Most popular on Radozhiv

Most popular on Radozhiv

Most popular on Radozhiv

This fall, Radozhiv turns 11. The total complexity of the site has accumulated more than 1000 reviews and useful notes. With the help of Google Analytics, I selected the most popular site materials for the entire history of statistics. Here's what happened:

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Comments: 29, on the topic: The most popular on Radozhiv

  • Dmitry (Rostov-on-Don)

    Everything is logical and predictable) Arkady has done a great and DEMANDING work! Wikipedia in the world of photography turned out in its own way)) Thank you for the Work. I am sure that these articles will be relevant for many years to come!)

    • Arkady Shapoval

      On the good, they need to be rewritten, but everything takes a lot of time

  • B. R. P.

    Based on this article: I thought I was already 11 years old)

  • Ivan

    Nikon is of greater interest than Canon, but according to statistics, sales are higher for Canon.
    It's just like in life - everyone loves blondes, and they marry brunettes.

    • Arkady Shapoval

      Nikon just has more problems to know and describe. Canon has a lot easier.

      • Alexey

        About Canon & Nikon

        • Ivan

          It is a well-known fact that earlier Nikkor made only optics, and before the surrender in World War II, exclusively military. After demilitarization, they had to reorient themselves to the civilian sector, and they made lenses for Canon, including until they came up with their first camera. From that moment on, the contract with Canon was closed and competition began. And Canon, in turn, had to organize his own production of optics.

          • Aries

            optics were made for 6x6 armor.

    • TwentinQuarantino

      And it seems to me that, by default, there are more reviews on Okolonikonovshchina on this resource)) The respected owner of the resource still used Nikon more. As a result, there are more Nikonists among the readers here. And certainly not a war of photo worlds, and photo religions are the reason))
      And if a photographer has at least a D60 at least a D600, he will definitely not review the information about Elk every day)) but he will read about his whale 18-140 so that if it is a paper version - to the holes)

      • Alexey

        I shoot with kenon, but sometimes I use Nikon lenses, about which, among other things, I read on this site.

  • Yuriy75

    The most interesting thing is that Nikon D90 is still on sale new

    • Arkady Shapoval


      • B. R. P.

        This year I saw on olx a supposedly new, “unopened” Canon 400D for about UAH 8000.)

    • Alexey

      it is impossible in principle. the camera has long been removed from support. of course, you can find NOS, but it is))

      • Michael

        Nevertheless, the market is like "new"

        • Ivan

          I looked at Ya.Market, under the guise of new ones they offer two stores - and SFOTIKS.RU. I read reviews on the same Market about these stores, they write that they sell equipment with an incomprehensible past, they deceive customers. I doubt that a truly new D90 can be found anywhere right now.

          • Arkady Shapoval

            They were removed from those support from the officials. I don't see any sense in the new ones. They also sell the S3 pro new, but there is a collectible value of a unique camera, etc.

    • Victor

      Last time I saw the d90 on sale in the new year in 2014-15, a really long-playing DSLR (given the year of release)

      Although if we consider as “new” those bought up by hucksters from the population in a “like new” state for 100 euros, slightly cleaned of dust, discarded mileage and offered under the guise of a new one, but somewhere already for 200-300 euros, then yes, can ;)

      • Ivan

        By the way, tomorrow in Russia there will be new rules for the sale of photographic equipment:

        • Ivan

          More precisely, not tomorrow. There are several stages.

        • BB

          I wonder what is the profit of the state?

          • Pokemon

            As always in the Russian Federation - in bribes, kickbacks and taxes.
            They want to stifle the "gray" import of equipment, which is purchased and transported in bags, and then sold either for cash, or anyway from individual entrepreneurs who evade taxes.
            The sales of "gray" phones have been cut approximately the same way, they certainly remained, but from February next year they will also be killed.
            The point is to burn out competition and make people go in droves to lohomarkets such as monopolists Eldorado + MVideo. And he paid in full.
            PS> Now, of course, someone will yell that the "seryaks" do not have service and there are refurbished goods. Yes and no. The market for the most murky ones has been nailed or tamed. And the one who is looking for free cheese in the bag, always finds it and remains there.
            The problem is that you still need to look for a normal service even in Moscow time.

  • Sergei

    “Great Chinese” entrepreneurs will start producing the Dandy prefix and Siemens push-button devices even tomorrow (if there is demand) ... Well, probably, and “new” cameras from there.

    • Ivan

      No, it's easier. They buy up on Avito or elsewhere for a cheap price, restore, reset the mileage, buy a box, complete accessories in their original packaging so that everything looks like new and are put up for sale in basement stores.

  • Alexander

    During that time, the antivirus has been working and writes that the transition to a dangerous page is blocked and the link is like this -; Trojan horse

    • Ivan

      Yes, Kaspersky writes the same thing for me.

      • Andrei

        Kaspersky writes. Yeah.

      • Arkady Shapoval

        I understand

        • Ivan

          With Kaspersky?

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