Three new lenses from KMZ: 58 / 1.9, 60 / 2.8, 35/2

In the summer of 2020, information about the upcoming announcement of new lenses from Zenit appeared on the network. The announcement is scheduled for October 8-10, 2020.

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Seven lenses from Zenit are to be presented this fall, three of which are already known:

  1. ZENITAR-N SELENA 1.9 / 58
  2. ZENITAR-N 2.8 / 60 MACRO
  3. ZENITAR 2/35 E-mount (Zenitar-12)

Considering that their past roadmap was not implemented, then I would not hope for a mass launch of new products.


The lens focuses on bokeh. Name Selene associated with Greek goddess of the moon... In the comments threw up the idea that this is a reworked Petzval 58mm / 1,9... There will be a version for Nikon F and Canon EF only.




Classic macro lens. MDF 23 centimeters, magnification 1: 1. First lens from Zenit with automatic electronic control diaphragm. Macro lenses for Soviet / Russian optics are very rare. The first Soviet / Russian lens with 1: 1 magnification (immediately, without rings, etc.). There will be a Nikon F-only version.

UPDATE: February 11, 2022 ZENITAR-C 2.8 / 60 MACRO version for Canon EF appeared.



ZENITAR 2/35 E-mount (Zenitar-12)

Classic 35mm lens for Sony E-mount mirrorless cameras. 7 elements in 5 groups, 9 aperture blades, weight 240 grams. Manual control of aperture and focus. This lens was already sold on e-bay, but as it turned out, it was simply stolen from Zenit factories (source). Sample pictures here... The name 'Zenitar-12' seems to be a reference to the legendary JUPITER-12 2,8 / 35.

ZENITAR 2/35 E-mount

ZENITAR 2/35 E-mount

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Comments: 19, on the topic: Three new lenses from KMZ: 58 / 1.9, 60 / 2.8, 35/2

  • B. R. P.

    Interesting thoughts on the alleged progenitors of these lenses. As for the ZENITAR-N 2.8 / 60 MACRO, I can assume that perhaps it will be (if there is) some rethinking of Wave-9.

    • Rodion

      I really hope not. I would like KMZ to stop trying to sell old Soviet developments at an exorbitant price.

  • notapic

    It is a pity that the macro lens does not give 1 to 1 out of the box - most likely, Zenith will still impose on the buyer the purchase of some kind of macro ring (as on old Nikon macrids, which also did not give 1 to 1 without an extender). As for Selena, it will most likely be the same Helios, but just in a different building. A quote from the Shvabe deputy general director: “… the lens will allow you to take pictures that differ from the classic picture, with a soft pattern and an unusual bokeh shape”. In short, expensive and of little use glass will come out, for the cost of which it will be possible to buy something better.

    • Sergei

      Zenitar-Selena 58mm / 1,9 is a reworked version of Petzval 58mm / 1,9 (which KMZ made by order of the Lomographic Society).
      And they were selling for quite good money.
      But in 2018 the partners parted ways, and KMZ decided to continue the production of this bokeh monster, but under a different name (and probably cheaper).
      The optical design (despite the four lenses) is just “inspired by the original Petzval”.
      It has nothing to do with Biotar / Helios.

      • Arkady Shapoval

        Thank you. Added information.

    • Sergei

      According to a press release from the manufacturer, the Zenitar 60mm / 2,8 Macro should achieve a 1: 1 scale without additional rings and extenders.
      Indeed, if the MDF of 23 cm is counted from the plane of the sensor to the object being filmed, four focal lengths are just obtained.
      But the lens helicoid should be able to extend 75 mm.
      Published photos not only for the SLR Nikon, but also for the Canon EOS.

      • Arkady Shapoval


  • Pokemon

    KMZ lost quite a lot of time releasing lenses for Canon EF / Nikon F mounts.
    They should have paid attention to Sony E, Fuji X for a long time.
    For a long time I drew attention to the fact that Soviet optics are liked by the same Japanese and they willingly experiment with it on the UPC, on these bayonets, though through adapters.
    Moreover, both photos are taken and video in 4K.
    They shoot with different lenses Helios, Jupiter, MIR, Volna.

    • Pokemon

      On the same flickr, there are enough groups both for manual and separately for Soviet manual lenses.

    • copenhagen72

      The production of optics at the plant is not for commerce and earnings, but out of old memory and for the sake of budgetary subsidies. Glass marriage comes to 100% sporadically, either green youth or deep retirees work there.
      I don't know about Soviet lenses at all, but why are they needed at all, if there are a lot of relatives or all kinds of sigma / tamron?

      • Sergei

        I must inform you that the financial position of KMZ is not so hot right now. The state order for the defense industry has been significantly reduced, so sales in the civilian sector are important.
        There are enough retirees (and pre-retirees) among the workers.
        But there is a proverb - "an old horse will not spoil the furrow."

        • Rodion

          Honestly, KMZ has financial problems - only KMZ has problems. They had enough time and opportunities, but they even quarreled with lomographers.

  • Sergei

    Zenitar 35mm / 2 E-mount is also a redesigned KMZ development (Zenitar-12) for the Lomographic Society (Austria). It was originally developed for the M39 rangefinder standard.
    After a quarrel with lomographers, it was redesigned for Sony E-mount.
    Sample photos from the subject, see:

    At full hole the corners are rather weak, but closed to 6,8 is quite good.

    • Arkady Shapoval

      A lot of lenses, if not most, are not bad when covered.

  • Alexander

    What is difficult about this time? It became more difficult for the hucksters, so it is right for them, I am glad that the epidemic annoyed the speculators at least! And what does it mean “allows you to hold on”?

    • Maksim

      How would you live without speculators then, smart guy?

  • Michael

    Tax, where is the announcement?)

  • York

    Here I am interested in the meaning of the release of marozenitar.

    60 / 2,8 is available on both F and EF (more precisely, on the EF-S, but he is also very friendly with the ring with the EF), what is the meaning of the left manual for the price of the native AF glass?

    In a bokeshke?

    I look at pictures, I don't see anything outstanding (even -sya) ...

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