Fall 2020 on Nikon D40 and Nikkor 50 / 1.8G

Autumn gallery on the last day of autumn (for those who missed autumn).

Fall 2020 on Nikon D40 and Nikkor 50 / 1.8G

Autumn 2020 on Nikon D40 and Nikkor 50 / 1.8G

This fall I shot a lot for myself with a classic old lady Nikon D40 and the usual fifty dollars Nikon 50 / 1.8G (Nikon AF-S Nikkor 50mm 1: 1.8G SWM Aspherical).

Some photos are slightly modified, some were shot using a polarizing filter Hoya 58mm PL-CIR... I really like to shoot something light, light and bright for myself, for a home album, especially after some difficult main shooting. Source files can be viewed / downloaded here (the link contains 100 JPEG images).

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Comments: 21, on topic: Fall 2020 on Nikon D40 and Nikkor 50 / 1.8G

  • B. R. P.

    Thank you, Arkady. Very nice, bright photos.

  • Victor

    Color from camera or converter? If the first is what profile is it worth?

    • Victor

      However, I have already found the answer.

      A good picture, colorful profiles, large-pixel matrices, often give tasty color almost from the camera.

      • Arkady Shapoval

        В Nikon D70 review there is a section 'My recommendations for setting up your camera', there I describe in detail about the Picture Control setting, in d40 I use the same.

        • Victor

          Adjustment by adjustment, but such a bright “luminous” color cannot be obtained in Nikon d3200 and later devices, IMHO.

          • Arkady Shapoval

            the same d3200 and others - just different, they need a different approach. I have here there is a gallery on d3200, I'm quite happy with it.

            • Victor

              This gallery perfectly traces what I was talking about. In comparison with d70, d80, d40, etc. We had d70, d80, d3000, d3200 and d3300 on hand. When the weather is cloudy, or poor lighting conditions - the last two "on horseback", but as soon as the sun comes out - everything becomes the other way around, despite the seemingly more progressive sensors, electronics and software. So it goes.

      • Seladir

        Quite often I see odes to old CCD matrices, but there has never been a direct comparison of naked images with the same set WB for the purity of the experiment. IMHO, “tasty color” is the added saturation and the BB shifted towards the warm one, which is actually described as part of the settings used by Arkady. Naturally, with such settings, autumn looks even more autumnal and pleasing to the eye. Plus the intrinsic distortions of those CCD matrices towards warm. I also love to correct color in this way, and nothing prevents me from creating such a preset on any camera.
        Of course, I can be wrong and not understand any nuances at the level of quantum phenomena and large pixels, so I would be glad to have comments. Autumn everyone!

        • Pokemon

          Not really. For example Fuji S3Pro, S5Pro with default settings give pleasant colors even without turning the sliders to the right. I like the accuracy of the shades of blue, red and yellow. Perhaps a little embellished, but there was never a disappointment in the type I looked at the rear screen, it seemed like it turned out, I went to develop home, and there is always a surprise. Hope for one thing, but it looks better than you expect. Often no correction is required in the editor at all, because everything suits you. The main thing is that the lens is sharper.

        • Michael

          Even with the same bb without twisting, the pictures are different. Perhaps this is the influence of color profiles. Now there is nothing to shoot, so I would have laid out pairs

    • Arkady Shapoval

      Color both from the camera and from the converter (I just converted all RAW / NEF without touching them) Nik Collections Tool went through some JPEGs. A profile with its own settings, color mode is generally III (brighter), less often I (softer).

  • Novel

    It's time to start skipping winter to skip the year completely :)

    Nice photos, I don't even want to wonder what was shot.

    • Seladir

      We need to do something about it)
      Time will not be found by itself, so you have to create it, designating it as a component of life. This year I just really started to get involved in photography, I am just learning a lot of basic things, but every season gives so many ideas and opportunities. Long summer evenings with long shadows along the streets, autumn riot with squirrels, now it is convenient to explore the aesthetics of the negative with industrial surroundings and other gothic :)

  • Pokemon

    Very nice pictures :)

    • Pokemon

      Yes, the pictures are very warm, bright and positive.
      The cats turned out great :-)

  • Igor

    Why did I sell the D200 once, because there was an apparatus for the soul)))

    • Victor

      So it's still not too late to buy it again :-)

  • Seladir

    Thanks for the photos, very warm.

    And the autumn was excellent, one of the best for me personally. Quarantine restrictions almost did not affect me, but they helped me to feel more fully what is really important.

  • Vadim

    Yes, this is a gorgeous color! Compare with sony a3500, that's where the gray is!

  • Molchanov + Yuri

    Very positive pictures! Thank you for the good mood these rainy days!

  • Dmitriy

    Yes, D40 is D40. I trudge from him myself. Even at ISO 1600, the noise is not annoying. Large pixel, dense filter, natural vivid colors. 6MP equally eats about 6MB. I put on aperture priority and a maximum of ISO 1600 and with a lens of 2,8 and below I shoot indoors very well. No wonder Arkady takes pictures for himself.

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