Announcement: Sony Alpha 7c

The Sony Alpha 14c camera was announced on September 2020, 7.

Sony Alpha 7c

Sony Alpha 7c

  1. Full-frame Sony E mount mirrorless camera (FE)
  2.  One of the smallest and lightest full-frame mirrorless cameras
  3. Built-in Image Stabilizer 5 steps
  4. Sensor Exmor R BSI Sensor 24 MP
  5. ISO 100–51.200, expandable to ISO 50-204.800
  6. Maximum Burst Speed ​​10 fps (JPEG / RAW)
  7. Focus with 693 phase points and 425 contrast focus points, -4 EV sensitivity
  8. OLED XGA EVI at 2.36 million points, magnification 0.59X
  9. Video 4K 30 fps, Full HD 120 fps to memory card, S-Log2, S-Log3, HLG
  10. 4K 4: 2: 2 over HDMI
  11. Protected enclosure
  12. 3-inch 921k-dot touchscreen main display
  13. Supports one SD card with UHS-II bus
  14. USB 3.2 Type, HDMI D (Micro), 3.5 mic and headphone jacks, Wi-Fi, NFC, Bluetooth
  15. Weight 509 grams (with battery and memory card)
  16. Price: about 1.800 dollars


All Sony FE Lenses and Cameras


  1. Sony FE 14 mm F / 1.8 GM
  2. Sony FE 20 mm F / 1.8 G
  3. Sony FE 24 mm F / 1.4 GM
  4. Sony FE 24 mm F / 2.8 G
  5. Sony FE 28 mm F / 2.0
  6. Sony FE 35 mm F / 1.4 GM
  7. Sony FE 35 mm F / 1.4 ZA
  8. Sony FE 35 mm F / 1.8
  9. Sony FE 35 mm F / 2.8 ZA
  10. Sony FE 40 mm F / 2.5 G
  11. Sony FE 50 mm F / 1.2 GM
  12. Sony FE 50 mm F / 1.4 ZA
  13. Sony FE 50 mm F / 1.8
  14. Sony FE 50 mm F / 2.8 Macro
  15. Sony FE 50 mm F / 2.5 G
  16. Sony FE 55 mm F / 1.8 ZA
  17. Sony FE 85 mm F / 1.4 GM
  18. Sony FE 85 mm F / 1.8
  19. Sony FE 90 mm F / 2.8 Macro G U.S.S
  20. Sony FE 100 mm F / 2.8 STF GM U.S.S
  21. Sony FE 135 mm F / 1.8 GM
  22. Sony FE 400 mm F / 2.8 GM U.S.S
  23. Sony FE 600 mm F / 4 GM U.S.S


  1. Sony FE 12-24 mm F / 2.8 GM
  2. Sony FE 12-24 mm F / 4 G
  3. Sony FE 16-35 mm F / 2.8 GM
  4. Sony FE 16-35 mm T / 3.1 PZ GC
  5. Sony FE 16-35 mm F / 4 ZA U.S.S
  6. Sony FE 24-70 mm F / 2.8 GM
  7. Sony FE 24-70 mm F / 4 ZA U.S.S
  8. Sony FE 24-105 mm F / 4 G U.S.S
  9. Sony FE 24-240 mm F / 3.5-6.3 OSS
  10. Sony FE 28-60 mm F / 4-5.6
  11. Sony FE 28-70 mm F / 3.5-5.6 OSS
  12. Sony FE 28-135 mm F / 4 G PZ U.S.S
  13. Sony FE 70-200 mm F / 2.8 GM U.S.S
  14. Sony FE 70-200 mm F / 2.8 GM U.S.S II
  15. Sony FE 70-200 mm F / 4 G U.S.S
  16. Sony FE 70-300 mm F / 4.5-5.6 G U.S.S
  17. Sony FE 100-400 mm F / 4.5-5.6 GM U.S.S
  18. Sony FE 200-600 mm F / 5.6-6.3 G U.S.S

Autofocus full-frame lenses for Sony E / FE mount are also available from other manufacturers: Tamron, Sigma, tokina, felttrox, Samyang, Zeiss batis, Yongnuo, T.T.Artisan (follow the links for detailed lists of all autofocus lenses)

All Full Frame Sony E-mount Cameras

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Comments: 27, on the topic: Announcement: Sony Alpha 7c

  • Yuriy75

    This is how the a7 should have been originally. With a normal grip and battery, side viewfinder (so that your nose does not rest on the screen). And ten years have not passed since it came to SONY ...

