • Lynx

    some kind of crap.

  • notapic

    > 5000 dollars

    > contrast focusing

    > viewfinder 0.78x

  • Victor

    Citizens who do not need a watering can unsubscribed that they do not need it. Everything goes according to plan ©

    • Maksim

      So the funniest thing is to read diarrhea under the next announcement of “inaccessible technology”.

  • Trueash

    TTX is the number one thing. The design is super! Bauhaus in the camera industry

  • koba

    a great reincarnation of some kind of Panasonic camera. The long-awaited camera for just what $ 5000, which became just a lot during the pandemic ...

  • Kievan

    koba, oh, how wrong you are.
    Right now, when in many countries governments have spent hundreds of billions on "business support", there are a LOT of wealthy citizens (from among those who master and distribute these same billions) able to buy this very Lake for 5 thousand. And this watering can is such a trifle for them, here whole countries and cities are being bought up on the vine ...

    • koba

      I just meant it. there are people and even more of them have appeared who now easily buy yachts, Lakes for them are gifts to their own (and not!) children for their birthdays ...

      • Oleg

        if you do not see the plot then the watering can will not save you

  • Oleg

    The lens 28 \ 1.7 is removed on the watering can.

  • Anatoly

    The number of controls on this camera is amazing)

  • Pokemon

    Examples of shots:

    • Oleg

      Thank you

  • Paul

    I thought all the "watering cans" are quite often rangefinder and vintage, but with a matrix, and therefore not in demand and expensive, but here autofocus, EVI, who needs such retro?

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