    • R'RёS,R ° F "RёR№

      And what to do with the way I am, who looks with the left eye?

      • Rodion

        In-in, and the grip here is far from normal.

      • Gregor

        For people like you, Sony will release special left-hand versions)))

    • Eugene

      And in a couple of years they will make the color rendition good)
      The form factor is really very good!

      • Roman

        A camera for kids 'or ladies' pens, for which you need to choose lenses so that it doesn't look ugly. Very, very strange. To shoot like this, in a moronic way, lips like a duck, a protruding finger, looking at the screen - what is it, does it come out normally? Well, the standard mantras about color rendering, yeah.

    • twm

      > Normal grip
      “Normal grip” for me, for example, is something like Sony A100 / Canon 350D / Nikon D40 :)

    • Maksim

      Yeah. And with a poor viewfinder. A camera for those who shoot from the belly on the screen.

  • copenhagen72

    By dimensions: we just sawed off the top with the viewfinder from the A7M3.
    Control: there is an acute shortage of ISO, WB, aperture, shutter speed buttons, there is no focus joystick, the screen, judging by the reviews, is not touch-sensitive.
    Harsh ergonomics for the sake of invented compactness (with the lens it evaporates) and the loss of 150g of weight.
    But a lot earlier Sony shoved a full frame into a tiny RX100 body, model RX1R.

    • Michael

      I beg to differ.
      If you attach a Samyang 75mm 1.8 for example, we get a lightweight kit.

      • Roman

        OK. And why then does she need replaceable lenses, if literally one or two are fine? Camera for a third-party portrait lens? Normal positioning.

      • Neo

        There are many easy fixes, just right for them

  • Eugene o

    Full frame in A6600 body. And the price is $ 400 higher than the Z5 and 500 more than the Canon RP.

  • Pavel Gorbunov

    2. Smallest and lightest full-frame mirrorless camera ...

    They lie. And insolently.

    • Pavel Gorbunov


      • Arkady Shapoval


        • Pavel Gorbunov

          2. One of the smallest ...

          Already better.

    • Vsevolod

      they have indicated everywhere that we are talking about mirrorless cameras with a viewfinder. And here and there the postscript about the normal mechanical shutter and stabilizer.

      • Arkady Shapoval

        By the way, we could remove the mechanical shutter and make it even easier

        • Roman

          They have some still unresolved problem with the electronic shutter. Either the charge is read slowly, so the illumination of the matrix shutter not closed by the curtains affects the received signal, or something like that.

          • Arkady Shapoval

            I don't even know, they already have a global shutter on one of the cameras, but the price tag is so transcendental

            • Roman

              Well, counting the entire matrix at once, instead of a line, is difficult, expensive, and hot, and the capacities are high, and therefore the prices. There is a camera, the size is not chased, but here is miniature, you have to sacrifice something else.

            • Alexey

              the global gate is TWO times as many NADA transistors. but this is difficult and expensive, and so the yield of suitable matrices is not very high.

              • Eugene

                It looks like you have interesting knowledge. Can you share more details? :)
                (how it all works and why you need two)

        • Vsevolod

          there is a previous generation processor, so no way. In general, the impression that the camera was going to be released in March-April, but Kovid broke everything very harshly. Now it doesn't really make sense - there is a rotary screen in c3, while the video bit rate is normal; The travel camera is now not needed straight at all.

  • Victor

    To be honest, it would be much cooler if they did the opposite, put a good APS-C sensor in a full-size body with a viewfinder in the center. The crop factor is nothing, the image is everything!

    • Victor

      Already put, in the A3000. It didn't take off, we decided not to risk it in full-frame models.

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